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Holy Throne

In ancient times, countless heroes marched to an epic fight against evil demons armed with weapons and Ornate Armor! Once the evil disappeared, the heroes went to sleep under the Holy Throne, waiting for a time when they would be needed again. Now, the continent has been invaded again. Hurry up and train by fighting against ancient heroes, learn their skills and earn fabulous rewards.

Holy Throne is a new game mode that allows players to challenge ancient heroes and learn stronger skills (positive and passive)as well as win free stardust. Holy Throne begins with a new player chapter, containing only 3 sections and 1 difficulty mode. As of the second chapter, there are 10 sections and 3 difficulty modes in each chapter. Players are allowed one challenge per day.

There is a total 5 “Holy Thrones” per section. All players have a chance to get item rewards and BUFF after killing the holy throne. The BUFF contains HP, MATK, MDEF, PATK, PDEF. After destroying all holy thrones, players will obtain materials to learn positive and passive skills.


Available to players at Lvl.35 and above.

Knight's Fable


1. Players are allowed 3 daily attempts. If players fail, they will have the possibility to try again until they win! During battles, rewards will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Players can obtain a multitude of great rewards from completing Holy Throne. Players can exchange gold for more attempts. Players may pay 50 Gold for one additional attempt, 100 Gold for a second one, and 150 Gold for a third one. Players can buy a maximum of 3 attempts per day.
2. Players will earn Star Ratings upon completing Holy Throne, 1 point for Common mode, 2 points for Hard mode, and 3 points for Nightmare mode. After reaching a certain score, players will be able to enhance their characters’ attributes with new positive and passive skills.
3. After completing Holy Throne for the first time, players will earn several talent points which wil increase your character talent.
4. The enhanced class has five types: Green, Blue , Purple, Orange and Red. Players can learn new positive and passive skills after completing every type.
5. There is a beginning positive skill and an advanced positive skill.