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Increasing your battle rating: Equipment

Jun 25,2014

Increasing your battle rating: Equipment

Greeting traveler. I see that you have acquired some spoils of war. But did you perhaps found some new equipment in the monster his innards? Maybe that or you have just exchanged it for tokens that you found in the depths of hell? Or perhaps you synthed some essence of slain monsters from Satan's portal? Well, it doesn't matters where you gotten the equipment from. What matters now is that you make that jewelry, weapon or even armour as strong as possible. You wouldn't want to do worse than your comrade who is a few levels above you, to make sure this won't happen you will need to upgrade.

But, before you read this guide, YOU NEED TO PINKYSWEAR that you won't kill me with your new overpowered items. Nor can you take my rank 2 spot in the battleshrine.


Taking a closer look at equipment


(Note: Also quality of the equipment increases the base BR (Higher quality (for instance legendary gives higher base stats than common equipment)

In this guide we will be speaking about:

1. Total BR gained

2. Extra stats (Both soul and star atlas)

3. Glyphs

4. Bonus stats

5. Gems

1. Total BR gained

As you can see it is the same level equipment (both are level 50). And yet, there is over a difference of OVER 5000. This is the effect of upgrading your equipment. (Note: The sword on right is NOT upgraded completely yet, sword on the left is NOT upgraded at all). This number is the COMPLETE amount of points in battle rating it gives. And is ONLY for that piece of equipment.

I probally gotten your attention now didn't I, you are interested in knowing how to make an piece of equipment almost overpowered, don't you?;

2. EXTRA base stats

As you can see there are 2 numbers that add a certain % of base stats. The first one (2.1) is from increasing the Soul-level of that piece of equipment, whilst the second % (2.2) is increased from synthing the gear.

"So, where do you find those, because 300% basic stats alot?" I can see you asking it already. Just for you, I'll give you the details on how to increase the soul percentage.

2.1 Soul attribute increase (level 19+)

To open the tab you will need to increase the base stats with the most points, click 'Soul'. Soul is located on the bottom line, just like the arrow shows.;

Now that you have opened the Soul tab you should get this screen:

This might look a very little bit confusing when you open it for the first time. (Since the tutorial doesn't give all the information of it, I will tell you everything that you need to know about this)

2.1.1. Icons

First of all you see 8 icons in the top right of this tab, EACH one of those icons stands for it's own item type (Weapon icon for weapons, convenient isn't it? ^_^)

The number that each corner has is the level that that part of the soul is. As you can see my weapon soul is 59, whilst my helmet is only level 50. Feel free to look through those tabs, nothing bad will happen from clicking them.

2.1.2. Level of the soul

This states the current level of the soul AND the max level you can bring the soul to. You can unlock an higher max level with upgrading your star level (But how to increase the star level is NOT a part of this guide).

Star level Maximum soul level
3 20
4 20
5 30
6 30


8 40
9 50
10 50
11 60

Each level that you increase that part of the soul will increase the according gear type a 5% bonus on the basic stats. ONLY THE BASIC STATS WILL BE INCREASED!;So at level 50 you will have a 250% bonus in base stats.

2.1.3;Effect of current soul level

Put shortly, it shows you how much additional % in bonus stats you get and what your next upgrade will give (always 5%)

2.1.4. Upgrade buttons

You can upgrade your soul level 2 ways. Either you can mash the upgrade button or you can turn bulk upgrade on. Bulk upgrade will increase the soul level to the level you selected left from the button.

2.1.5 Special bonusses

I'll give you a moment to clean up that spilled drink because you probally were shocked when you saw this title.;

*Okay, all set to go*

Yes, you read it correct, special bonusses for your soul. Each time hit a multiplier of 10 (except the 10 itself) on ALL soul parts you will get a bonus, this bonus can be a % health boost to a % attack and % defense boost. Open your soul tab right now and I'll show you how to check what bonusses you get for reaching that soul level.

Hover over circles that are spread over the dragon/wyvern (however you want to call it). And a small screen like this one should pop up:

For getting 20 in all souls your health will increase with 2%. Might not seem alot, but did I tell you it stacks with the other bonusses aswell? And if you would look a bit further on the tree you can see multiple health ones. Yup, you read it correct again, ALL THOSE BONUSSES STACK!

