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Avidsecho Guide to Hero Recruitment

Jun 20,2014

||Knight's Fable v1.1

||Hero Recruitment Guide v0.9

by avidsecho

Next update will include:

- Hero List (Flawless/Legendary) of each towns incl. their descriptions and skills, Level 60-70 town info, how to exchange reputation, heroes you can exchange in each town, etc.

Knight's Fable

[What is a Character?]

At the beginning of the game, you will be given a choice to choose from 4 different avatars namely - Knight, Magi, Fighter and Spiritus. The avatar you've chosen is your Character.

[What is a Hero?]

A Hero or Heroine is one of your vital companions in battle. Allowing heroes to assist you in battles greatly increases your battle capabilities (aka Battle Rating) thus proportionally increases your chance of winning.

[What is Hero Recruitment?]

Basically allows you to choose heroes to add in your party. You could also check the "Helper" for a more detailed explanation. The "Helper" menu would show up once your lvl30 or above (forgot the exact level :| ).

[Disambiguation of Heroes according to Quality]

Heroes can be subdivided into 4 types according to quality:
1. Green(Superior)
2. Blue (Epic)
3. Violet (Flawless)
4. Gold (Legendary)

White -> Green -> Blue -> Violet -> Gold (from weakest to strongest)

Note: This color hierarchy is also applied to others features of the game, not only in heroes. And there's no white colored hero if you're wondering.

[Disambiguation of Heroes according to Types (Stats)]

Heroes can be subdivided into 4 types according to which stats they excel:

1. Iron (Physical-Based Tanker) - highest PDEF/MDEF, lowest MATK
2. Blood (Physical-Based Attacker) - highest PATK, lowest MDEF
3. Spirit (Magical-Based Attacker) - highest MATK, lowest HP, lowest PDEF*
4. Divine (Magical-Based Tanker) - highest HP, lowest PATK, lowest PDEF*

*Both have the same scale in terms of PDEF.

Tip: With the above information, you can see which stats are best to upgrade in "Totem". You can play by strengths and upgrade to +9 the ones with the highest value for that hero (i.e. PDEF/MDEF Totem for Iron Heroes, and so on) and upgrade the second best stat to +6 (since you can only get a total of +15 in all totems). Otherwise you can fill up their weakness and create a balanced hero.

Note: The images above show 4 same quality yet different types of heroes for comparison purposes. Notice each heroes difference in HP, PATK, MATK, DEF, and MDEF.

If you compare a character to a hero based on their native stats, then

Knight = Iron = physical based tanker
Blood = Fighter = physical based attacker
Magi = Spirit = magical based attacker
Spiritus = Divine = magical based tanker

Note: This guild will NOT cover how you train your heroes.

[Which heroes are best to recruit?]

There are a good number of combination you can build your team and depends solely which path you want to take. The most balanced team line-up in my opinion would be:

1) 1 Tanker (either physical based or magical based);
2) 1 Physical Attacker (either Fighter/Blood); and
3) 1 Magical Attacker (either Spirit/Magi)


1) 2 Frontal Tankers (1 physical based or magical based); and
2) 1 Rear Damage Dealer (1 physical/magical based attacker)

This is supported by the "Recruit Heroes" hero recruiment tooltip:

Knights, Spiritus are best to recruit Blood or Spirit Heroes; Fighters, Magi are best to recruit Iron or Divine Heroes.

If you read all the information above, then the above lines makes sense. However, it's totally up to you whether you're going pure physical attacker team(Fighter/Blood/Blood), pure magic-based tanker team (Spiritus/Divine/Divine) or something else.

[What level can I start recruiting heroes?]

According to the helper, you can start recruiting heroes at level 25.

[How many heroes can join the battle?]
Regardless of VIP level, all players can only simultaneously use 2 heroes per given battle.

[What is the maximum number of heroes I can recruit?]
Regardless of VIP level, all players can recruit a maximum of 10 heroes.

[How does "Recruit Heroes" works?]
1. Enter a town/city and talk to "Barmaid" NPC.

For Eastcrest (Lv20-30), talk to Barmaid - Jessy.
For Cargill (Lv30-40), talk to Barmaid - Mary.
For Ovelston (Lv40-50), talk to Barmaid - Babi.
For Cadigal (Lv50-60), talk to Barmaid - Dolly.

For Lv60-70, later when I leveled enough ;p

Note: Notice that each tavern has different sets of recruitable heroes in Shuffling the cards (viewable on the top of the Recruit window or the "Hero List" button found on the right top cornerand in "Exchange" window. The higher level the town tavern is, the better the heroes. If you're looking for Tiffany, she's in Eastcrest or Cargill if I'm not mistaken.

2. Click the "Recruit" or "Refresh" button on the lower-right corner of the frame. This will shuffle 5 face-up hero cards of various qualities and types. Note that each day reset, you will have 1 free refresh. The rest will consume silver. The amount depends on your level, I assume.

Knight's Fable

3. If you want don't want to recruit any of the shown heroes or you're just stacking reputation then choose "Refresh". Otherwise click "Draw".

Knight's Fable

4. By clicking "Draw", the before face-up cards will be shuffled face-down. Click a face-down card to continue.

Knight's Fable

5. Don't forget to click "Recruit" right on the middle of the card you've picked (not the other Recruit I'm mentioning a while ago) or else you're recruitment process will not be over. All luck ran out as the "Time until Refresh" (which interval is 2 Hours) went 0 without you clicking the recruit button (as shown below). Luckily, you will get the hero you want. Otherwise, just keep spending millions of silver. Yeah, millions.

Knight's Fable

[What is reputation?]
Reputation allows you to either exchange it for Legendary and Flawless heroes, or exchange it for Wisdom.

[How do I gain reputation?]
For each "refresh", a Flawless hero will give 2 reputation while a Legendary will give 4 reputation.

If 2 Flawless heroes appeared, you will gain 4 reputation. Likewise if there is 2 Flawless heroes and 1 Legendary hero, then you will gain 8 reputation.

[Is there an advantage for being a VIP?]
Yes. For being VIP 3, you can draw to 2 heroes at the same time. For being VIP 5 or above, you can draw 3 heroes at the same time!

[What is Ultra Refresh?]
Ultra Refresh automatically does the whole process 50 times. It is similar to the "Beast Explore" feature's "Bulk".


Special Thanks to the following persons: 

chronocommander gray-sama (reference - http://community.gtarcade.com/post/index/id/16265/   )

Fixabar in-game guildmate for helping to confirm hero stats difference


If you have comments or suggestions to improve the guide, kindly reply to the thread or send me a private message. 

Thank you for reading! 

Enjoy the game!!!

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