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[GUIDE] Hero Selection Guide

Jun 20,2014

Hero Selection Guide 

Greetings young traveler! I see you have decided to embark upon an epic journey to become the best [insert class here] in the magical world of Knight's Fable.

But before you do so, perhaps you should rest at the local tavern. I hear stories of mighty warriors who take refuge in the safety of these inns.

Maybe with enough silver and rum you could convince one, or maybe two of these legendary heroes to join your party.

After all, it is not safe to wander these strange and mysterious lands alone.... that and it sucks getting killed alone.


The Inn

Geez you don't know where anything is do you traveler? Making a babbling idiot like me show you around like this!

Well since I'm here I guess I will talk a little bit about the Inn. First off, if you are ever lost just look for the pretty barmaid with the pitcher of ale above her head.

I've been to the tavern countless times and I still don't know how she balances that drink on her head all day. And just so you know.. I come here for business purposes only... YEAH that's right!... "business purposes"..; I know the quotations make it look suspicious but trust me.. I don't go just for the drinks and pretty women.

To tell you the truth, they all look the same to me. I've been to every town around here traveler and I swear it's probably just the same girl working every tavern.

But don't tell the barmaids that I said that, I don't feel like getting stabbed today.


So Many Heroes! Which Should I Pick?

I know what you are thinking right now young traveler. You are probably thinking , "OMG SO MANY HAWT GIRLS AND MUSCULAR MEN! WHICH ONE SHOULD I PICK!"

Well let me tell you, you should not judge by apperances. A lot of these guys are jacked up in the head.

I mean I swear I see the same heroes just chilling at the bar 24/7 drinking ale like there's no tomorrow. It's like they have nothing better to do with themselves than just binge at the tavern, like they were programmed by some magical code of some sort to stay there for all eternity.

Anyways, enough rambling. I guess I should get down to business and tell you what hero would be best for you. Since you are buying me that drink today.

.....You are paying for my drink today right?



Ah ha! So you are a majestic knight in shining armor looking to rescue the princess in distress are you?

Well I know just the right type of heroes who would get along well with you!

First off let me tell you some qualities about yourself so you know your pros and cons.

Pros                                                             Cons

very tanky and great survival                    not so strong single target attacks

lots of AoE attacks                                 moderate burst potential

good at rescuing princesses                     rescuing princesses is a lot of trouble

Geez I don't know how you don't sweat with all that heavy armor on. I mean aren't we in the circles of Hell right now?

Anyways, for you, oh mighty knight, there are two paths that I recommend.

Path of the Shield

You are strong and tanky! So why not hang out with others that are also strong and tanky! I mean like minds think alike right?

Let me ask you question.. what's better than one super tanky manbeast?...; Two! or even Three all super tanky manbeasts!

This path focuses on having your whole party being super defensive in stats. Using heroes that are either Divine or Iron in your party.

Your heroes should have defensive passives also, I recommend using these hero passives: Health, PDEF/MDEF, and Endurance.


The answer is: Knights have very strong AoE moves. Using all AoE moves while having a tanky team composition will allow you to simultaneously damage and kill off all of your enemies at the same time without having to worry about getting killed yourself. You can either place your Knight row to soak up some of the primary damage, or you could place him in the back, either way is fine.

Knight combos especially well with taunt skills. At star level 10, the knight gets a skill called Bravery which buffs the knights defenses, deals AoE damage that IGNORES DEFENSES, and applies a taunt on the knight. This is a great move to have as your 2nd or 3rd skill in your rotation b/c it allows you to mitigate the damage that your heroes are taking so that they do not get bursted down. The main goal of this path is to diminish total damage received by constantly re-allocating the damage your enemy deals to various characters so that one single character of yours does not take all of the damage at once. This is done by strategically using tanky heroes with at least one having a taunt skill, coupled with your own taunt skill to help redistribute and reduce the burst of your opponent.

