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Knights Fable v3.6.0: We wish you a merry christmas!

Dec 19,2014

Knights Fable is glad to announce that a new update will come along with Christmas! We’d like to celebrate this with all our fans! The update will come on 12.19 and will not affect your in-game progress! Simply refresh the browser page after the update is complete!

New event:
Merry Christmas: 
Duration: 12.22 to 12.28
1. Hi snowman:
Making a snowman is an exciting event that will need cooperation from your friends, family members and fellow players. How could we miss making a snowman around Christmas time to get the mood right? We will provide you with the chance to build a snowman with your friends and alliance family. Maximize your team spirit, and build more snowmen to win more rewards. 
1. Special materials are needed to build a snowman. After the required materials are devoted, the snowman will evolve to the next stage.
2. Devoting materials will give contribution points. After the event is over, players will get corresponding rewards according to their contribution point rankings.
3. Players can claim corresponding rewards after their contribution points reach a certain amounts.
4. Snowman materials can be gained two different ways:  
a) From drops during in-game functions;
b) By exchanging materials with points. Points can be gained by performing daily activities. Points can only be used to exchange for materials.
5. After one stage of the snowman is achieved, all the players of the server can get a reward chest. The chest can be claimed once every day.

2. Make a wish
The Christmas tree is an indispensable part of Christmas, and our game is no exception. There is a Christmas tree and a wish tree. You can put socks on the Christmas tree, and you can receive Wish Cards after placing on certain amount of socks. Wish cards can be used in Christmas Wish. Players with wish cards can make wishes at the Wish tree. After the event has ended, players who made wishes will have a chance to get their desired rewards. 
Note: Lucky List will be announced on: 2014-12-29

3. Holiday investment:

Holiday investment is another beneficial event which will take place during the Christmas holiday! There are 3 investment plans: Economical, practical and the luxury plan. Invest a certain amount of gold or silver during the event time, and then receive value-added items and gold later. 

Improvement & bug:

1.Made improvement about CSA-group fighting!
2.Fixed the bug that unequal BR appearance at Battle shrine and World boss systems.