2.1.6. Star Atlas (Level 35+)

Do you ever asked yourself what those star stones were for? Well, This is what it's for. The 'Star Atlas' system.

As you can see, it has alot of simularities between the 'SOUL' tab. Yet it works COMPLETELY different. Soul level could be upgraded with silver, Star atlas is upgraded with star stones (Main income of those is escort). Icon and maximum levels

Almost the same as the SOUL levels and icons, except that you require certain items to upgrade the star atlas level:

Note. Each weapon type has its own upgrade componement. Temperance star is the required item for the 'Ring' slot.

However, as you can see it the levels of my star atlas are 2 colors, white and yellow/orange/gold. "Why is that?" Well, It shows you which specific star atlas slot is NOT maxed yet (This is the color white). To upgrade those slots you will need to level ALL the star stones with 1 level before the star atlas level will jump 1 level too.; Star atlas effect

So, it's great to know that you can level your star atlas aswell, but do I get any rewards from it? The answer is 'YES', you do get a reward for your stats with each level.

If you fill your entire star atlas with star stones you will get bonus of 1% in a stat, to know which star atlas gives what bonus check the following table:

Piece of equipment Stat bonus (Per level)
Helm Cit +1 %
Weapon Atk +1 %
Chest HP +1%
Necklace Pdef +1 %
Leg Dodge +1 %
Ring Hit +1 %
Feet Agility +1 %
Talisman Mdef +1%

To get the next bonus on the level you will need:

- The required item to upgrade it (Or required level)

- All star stones at that level; Star stones

Simply put, shows which stones you have equiped into that star atlas. There are multiple qualities of star stones. The worst being uncommon (Green) followed by begign (Blue), which is worse than Flawless (Purple) which will get dominated by legendary star stones (Orange).

Each stone can be upgraded by merging other star stones in it.

(NOTE! You can't merge a higher star stone into a lower quality star stones (Might be a bug)) Star stones inlay

It has to be great, knowing this much about something, but not knowing how to actually put the stones in... Well, It made you guys stay focussed on this guide. So that I am happy and you guys will be happy because you only have to read it once.

But, enough with the praise, let us continue. You will have to read another LONG part before you are a free man/woman again.

This is the tab that will show up if you press 'Insert stones'. The principe is really simple EACH one of the stones on the left (The blue ones) are either 1 of the 2 possible star stones you can place there.;

(I took the star stones off, and now you can see that there are 2 options for each spot. Because you get 2 options it's possible to personalize your build more. Need more health over Pdef? Then place a Health star stone in it. and vice versa.) Complete star atlas bonus

If you read through the previous sections of the guide aswell, you should remember where you spilled your drink .... , MAKE SURE TO NOT SPILL THIS TIME!;

Let me guess, you spilled again didn't you.. I'll give you a minute..

Okay, ready? No more spilling, kay?;

... But just as soul bonus system upon reaching a certain level of ALL souls, there is a bonus stat reward for completing ALL star atlasses at a certain level. Just hover over the circles to look what bonusses you get. Oh, and did I mention that they STACK with ALL % BONUSSES you could've gotten already? Even the soul ones? So, 30% additional health, gibbe plz. 20% additional attack, Gibbe plz. Anyway, you should get one of those windows:

Just get ALL the star atlassess at level 1 to get the first bonus, level 2 for the one after that, and yup, you can keep going on.

2.1.7. The end?;

Well, yes, this is the end, of the first chapter. The next ones will be a bit easier. So, go get a cookie. You really deserve it.


2.2 Synth Gear bonus (Level 38+)

The harder part of increasing the base stats. Well, collecting the required item is the harder part.