Path of the Sword

So you don't want to go with an all tank unkillable team eh? Well no worries I got another suggestion for you! This path involves using one tank hero (Divine or Iron) and one damage hero (Spirit or Blood)

For this strategy, it would be best to have your damage hero placed in the center/back formation while both you and your hero are on the frontal positions or else your damage hero will get killed instantly. Such is the way of the knight, always protecting those who are weaker than themselves! How noble! For this formation I would use a tank hero that knows arcane spore (revive) and place them at the top position with your main character on the bottom frontal position. Keep your damage dealer as far away from death as possible by keeping them in the back.;



WHAT? YOU'RE A FIGHTER? .... so you lied to me just then and said you were a knight.

How typical of a rogue like character,

I mean you are so shady looking I should of known better and suspected that you were one of those mischievous assassins.

So I guess you never wanted to save those damsels in distress huh? You were probably the guy kidnapping them, but hey I don't judge. No shame.

Pros                                                                 Cons

High single target damage                                 No AoE

High burst potential                                         No healing skills

Great at stabby stab                                         Probably stole your wallet

You know you must be a pretty good rogue, to be tricking me into thinking you're a Knight! I got to congratulate you on that, I mean truth be told it doesn't matter to me as long as you paying for my drink. You still paying for my drink right... you aren't going sneak out of here and leave me to foot the bill are you?

Path of the Blade

For this path, basically you will have one tanky (Divine or Iron) hero and one damage (Spirit or Blood) hero. Your formation should look similar to this.

I know what you are thinking, why not swap places with the tank and put yourself in the primary position? WELL you could be you would just be sacrificing yourself to the Gods since we all know the guy in that spot dies first. Aaannnnd I take it you don't want to die first do you? I mean you are a sneaky back stabbing rogue afterall. I wouldn't expect such a noble deed like that coming out of you.... no offense of course. ...we cool still right? You still paying for my drink right?

The benefits of this formation is that usually the tankiest member of the enemy team is placed in the tank position that you see in the diagram above which allows your Fighter to kill the poor soul who is placed in the bottom position while your other heroes focus the top position.

Path of the Sneaky Sneak Hide BEhind your allies b/c you are dirty good for nothing rogue coward

This is the path that I use for my main character also. Basically you place yourself as far away from all the violence as possible. Just chillin' in the back chugging nostrums and sleeping with the fairies while your heroes take the majority of the damage. This is probably the most ideal formation for a Fighter using two tank heroes that will absorb all of the damage while you sneak through the shadows and deal massive single target damage to your enemies. I think the best tank heroes for Fighters would be ones who can revive (Pandora/Great Lancer).;

This formation ensures that your Fighter lives long enough to loot and plunder your enemies' dead bodies. I mean gotta pay those bills somehow eh? Because the Fighter has so many massive single target attacks, it is okay if you have to kill the enemies tank first, even one with revive. Just make sure you have a tank that knows revive also, even better is two that know revive for this build so that your enemy will never touch your Fighter except from a random AoE every now and then b/c in a 1v1 situation between a Fighter and another main character, the fighter wins majority of the time due to their strong single target abilities.



... so you were a female all along eh?

Wow I must be really intoxicated right now from all these drinks you are paying for to not have noticed.

I mean you did sound pretty feminine when I was talking to you, but I just assumed its because you were a sneaky rogue who was just going to rob me afterwards and was just toying with me for some sick pleasure or something like that.

That staff makes so much sense now, I thought you looted it off some random pedestrian earlier and were carrying it around as a trophy of your successful plunder..

Pros                                             Cons

Healing+sustain skills                Lacks AoE

More Healing skills                   I don't play spiritus so idk anything else XD

and Healing skills

You know its kind of ironic you are in the depths of Hell right now, I mean you look pretty pure and angelic to me. I think you would of been better off at that other place, I hear they got HD channels there.

