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Hero Inheritance

Players can use Hero Inheritance to transfer the INT and Aptitude of unwanted heroes to newly recruited Heroes. 



- Hero Inheritance unlocks at Level 33 with Hero Recruitment. 

- Source Hero’s INT and Aptitude must be higher than target Hero’s. 

- 75% of source Hero’s INT and Aptitude will be transferred to the target Hero. The target Hero’s original stats will be replaced. 

- After inheriting, the source Hero’s INT and Aptitude will be reset. 

Knight's Fable Hero Inheritance 


1. Open the Hero menu and choose an unwanted hero. 

2. Click “Inherit” beneath the hero profile pictures to bring up the Hero Inheritance menu. 

3. Choose the target Hero from the drop-down menu on the right. 

4. Click “Inherit”, and 75% of Hero INT and Aptitude will be inherited. 

5. Players can use Inheritance Orbs to transfer 100% of Hero INT and Aptitude. Inheritance Orbs can be obtained from Shops and special events.