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Vestments are great way for players to look different while increasing their Battle Rating! There are four different types of Vestments for each of the four different class types. 

All costumes consist of a Torso piece, Wings, and a Weapon. Each piece can independently increase character stats. 
(1)Torso: The Torso piece focuses on enhancing Magic Defense and Physical Defense.
(2)Weapon: Focuses on enhancing Magic Attack and Physical Attack.
(3)Wings: Focuses on enhancing HP. 

The Costumes
(1)Knight Vestment – Dragon Fury

Knight's Fable_knight

(2)Fighter Vestment – Blood Reign

Knight's Fable_fighters

(3)Magi Vestment – Arcane Ursidae 

Knight's Fable_Magi

(4)Spiritus Vestment – Glowing Fate

Knight's Fable_spiritus