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Knights Fable v3.17.4: Hero Awakening

Feb 03,2016

Time to make the heroes stronger. Hero Awakens.

You will see the "Awaken" button inside the "Heroes" interface.


1.Hero Awakening opens at Lvl.70;
2.There are 5 types of awakening requirerments: Link Contract Requirement, Hero Tie Requirement; Hero Int Level Requirement,Hero Aptitude Requirement, Hero Totem Requirement. At most 3 requirements are needed to awaken a hero.
3.Awoken heroes will have special hero borders and hero images.
4.When recruiting repetitive heroes, they will turn into special hero stones.
5.After all the requirements are met, hero stones and Awakening Stones are need to awaken the hero.
6.Hero stones and Awakening Stones can be gained from in-game functions and events.
7.Awoken heoes will have all stats improved.
8.Awoken heroes will get new Awakening Skill, which will be triggered at the beginning of each match.
9.Sequence of all beginning skills is: Goddess Skill→Character Talent Skill→Hero Awakening Skill.

Special Hero Border:

Special Hero Image:

Hero Awakening Interface:

Details on stone consuming:

Hades: Hades Stone*150  Awakening Stone *24 

Hermes: Hermes Stone*150   Awakening Stone *24

Apollo: Apollo Stone*150   Awakening Stone *30

Moirai: Moirai Stone*150   Awakening Stone *36

Details on Awakening Skill and stats:

Hades: increase damage reduction effect of all members by 100% for one turn   ALL STATS +8%

Hermes: remove all debuff of one random member  ALL STATS +8%

Apollo: decrease hit of all enemies by 20% for 2 turns  ALL STATS +10%

Moirai: increase the Agi of own party by 10%, lasts for 3 turns  ALL STATS +12%

Awakening skill will release before battle start.

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