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Knight’s Fable v1.2: Cross-Server Arena Released!

Jun 26,2014

Update Time: From 0:00 to 8:00 EDT on June 27.
Version: 1.2
Server: All servers

In order to provide all players with better experience in game, and more chances to communicate with other players, we at GTArcade will update our game on the 27th of June.The upgrade will not affect your progress in game! To enjoy it and simply refresh the page when the update is complete! All updates will bring to players better experience in game, stay tuned please!

New Functions:

1. Cross-Server Arena:

We’d like to supply all players from all servers a chance to communicate and learn party strategy from others, so we will release Cross-Server Arena where you can battle with players from other servers and receive fabulous rewards.
Description: You can fight ruthless battles with players from other servers in Cross- Server Tournament 5 times every day.
Condition: Character must be at least Lvl.30
Time: 10:00-14:00 and 18:00-24:00 server time.
1. Glory that can be used in Glory Shop to purchase INT potions and Hero Skill Tomes which once have to be bought in Shop. 
2. The new rare beast “Siren” and new hero “Sigurd” are also rewards, they can only be found here!
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Knight's Fable

                                         New Hero: Sigurd will be found in Cross-Server Tournament
Sigurd is a noble warrior who has sworn to protect the human race from the forces of hell. His massive sword is used both as an offensive and defensive weapon, and is capable to breaking boulders in two. His signature skill “Phoenix Ore” allows him to revive after dying once in each battle!  

Knight's Fable
                                           New beast: Siren found in Cross-Server Tournament
Siren is a fierce beast from the sea with a mystical beauty that often leads unwary sailors to their doom. Don’t let her good looks fool you, as she will shred apart any enemy that she deems unworthy of living! Her unique skill “Polar Ice” sends out an icy blast that deals 1800 damage to all enemies. 


1. We optimized social menu so that all players can organize their friends list effectively and communicate with others easily!

Knight's Fable

2. Optimized 7 Day Reward: Removed level limit and can receive gifts after login.
3. Added beginner Legendary Gear to Shops except weapons. 

1. Adjusted Skill System: All players will consume Hero Skill Tome to learnLvl. 9 or higher hero skills. And you can earn a lot of Hero Skill Tome in Cross-Server Tournament.
2. Adjusted Vestment BR:
    Weapon initial BR: from 800 to 1250
    Vestment initial BR: from 1200 to 1500
    Wings of Divinity BR: from 2000 to 3000
4. Took out Lvl.4 Gem from Shop.
5. Adjusted VIP Cards’ rewards.