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Knights Fable v3.5.4: CSA group fighting.

Dec 10,2014

We will be updating Knights Fable to Version 3.5.4. All servers will be updated to v3.5.4 on December 10th. The update will not affect your progress in game, to enjoy the update, simply refresh the game page after the update is complete!
New feature:
1.CSA-group fighting
Cross server arena is a great place to compete other players and learn their secret moves and tactic. Please notice that currently you can not choose your arena team members, but after the update you will be able to invite your friends for the CSA battle .  
1.Battle mode: 6 players VS. 6 players
2.You can only invite players from your own server to join CSA.
3.If you invite 5 players - you can compete directly with your competes 
4.If you invite 3 players, the system will automatically match 3 more players to your team


1.Removed the guide about mount upgrading from Strengthen system.

1.Corrected some linguistic errors in game.
2.Corrected the wrong type info of dropped gems and hell gems from 6th chamber of Hell.
3.Fixed the bug of wrong timer at City defense.
4.Fixed the bug of wrong icons at recourse obtaining strategy window.