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Star Stone Slots

Gear Slot Star Atlas Stat
Head Purity MDEF
Weapon Fearless ATK
Torso Tolerance PDEF
Neck Diligent HP
Legs Humility MDEF
Ring Temperance HP
Feet Soothing PDEF
Shield Generous HP

Star Atlases

       There are eight types of Star Atlases, each matching to specific Gear Slots. Each Star Atlas has 9 nine slots of its own of which some can have Star Stones placed inside. Star Atlases can be upgrade to further increase the Stat Bonuses that they give.

Star Atlas Upgrades

     Players will need to obtain Star Atlas Maps from inside Chests in order to upgrade their Star Atlases.

Star Atlas Upgrade Steps

     (1)   Open the Star Atlas Upgrade interface from within the Star Atlas interface.

     (2)   Select the Star Atlas slot you wish to upgrade.

     (3)   Click the Upgrade button

Star Stones

      Players can boost their Stats by placing Star Stones in Star Atlas slots. Each Star Stone will affect different Stats and each may be upgraded.

Star Stone Types


HP Star Stone

PATK Star Stone

MDEF Star Stone

PDEF Star Stone

MATK Star Stone

CRIT Star Stone

AGI Star Stone

Hit Star Stone

Dodge Star Stone

Star Stone Synthesis

      (1)Star Stones can be synthed together to create higher level Star Stones.
      (2)Green Star Stones can be synthed together and will be given 20 Star Stone EXP per Star Stone consumed.
      (3)Blue Star Stones can also be synthed together and will be given 60 Star Stone EXP per Star Stone consumed.
      (4)Star Stones will level up once Star Stone EXP reaches its max for the current level.

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