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Knight's Fable v1.1.1: Hero Inheritance Released

Jun 19,2014

Update time: June 19

Version number: v1.1.1


We are grateful to all of you for your suggestions and bug reports. Here are two major updates we want to share with you all. First, now you can use the newly-introduced Hero Inheritance feature to inherit hero stats to another hero. Second, the Totem feature will be modified and unavailable for the moment, but your stats in Totem will remain the same.


To celebrate the release of the new feature, from now to June 20, each player can collect Inheritance Orb x15 from the in-game Events menu.


New features

1. New system: Hero Inheritance.

With this feature, you can transfer the stats of the source hero to the target hero. Click here for details.



1. Optimized the Events menu. 

The completed events are now highlighted. Simply click on the highlighted event name to collect the rewards.

2. The Totem feature is temporarily disabled to prepare for the improvements but player's Totem stats will remain the same.