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Knight's Fable v2.0: Holy Throne comes!

Aug 08,2014

Us here at GTArcade are excited to announce that Knight’s Fable v2.0 comes with many new engaging features. A brand new world is waiting for you! The update will not affect your in-game progress; simply refresh the page after completing the update! All updates will bring players a better game experience, so stay tuned for more!

Server: all servers
Update Time: August 8th
New functions:
1. Holy Throne:

As a new PVE play mode in game, Holy Throne is a place that allows players to challenge an ancient holy throne to earn rare talent points and materials that will help you learn new skills!

Knight's Fable

Available to players Lvl.35 and above.

1. Players are allowed 3 daily attempts. If players fail, they will have the possibility to try again until they win! During battles, rewards will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Players can obtain a multitude of great rewards from completing Holy Throne.
2. Players will earn Star Ratings upon completing Holy Throne, 1 point for Common mode, 2 points for Hard mode, and 3 points for Nightmare mode.
3. After completing Holy Throne for the first time, players will earn several talent points which will increase your character’s talent.
4. There is a total 5 “Holy Thrones” per section. All players have a chance to get item rewards and BUFF after killing the holy throne. The BUFF contains HP, MATK, MDEF, PATK, PDEF. 
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 2. Character Enhancement

After completing Holy Throne for the first time, players will earn several talent points which will increase your character’s talent, which in turn will be helpful for character enhancement. This enhancement mode has five types: Green, Blue , Purple, Orange and Red. Players can learn new positive and passive skills after completing each type and earn new titles. The positive skills are divided into beginner skills and end skills. They will increase party BR during fighting. The passive skills will increase party stats. Character enhancement will help players build a totally different character!

Knight's Fable

3. Hero Enhancement

Are you familiar with Variation Dust in the Hero recruitment system? Ever wondered how you can put it to good use? The Knight’s Fable team is releasing a new Hero Enhancement function that will affect the way you build up your team. It will allow players to use Variation Dust in order to upgrade their heroes’ strength and stats. After enhancement, your hero will receive a new title and be able to learn skills from other heroes! For example, if your hero is Divine, that hero will be able to learn skills previously only limited to Spirit heroes.

Knight's Fable

 4. Hero Totem
Hero Totems is a great way for players to increase hero HP, ATK, and Def. The highest level for each Totem is +9 and the maximum amount of upgrades is 15. Each totem level must be upgraded from +1 to +9 in the correct order. Each Totem randomly traverses upon an upgrade attempt. This time, the new hero totem will allow players to upgrade their BR more easily!

Knight's Fable