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Knights Fable v3.16.5: Domain Exploration!

Sep 25,2015

Five domains are covered by smog. Now time to lift the veil of the mysterious lands and set your steps there.


Challenge Mara, Upgrade Gear!
1.This function unlocks at level 50.
2.There are five domains: from Devil Domain, Human Domain, Wild Domain, Demon Domain to God Domain, the difficulty grows. Wisdom is needed to unlock each domain.
3.When players are stuck at certain events,they can use wisdom to reset the map and restart the challenge.
4.Domain of higher difficulty has higher chance to unlock Mara.
5.Players will get points when completing domain events. Higher points grant better rewards.
6.Players can blitz the domain after it is cleared. The blitz cannot be operated when any of the domain remain unfinished.
7.The blitz will be stopped once Mara appears. Players need to challenge Mara manually.
8.The level of Mara is determined by the level of its discoverer, and the level difference will be no more than 10.
9.Players can use Silver Boost or Gold Boost to enhance their BR when challenging the Mara.
10.When Mara appears, its discoverer can fight it alone, and can also seek assistance from other players of the same server. Every player can challenge Mara at most 3 times per day.
11.The level difference of Mara and its challengers cannot exceed 10 levels.
12.Players will get Mara damage rank reward after Mara is killed. Players who give the last hit will receive last hit reward. Both rewards are sent via in-game mail.
13.Domain will be reset every day at 0:00,including the challenge process and point reward. Please claim point rewards timely.

Collect enough materials to upgrade your gears!

How to upgrade gears?

Go to City of Spirits-Mystical Trader Jayce-Forge Artifact-Upgrade

Now only Lvl.60 forged gears and artifacts can be upgraded to Lvl.80.

Do not forget to unequip the gear you want to upgrade.