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Enter the Beasts menu by clicking on the Beasts icon. 

Knight's Fable_beast

Here you can scroll through the available Beasts and see the requirements for obtaining each. You can only hold a certain number of Beasts at a time. If you wish to obtain more then you need to unlock Beast Slots by spending Gold. 

Beasts can be obtained and upgraded by exploring the Dragon Den. As you explore the Dragon Den, more fragments will be uncovered. Once a certain number of Fragments have been uncovered you can proceed to tame a new Beast. The more Fragments uncovered, the greater the strength of the Beast.

Alternatively, each Fragment has an icon to the bottom right to tell you what Beast Stone you can obtain from it. Instead of using Fragments to obtain a new Beast you can instead exchange them for Beast Stones used for upgrading existing Beasts. 

There are 3 types of Beast Stones that are used to upgrade your Beasts main Skill, Stats, and Aura. Please note, the Aura is what gives your Battle Party Stat bonuses based on position within the party.