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Knight's Fable v1.2 Hero Upgrade Modification

Jul 01,2014

Dear players,

After the Cross-Server War update we noticed many players discussing the changes made on Facebook and on our main website.
Players were generally receptive of the changes made to gameplay (although we admit there is still room for improvement), however some players were dissatisfied with the changes made to the Cross-Server Shop and Hero Upgrade system. 
Below is a clear explanation of the changes made to address the issues:
1. Players no longer need to spend 200 Gold to learn a new Hero Skill, rather they can obtain Glory from the Cross-Server War and exchange it for Hero Skills. It appears many players easily obtained Legendary Heroes but had trouble when attempting to obtain the required Skill Tomes. 
2. We have lowered the amount of Wisdom required to upgrade Hero Skills. Many players complained that the amount of Wisdom required was too high. 

We apologize for our failure to identify these issues before the Cross-Server War was released. We also really appreciate the feedback and support players have given us through Facebook and the forums. Without your help these problems would have persisted indefinitely. We will begin a new Cross-Server War event where players will earn 2000 Glory for each day that they participate. 

We wish all players the best of luck in the upcoming Cross-Server War!