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Knights Fable v3.10.0: BrewFest & Mount Crush

Feb 14,2015

Knights Fable is glad to announce that a new update is released on Feb.15 and will not affect your in-game progress! Simply refresh the browser page after the update is complete!
★New feature: Mount Upgrade
You can feed your mounts with potions; train and upgrade them with orbs. See more in "Mount" interface ("Character"-"Mount").

★New feature: Mount Crush
1.Mount Crush is an elimination puzzle game. You need to move pieces on the board so that 3 (or more) pieces of the same color can stand in one line (horizontal or vertical).
2.Eliminate or not, each move costs an attempt. You cannot move pieces once attempts used out. You can buy certain items or attempts to get more moves.
3.There are chances to get mount cultivation items for each elimination. The more pieces in elimination, the more rewards you get.
4.You will get points with each elimination. Bonus is added if you eliminate 4 pieces and more at a time. The more pieces in elimination, the more points you get. You can also use "Clear All" to get high points instantly. Points accumulated to certain level can get certain item rewards.
5.Check daily rank for mount upgrade item rewards.

★New event: BrewFest

Duration: Feb 20th to Feb 26th
Conditions:For players of Lvl.20 and above.
1.Daily material pack will be given away at 12:00 and 18:00. With higher Brewmaster level, you can get more materials.
2.Players can brew alcoholic beverage with materials of different qualities. The higher quality, the better you brew.
3.1%-3% Fatigue is along with each brewing process. 1 material with Fatigue of 49%. 2 materials with Fatigue of 50%-99%. 3 materials with Fatigue of 100%.
4.Chances of getting double or triple points.
5.Only brew of Lvl.3 and above can be released for points.
6.Brew of Lvl.20 and above will be placed automatically into the party for all players to enjoy at 12:00, 18:00 and 22:00. Random item is rewarded after enjoy.
7.Each party lasts for 1 hour. Brew enjoyment is for once every 5 minutes.
8.After brew being enjoyed, the brewer can get popularity to raise Brewmaster level.
9.Players get ranked can claim daily rank rewards.Players who obtain cumulative points no less than 1000 can get ranked in the overall rank and claim rewards.
10. Rewards can be claimed 1 hour after the brewing
11. Players can exchange rare items of a limit quantity with points in Brew Shop.