To start synthing your gear you will need: - Armour that you can miss, atleast 5 green items of same level range as the gear you want to synth

- Black Metal (can be gotten from smelting gear) (Any level range)

So, you have both the armour and black metal? Okay, great, let's get started. Go to the City of Spirits and move a bit to the right. Untill you see an NPC:

You will want to talk with him. Now a window pops up where Hansen will act like he is drunk. (Apparently heroes aren't the onlyone drunk in this game)

If you do not have the black metal you require, you will want to smelt some gear first. To do so click 'Smelt Gear'. This window should pop up now:

Put the items you want to smelt in the 8 slots. (You don't have to fill all slots, just 1 would work fine aswell). Now it should look something like this:

As you can see, it will show you how much Black Iron it will grant you (Also, YOU GET THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF SMELTING -->; SMELT EVERYTHING, DON'T SELL EQUIPMENT!);. Press the 'Smelt' button to smelt all the gear into the black iron. If you filled all 8 spots in to smelt you will have more than enough to synth once.


So, now you know how to smelt it's time to start synthing the gear you need, don't you agree? ^_^

If you selected 'Synth' in the window of the drunkard, you should get this tab opened:

This illustration gives all the information you need.

Your equipment that you want to make OP goes into the 'Gear' Slot. Followed by either manually placing the gear into 5 sacrifice slots. Or auto filling to let the game take 5 randoms out of your inventory. If you placed 5 items in press the 'synth' or sacrifice button. Most likely the sacrifice button, since you will NEVER see that gear again. So DO NOT SACRIFICE ITEMS YOU STILL WANT TO EQUIP!

You now unlocked level 2 of gear synth. For level 2 synth you will need 5 BLUE QUALITY ITEMS in the LEVEL RANGE.

After you do level 2 gear synth you will unlock the next level (3). Level 3 gear synth requires 5 PURPLE (FLAWLESS) quality items in the level range.

Once you sacrificed 5 purples to that demanding item, you unlock the final level: Level 4 Which requires 5 ORANGE (LEGENDARY) quality items in the level range.

Each level that you unlock will require you to spend more Black Iron. However, each level makes it possible for the synth to give a HIGHER %. Check the table to get the correct information about maximum % increase per synth level.

Synth Level 1 Synth effect: 1%-5% increase
Synth Level 2 Synth effect: 1%-10% increase
Synth Level 3 Synth effect: 1%-15% increase
Synth Level 4 Synth effect: 1%-20% increase

Yes, all those synth levels stack with each other. That makes it possible for synth to increase the % of the base value by another 50% if you get the maximum amount of synth effect in each level.

3. Glyph (Level 37+)

Glyph is another way to optimize your build. however that it DOES require gold (or an item (which are limited)) to unlock the glyph on the equipment. Yet, it's definitive worth the gold on higher leveled items. To access glyph you will have to go back to Blacksmith Hansen in the City of Spirits (If you skipped a piece of the guide there is a picture of the NPC at 2.2. Synth gear). Anyway, Click that drunkard again (He enjoys it aswell just look at that face). A window should have opened, Click 'GLYPH'

Once you have clicked Glyph a new tab should have opened:

Note. I already placed a piece of equipment in it. I'll switch to another piece of equipment now that already has a glyph in it.

If you place the equipment in the gear slot you have to press 'Refresh' This will put a random prefix on the weapon. Each prefix will increase its own stats (Look at the table a bit further in the guide for a list of known prefixes at this moment)

Well, You now have a glyph into your weapon, But what is a glyph without stats on it? Nothing.. For that we need to press the upgrade. This will either increase or decrease the stats of that glyph up to the maximum level.

Since I do NOT own all prefixes at this moment, this guide will have to be updated on a later date. In the following table I put all prefixes with the increased stats I have.

Prefix Stats
Sharp Power, Strength
Rage Power, Magic
Shadow Magic, Defensive
Just Defense, Strength
Peaked Strength, Soul Defense
Brandish Power, Soul Defense
Holy Def, Soul Defense
Savage  Power Defense
Flame  Magic Soul Defense

If you have any more Prefixes let me know with either a private message OR a comment on this guide. I'll look to this guide as often as I can.

Stats What does what?
Power Increases Min Patk and Max Patk
Strength Increases Maximum health
Magic Increases Min Matk and Max Matk
Defense Increases +1 Pdef and +3 ;Mdef;
Soul Defense Increases +4 Pdef and +1 Mdef

Thanks to SoulMan (Server 2 for clarifying)

That is all about glyphs. You are now allowed to take ANOTHER cookie ^_^.

