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Knights Fable v3.5.1

Dec 05,2014

We will be updating Knights Fable to Version 3.5.1. All servers will be updated to v3.5.1 on December 5th. The update will not affect your progress in game, to enjoy the update, simply refresh the game page after the update is complete!
Hot event:
1.Lucky strike ( 12.7 to 12.9)
1.Moved the online gift button to check-in pages.
2.After the update, the gifts of bulk-fight in Hell and Beast melee will be delivered out via in-game mail. 
3.Removed the hyperlink of “Material” job so that there will be no useless link.
1.Fixed the bug of Fighter’s newbie costume.
2.Fixed the bug that costumes shape will change back to the equipped one when players make equipment enhancement.