Path of the Martyr

For this path you will have one tank hero(Divine or Iron) and one damage hero(Spirit or Blood). Your formation probably would look like this.

Spiritus are actually somewhat okay to have in the frontlines because they have such great sustain and healing abilities.

They also have this one skill that deals massive damage and IGNORES DEFENSE so they are excellent in singling out and killing an enemy. Once again, I recommend using a tank hero that knows arcane spore(revive). It doesn't really matter what damage hero you use because in this position, you will be attacking a different target than the one your heroes are killing so using a damage hero that lowers an enemies MDEF doesn't really help you since you lack AoE.

Path of the Priestess

This party formation involves using two tank heroes(Divine or Iron) and placing them in the front lines, while you are in the back supporting and dealing damage.

Because Spiritus has so many utility and support skills, this formation using two tank heroes is probably the best for you.

It would be dishonorable to allow a lady like yourself to have to be in the face of all the action anyhow.

A lot of people don't particularly enjoy fighting girls so I guess you got that going for you.




So you were actually a little girl in disguise this whole time huh?

That's pretty messed up, but then again what do I expect from someone who carries a creepy teddy bear with them all the time.

Pros                                                 Cons

Lots of AoE                                     Lacks single target damage

Can shoot fireballs                            No healing abilities

Can make it rain...solid water             Lacks being able to dress properly for her age

I guess its all okay though because you're treating me to all these drinks.

I apologize, I should be more polite since you are paying for all this.

You are paying for all this still.... right?

Path of the Demon

Okay for this formation you will need.... yep you guessed it! A tank hero(Divine or Iron) and a damage hero(Spirit or Blood). Wow you must also possess psychic powers to have been able to accurately predict word for word what I was going to say. I guess I underestimated you because of your appearance.

For a tank, use a character with arcane spore for the revive. Damage hero is up to you in preference.

Because Magi has so many great AoE skills it should be easy for you to simultaneously kill all the bad guys really fast yeah.

What do you mean I already told you all this same info before over and over again? Don't be silly I'm not that drunk.

Yeah I know we are at an hero tavern where they serve alcoholic beverages but trust me, its all new material I'm saying.

Path of the AoE AoE AoE AoE AoE AoE AoE

First, you need two tanks(Divine or Iron). They should be positions like this.

Its good if at least one of them knows arcane spore because double lives are awesome.

I mean you look pretty demonic little girl, you probably enjoy it when your allies die. So why not let them die twice for fun.

Then all you got to do is AOE over and over and over and over again. That's why you get two tank heroes, because they are so strong and healthy, you get to watch them slowly suffer and eventually die. You probably feed their souls to your stuffed animal there you evil looking girl you.

In fact, you probably manipulated those poor heroes, making them think they are doing a good deed by protecting an innocent little girl like you, when you are really just using them. Shame on you.

Its okay though, I'll forgive you because you are paying for all this booze I just drunk.

Oh yeah btw, there's one last path I forgot to mention.


Path of the Sacrificial Lamb

Basically for this path you use two damage heroes(Spirit or Blood) and you just yolo it. I'm not even going show you a diagram because it doesn't matter where you place you people for this formation. That's how awesome it is. All the fights get done SUPER quick too so that you can go back to relaxing and doing whatever. Not like you watch the fights anyhow, you probably just spam skip battle all the time. Probably best you don't watch yourself in this formation, it is so powerful that merely catching a glimpse of its glory will potentially blind you from all its awesomeness.


Best Tank Heroes

Alright little girl man rogue guy in armor staff chick teddy bear lover or whatever you are, now that we have covered the various paths and formations I will now talk about the best of the best for heroes. At least what I think are the best from what I have seen.

First off, there are two main tank categories:(Divine or Iron).;;; =WRONG;;;;;

the two true main tank categories are; (Arcane Spore or Taunt)

Arcane Spore

This ability allows your hero to revive themselves with a set percentage of their original HP. It is an amazing skill for all tanks to have.;

Why is it so good?

