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Knight’s Fable v2.2: More team playmodes come!

Aug 20,2014

GTArcade is pleased to introduce more team playmodes to all players-Alliance War, Alliance Boss and better Hell Minion. The update will not affect your progress in game, simply refresh the game page after the update.

Update time: August 23rd
Server: all servers

New function: 

Alliance War
Alliance Wars consist of two parts: The Outer City War and the Inner City War. These two parts consist of three gameplay features: City Wall, Castle, and City Defense.

Knight's Fable

A. City Wall:
1. That attackers must break through the wall in shortest time possible while the defenders must attempt to stop the attackers from breaking through.
2. The attackers will have siege equipment available, Ballista, which they can use to periodically fire siege missiles at the wall to do massive damage at every 20 seconds. And the damage amount will increase according the occupation times of this alliance.
3. Once the walls health has reached zero, it will break. Once the attackers have entered, the Inner City War will begin.
B. Inner City War
1. The Top 2 from the City Wall battle will enter the Inner City determined by their damage points. If there are no defenders then all it will take is 2 attacks to win the War. 
2. There will be a 2 minute waiting time before the battle starts. 
3. Players who have occupied a tower will be unable to move and will only be able to defend the tower.
4. The opposing Alliance members may click on a player defending a tower to enter a battle with them. 
5. In the allotted time, if the attackers manage to obtain 3000 occupation points from occupying towers then they will win.

1. Each participant will receive some Silver, Wisdom and Prestige.
2. Outer War: players will get more Silver, Wisdom, and Prestige.
3. Inner War: players will get more Silver, Wisdom, and Prestige and synthetic material for Gear according to the ranking list and Badge reward.
4. Occupied the city: The privilege of buying Synthetic material for Gear.
Condition: Lvl.60 class at least, and 8 Synthetic material which can be found in Alliance War, Hell Portal and more systems.
Gear is the highest type of costume until now. It will offer your class stronger stats and cool shape! 

Alliance Boss- Sahlonax
Sahlonax, an extremely irritable and aggressive dragon, has always been greedy by nature, collecting treasures and chasing after glittering things. Now any alliance leader has the power to summon this savage beast!  

Alliance Boss


1. When you summon certain items in your bag, your alliance will receive summoning material –Offering. Once your alliance collects enough offerings, the alliance leader will have the power to summon Sahlonax. 
2. If your alliance has more offerings than required, all members will get more benefits while fighting with the dragon. 
3. All offerings will be reset once the summoning is completed. 

1. The player who killed the monster will receive a large amount of Silver and Wisdom.
2. Ranking rewards are Stardust Pill, Wisdom and Dragon Crystal. 

3. Dragon Crystal can be used in D-crystal shop to but useful items.

Better Hell Portal
1. Added one click button that will help you refresh the Legendary Minion at once one hundred percent.
2. Attacking Legendary Minion will receive Gear material reward.
3. Added New point ranking list. Players will receive some bonuses such as Stone Bag and Crystal by reaching relevant points, meanwhile, players who rank at top of the list will receive more rewards. Simply join in, because it is a chance for you to win more rewards. 

Fixed the bugs that some beast items can't be used.

Made the Devotion more obvious in game.