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Knights Fable v2.4.3: Better Fish system in City!

Sep 12,2014

We will be updating Knight’s Fable to version 2.4.3, the update will not affect your progress in the game, to enjoy the new game version, simply refresh the page after the update complete. 
We would also like to thank all of our players who sends their feedback and help us to make a better game. In this update, we included your suggestions and there are great improvement in inheritance, fishing pool and other features!  

Update time: September 12th
Server: All servers


1. The button of Gear in the Char interface will be showed at level 50 instead of level 20.
2. Fishing Pool 1 Click feed button: 
VIP 0 - VIP 3 have to consume 5 Gold to use the button
VIP 4 or higher can use the button for free 
3. Dismissing Headless Horseman will give back 1350 Legendary Reputation instead of 500 Rare Reputation.
4. The Hero's Totem Exp will be reserve during Inheritance.
5. Alliance War:
The catapults will start attacking after players enter the City during the Alliance War.
Players can collect the rewards after the catapults breaks the outer City wall,which needs 30 minutes. 
6. World Boss Event:
Increase 1 attempt of World Boss Event from 13:00(Server time).And players can only attend World Boss Event once a day.
The World Boss Event time is changed to 45 minutes instead of 1 hour.

Fixed bugs:
 Double click now can unequip vestments.