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Knights Fable v3.16.3: Mount Equippment

Aug 05,2015

1.Character reaches Lvl.60 and one-day points of stallions grid reaches 400, M-soul function will be activated.
2.Feed mount with mount EXP pot will upgrade M-soul Level.
3.M-soul Lvl.1 can equip with Quartz Mount Equipment;Lvl.10 can equip with Emerald Mount Equipment;Lvl.20 can equip with Sappire Mount Equipment;Lvl.35 can equip with Amethyst Mount Equipment;Lvl.50 can equip Topaz Mount Equipment.
4.Upgrade M-soul level could improve character's overall BR. M-soul level cannot exceed character level.
5.Mount Shard can be collected in 8th chamber in Hell and exchange for Mount Equipment.
6.Mount Equipment of different quality have different base stats and different ceiling of strengthening. Ceiling of strengthening level: 100 level for Topze Mount Equipment;80 level for Sapphire Mount Equipment;50 level for Quartz and Emerald Mount Equipment.
7.Collect one set of same color Mount Equipment to activate set bonus stats.
8.Strengthening Stone could be collected in Stallions Grid and Whack-a-Gopher.
9.In the interface of mount Collection, you can improve mount upgrade value with mount EXP pot. Different mounts have different max upgrade value.