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Knights Fable v3.17.3: Mount Link

Dec 09,2015

Now a new way to further improve your heroes! You can link your trained mounts to heroes for more bonus stats!

You can find the entry of this function by clicking the 2nd button on the left of your hero. 


1.This function unlocks at Lvl.60.
2.You can enter this function via the Link button in Hero interface. Note that not all heroes have linked mounts.
3.To activate Link Stone, the corresponding mount needs to reach required Mount Upgrade.
4.Click activated Link Stone to enter upgrade interface. 
5.The max level of Link Stone is Lvl.100 and cannot exceed character's level.
6.The max stage of Link Contract is Stage Ⅵ. Stage Ⅱ opens when Link Stone reaches Lvl.20; Stage Ⅲ opens when Link Stone reaches Lvl.40; Stage Ⅳ opens when Link Stone reaches Lvl.60; Stage Ⅴ opens when Link Stone reaches Lvl.80; Stage Ⅵ opens when Link Stone reaches Lvl.100.
7.1-2 Process Point will be added when upgrading Link Contract. Contract evolves automatically when process is full.
8.When Link Stone is activated, corresponding Mount cannot reset Mount Upgrade. You can reset Mount Upgrade after canceling the Link Stone.
9.When Link Stone is canceled, its bonus stats will be reserved yet it will not take effect to your BR. You need to re-activate Link Stone to make bonus stats work.Re-activation also consumes resources. 
10.You can spend 100 gold to reset Mount Link. After reset, you will get back 80% of used materials while all Link Stone(s) and Link Contract get back to original stats.