;;; 1. Because when your hero dies, it grants 2 rage which gets your beast that much closer to attacking.

;;; 2. Because when your hero dies, they will revive with enough hp that your enemy will have to waste 1-2 FULL turns (hero+char attack) just to kill them twice.

This gives you an advantage because the 1-2 full turns your enemy has to waste to re-kill your hero gives you 1-2 full turns more damage onto them.

;;; 3. Because when your hero dies, he doesnt want to die so you should be nice and let them have a second chance to redeem themselves then die again with no shame

Although any hero can randomly learn Arcane Spore if you are lucky when recruiting, the two best heroes that I recommend currently that can learn Arcane Spore are Pandora and Great Lancer.


These two heroes can also learn Blood Pact

which deals damage to a single enemy and scales with max HP( perfect for tanks) and also HEALS THE ENTIRE PARTY for the amount of damage dealt.

These two skills: Arcane Spore and;Blood Pact are perfect for tank heroes as they synergize well.

For passive skills get the ones for HP, PDEF/MDEF, and ENDURANCE

;;; Why?

;;; 1. More HP= able to take more damage =Live Longer

;;; 2. More PDEF/MDEF= More tankier = take less damage = Live Longer

;;; 3. More ENDURANCE= less chance to get crit = less chance to get 2 shot = Live Longer


Heroes with taunt skills are also very good. Perhaps you are unable to get Pandora or Great Lancer, then Taunt skilled tank heroes are for you!

Why is taunt so good?

;;; 1. The way the battle system is set up, characters will focus certain enemies based off of their respective positions in formation; however, through the use of the taunt skill you are able to manipulate and force your enemies to target an enemy that they would rather not focus.

;;; 2. It allows you to mitigate and redistribute damage(especially burst damage) that would otherwise kill your primary defender.

;;; 3. It is advised to have your 2nd tank(the one in the front on the bottom) to have taunt if you are running 2 tanks because that way you can relieve the burden off of your primary tank since the hero in the 1st position gets targeted by two enemies by default.

The two main heroes I recommend to use that have taunt are Graeme and Perseus.


Perseus also comes with his own unique taunt skill that taunts ALL ENEMIES making him the better of the two.

but Graeme is good until you get a Perseus or if you just are too lazy to get one and are waiting for the next big thing XD


Damage Heroes

Not much to really specify here. Any damage hero will do as long as you keep them out of harms way.

There are two types of Damage Heroes:(Spirit or Blood)

Spirit focuses on AoE attacks which is great when combined with a character that also has AoE attacks.

Blood focuses on single target attacks that deal more damage the lower HP the target has or that ignore defense. Great for bursting down a single target.

There really is no preference on damage heroes here aside from the fact that those with higher base Battle Rating will grow faster and be stronger than others. But that is common sense I'm sure you knew that because you are smart guy.;

All the Spirit heroes can learn basically all of the same AoE and All the Blood heroes can learn basically all of the same single target attacks. So aside from base BR the only real thing that much significantly impact your decision on which damage hero to get might be their unique skill.

For example, in the lvl 60-70 area there is a Spirit hero called Merlin. His unique active is an AoE that buffs the entire party's agility. This is a really good skill for Fighters to have.



Well, I guess it is about time we part ways Traveler. Thank you for listening to me ramble about nonsense this whole time, I appreciate it. I'm sorry if I insulted you a lot too, I'm so drunk from all the free booze you have been buying for me at the hero's tavern.

You sure do know the way to a hero's heart: Lots and lots of alcohol.

Some heroes you can get for free every 2 hours, some heroes you can win over with your charm and just a couple beverages, and then there are some that you just have to get plain out drunk by using millions of silver to try and woo them to your side.

I enjoyed this time we spent, me drinking this free beer... you watching me drink this free beer.

...You are paying for all this alcohol right? 

Any views or opinions presented in this strategy are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of GTArcade.com.