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Knight’s Fable v2.3: Mount System due to arrive!

Aug 29,2014

We will update Knight’s Fable to version 2.3. This time, we will bring to all players a new system and longawaitedGear. After the update, there will be a new member joining your party. How could you possibly miss the mount in the course your daring adventure? The longawaited Gear will lift its mysterious veil. The update will not affect your progress in the game, simply refresh the game page when the updated is complete.

Update time: August 30th
Server: All servers

New System:
1. Mount 
How could the knights be short of a mount in the course of their fighting journey? Battle the force of evil, with a mount by your side to strengthen your party!
Dark Steed:
1. The Dark Steed will be found in the D-crystal shop in the secret Arena of Alliance. It can be exchanged for 800 Dragon crystals.

Knights Fable

Battle Goldfish:
Meet the Insane Battle Goldfish of Doom! Only the most powerful warriors can harness its awesome might! Though looks can be deceiving, this goldfish has slain countless enemies in the most horrible of ways. The blank look in its eyes is symbolic of its complete lack of empathy and remorse for those it has slaughtered. 
BR: 4000 
Found in Lucky Strike

Knights Fable

Click here for details.

2. Gear
How could you possibly miss the strong equipment in the adventure journey? Surely, only the legendary type won’t satisfy your need for upgrading BR at Lvl.60 or above. So we will update the brand new equipment- Gear in Knight’s Fable. Gear will be the strongest equipment in game that 
will own higher stats than the current legendary equipment. The gear will inherit the total stats of legendary equipment, meanwhile, it will own more Gem slot and another new stat except for Attack or Defense stats.
1. Class reaches Lvl.60 at least.
2. Legendary equipment in the same part. 
3. Core materials for each part which can be found at Franchise shop in Alliance War interface and Hell Portal.
When you collect 3, 5, 8 Gear parts, you will get a stats bonuses for the party members including heroes and class.

Knights Fable

Alliance Boss
1. Each alliance will get 2000 free offering points each day.
2. There will be the option to choose alliance boss’s level before the battle. 

Fixed bugs:
1. Fixed error of Hero star rating and redefined inheritance pill usage rules.
2. Added option of Legendary Pandora box when clicking legendary refresh at Hell Portal.
3. Fixed the continuous blink of Login button at game page.
4. Added more description about talent skill at Holy Throne.
5. Added Lvl.14 skill books to Library at Alliance.
6. Fixed the bugs at Badge shop and D-crystal shop.
7. Fixed the Nostrum window at the left corner of gamepage. 
8. Fixed Ragged Storm and Lilith’s hero skills bug
9. Fixed the bug at Prayer window at City.