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Knight's Fable v1.2.2: New Recruitment System

Jul 07,2014

We at GTArcade are pleased to announce the release of its new hero recruitment system! Now powerful heroes can be recruited with less hassle and with more reliability! The upgrade will not affect your progress in game. To enjoy it just simply refresh the page when the update is complete.  All updates will bring players a better experience in game, stay tuned for more!

Version: Knight’s Fable 1.2.2
Update Time: July 8th 0:00 a.m. EDT
Server: All servers

New functions:
1. Taverns at different levels:
After the update, players will find four kinds of taverns in game to recruit heroes. Players can recruit higher level heroes at senior taverns!
2. Rolling dice:

Players will now use dice to roll for heroes! Players can roll combos like 3 of kind, straights, or 3 sixes to win different types of reputations to recruit awesome heroes!

1. After the update, players can join in Cross-Server Arena 3 times and the Glory rewards is 2.5 times as much as before.

2. To release Lvl.61-Lvl.70 Hell.

3. Some minor bugs fixed.

4. Epic reputation which can be used to recruit Flawless heroes to be sent out as login bonus!