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City Defense
New city defense play mode for Knight’s Fable will come. Players must build up their main characters with rare gear and powerful spells to defend a city against an onslaught of powerful monsters! Monsters of different strength will drop items of increasing rarity as they are defeated. There are also a number of defense towers that can be upgraded to assist the player in killing monsters. Players can use these towers to gain a strategic advantage over the hordes of foul creatures laying siege on the city! 
Knight's Fable
1. Players can get one free defense bullet each hour and you can also buy more with Silver. There are 9 different kinds of Bullet with various damage forces. Bullet will be reset at 0:00 a.m. each day.
2. Players can upgrade their defense tower to become stronger.
3. After defeating each monster, players will pick up rare items dropped from defeated monster. Meanwhile, players can collect EXP to upgrade their holy city after killing monsters. In higher level city players can summon more brutal and stronger monster!
4. Players can buy Ruin tower with gold, and ruin tower can insta-defeat all monsters in city at one time!


Much INT Potion and Stardust can be found in City Denfense!