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Strategy writing: hero's strategy!

Jun 23,2014

A new turn of master of strategy comes again! Try to talk freely about our given heroes!You may talk about the cooperation of heroes, their suited professions, suited skills, Int and Aptitude. Share your strategy of heroes to guide other players meanwhile we’d like to provide the favorite post editor with 2000 Glod!

Duration: July 16th to July 22th.

Server: all servers.
How to participate:
Simply start a new post at strategy section and write your strategy.
Post the link to your strategy in the thread as a reply. The following information must be included:
Character name:
1.  Each eligible participant will receive 5 Gold, 50000 Silvers.
2.  If your post is chosen as popular post, you will win 2000 Gold and some special items!
1.  All strategies must be original. Plagiarizing from others' writing will result in disqualification.
2.  If strategy guide with similar content are submitted, we will give the reward to the first writer according to the post last-edit time.

3.  We will review all the strategy guides on daily basis. If your strategy guide is valid and given high rating by GMs, the reward will be delivered on the next business day after you submit your work.


1. Chet

2. Tiffany

3. Verus

4. Glazer

5. Pandora