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Knights Fable v3.2 : New CSA system coming!

Nov 07,2014

We will be updating Knights Fable to Version 3.2. All servers will be updated to v3.2 on November 7th. The update will not affect your progress in game, to enjoy the update, simply refresh the game page after the update is complete!

New feature:
New Cross-Server Arena
After more than one month of preparations, the new CSA system will be released today with new and splendid play modes.
1.Brand new map with different ore zones. By transporting ore with higher- quality you can earn more points.
2.Boss appearing abruptly during the transporting ore journey. By attacking the boss you can earn more points than transporting ore and win Boss shards. Boss shards can be used to exchange hero cards at Mystical trader in City of spirit.
3.The competition will not only be limited to fighting and transporting ore. After the update, you will have the chance to plunder others’ ore. 
4.Battlefield buffs will appear randomly at Cross-server arena, and by holding it you can get bonus stats. 
5.Battlefield chat window will open after the update to help team members keep real time communication. 
6.Last, if your character was killed on CSA battlefield, you would be offered bonus stats continuously until you receive the first victory! 

Hot event: 
Cross-Server Monopoly will take place between November 8th and November 13th 

1.Max wisdom collection limitation for each player at sea of sense.
2.3 free instant finish times at loop quest for all players every day.

1.Costume collection’s bug has been fixed.
2.Wrong transported to a non-exist city at lvl.80 has been fixed. 
3.Wrong guild info about Escort at target menu in the game interface has been fixed. 
4.Wrong auction log at team dungeon has been fixed.