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Knights Fable v3.9.0: G-Dungeon improvements & Alternate Hero

Jan 29,2015

Knights Fable is very glad to announce that we have made some optimization about the Group Dungeon according to your suggestion. Simply refresh the browser page after the update is complete! Wish you like this new feature!

Improvements & bugs:
1. Cross-server Dungeon log added.
2. Chat system (during queue and battle) added.
3. Team password added.
4. Level and difficulty adjusted.
5. Heroes display bug fixed.

And a new system Alternate Hero will be released very soon! The Alternate Hero system is an expansion of the existing play mode. The alternative hero will take the place of the beaten one and continue your fight.

★Rules for Alternate Hero:
1.Level required:60 and above.
2.You can set an alternative hero, which will be automatically placed into the vacant battle positions and immediately join in the battle after the death of character or deployed heroes.
3. After being dragged into the alternative position there will show the status of substitution.
4.Alternate heroes will have a new aura bonus in the Beast interface.