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Knights Fable v3.16.8: Sacred War

Nov 10,2015

In this new function, you will be able to experience again the joy of board games. Do not lose to a computer, will you?

1.Players get 3 free times and can purchase 5 more times per day.
2.When game starts,order is decided by card-draw.
3.Player and computer take turns to throw dice.When you get a pair, you can throw dice once more (except for Chaotic Area & Sorcery Circle).If you get 3 same numbers in a row, you are forced to move to Chaotic Area. 
4.Occupy cities & miracles to grab funds out of your opponent.
5.City: maxed level is 5 & Lvl 5 City cannot be grabbed. City of higher level grants more money. City can only be upgraded to lvl 3 in first turn,lvl 4 in second turn.
6.City Occupation:City Occupation consumes double the city construction funds. In first loop, player cannot upgrade a city which is occupied by the rival.
7.Miracle:Once miracle is occupied, it cannot be seized. More occupied  miracles lead to more transit expenses.
8.Start: Once player passes Start, you will collect 300000 construction funds. You can upgrade whichever city you owned when you land at Start.
9.Chaotic Area: Player will be trapped for 3 rounds at Chaotic Area. Paying money or Throwing a pair can help you break away from Chaotic Area ahead of the fourth round.
10.Magic League: Open a Magic League in any owned City or Miracle by consuming 50000 silvers, which will double transit expenses, with a maximum of 8 times of original transit expenses.
11.Sorcery Circle: Move to any destination except for Chaotic Area & Sorcery Circle in the next round by consuming 50 thousand silvers.
12.Divination House: Randomly meet Reward Event or Penalty Event.
13.Casino: Guess the number of 2 dices (Small:2-6; Big:7-12). Player can bet any amount of his funds and collect a double reward from a bet win, with a maximum of 3 winning streak & 8 times of the capital.
14.Joint Council :Need to pay 300000 silvers to Joint Council. Short of funds will lead to the interface of bankruptcy.
15.Win:(1) One side claims bankruptcy; (2) Comparing general assets of each side at the 25th turn, richer one wins; (3) Complete achievement of Well-decorated (Occupying all buildings in a line); (4) Complete achievement of Gaia Crusader (Occupying all cities of 3 countries).
16.Points: Losing gets 10 points; Winning gets 20 points + extra points; Well-decorated gets 30 points + extra points; Gaia Crusader gets 40 points + extra points; Light of Miracle gets 50 points + extra points.