4. Bonus stats increasing (Unknown level)

I'll give you guys another picture of the sword at the start of the guide (The one that was used to compare with a non-upgraded piece of equipment of same level)

Note. There are different grades in the bonus stats - varying from grade 1 (lowest) to grade 9 (highest). The grades vary from rough to guardian.

For rough the average grades have to be between 1-3. For Begign it has to be between 4-5. Epic gets grade 6. Followed by bloody, which is grade 7. After that there is shadow and guardian. Shadow being at an average of 8. Guardian being at an average of 9. You can reset the bonus stats with the transform function, but we will not cover it in this guide.

Yup, those massive numbers are the bonus stats on the weapon. those will decide if a weapon is usefull for you or not. Since you do not want to get a full weapon that is based on MATK with bonus stats (Both Min Matk and Max Matk). You shouldn't equip one with those base stats. You will want to upgrade your equipment completely if you have the silver for it (I only gotten the sword a few days ago and did not find the silver to upgrade it yet). Prepare to toss alot of gear away once you want a certain build and don't equip all the items you find. But, let's say, you did found one of those items that you want think is worth upgrading? Well, I'll tell you this once. I like that cute face of yours. So I'll show you some of my secrets:

First of all, You NEED to go to the city of spirits. Then I need you to go back to the drunkard with the name 'Blacksmith - Hansen'. Yup, he still has that face like you touched him a bit ago. Perhaps he's frozen?!?;

Once you clicked him you will want to select:

A new tab opened, it should look like this one (Otherwise you missclicked)

As you can see it the above picture, It is not even guaranteed to level the stats up (NOTE. the success rate drops the higher the bonus stats level is (always will start at 75%)). Just select the stat you want to upgrade and click the upgrade. BUT, before you do so, make sure you make a cross with your fingers because it can fail ^_^.

Before we start the final chapter, I want to thank you for reading it up to here already xD.

5. Gems (level 35+)

The final way to increase BR of items is with gems. Gems can be gotten from completing each multiplier of 50 in loop quest's, events and can be bought in the shop. Not every gem can be socketed into each piece of equipment, Each gem has it's own gear it can be used in. For instance look at the gems below:

As you can see, I linked 3 different gems. Each of them are used in their own set of gear. So you won't be able to socket 'Luck Gems' Into your weapon. And lion heart gems into your talisman.;

So you have gems now, you know for which gear they are, but HOW do you place them in your gear?

For that you will need Drills and 10.000 silver (1 drill and 10.000 silver per gem). Drills can be bought in the glory shop in battle shrine under 'Items'. A drill goes for 30 glory each. (Rather cheap? Wait untill you bulk buy them o.O)

To put the gems into the equipment you will need to travel. "Where to?" The city of spirits ofcourse ^_^

You have arrived in the city of spirits with all those precious gems? That cargo was worth more than the topaz escort.. I hope you brought someone as protection.. There are alot of shady types in the City of Spirits. But you should look for this person:;

Gem master - Jayce (Not Chronocommander, I mean c'mon, who the hell names his character that way? O.o, Well, I did, AWKWARD). Compared to hansen this one is NOT drunk. Except that he gives the wrong required level to acces his shop o.O

Since he only has 1 option you can hardly open the wrong thing here. If you click Gems, a new window should open (AGAIN).

This is a rather straight Forward window, I don't see how you could go wrong here. Just put the gear you want to drill a hole in for a gem in the GEAR slot and press make.

After this click 'INSERT' in the top left. The window changes to a different one:

Just as straight forward as the previous window. Place the equipment you want to put a hole in into the gear slot. Click the gem and it will be socketted into the equipment.


6. End

That would be all. Go get another cookie, it is the last one that you will get from me today. I would like to thank you readers for reading this guide.;

If I made any mistakes or have information on other prefixes (GLYPHS) feel free to comment or send me a private message on the forums.

Special thanks to Arawn (Defining Soul Defense)

Special thanks to SoulMan (Explaining difference defense and Soul defense)

Any views and opinions presented in this strategy are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of GTArcade.com