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[GUIDE]Gold Strategy by Chronocommander

Sep 25,2014

I. Introduction

Hi everyone, as you probally all know there are a lot of uses for gold. in this guide I will teach you how to get gold, and how to spend it correctly to get the maximum out of your gold!;

If I were to ask you right now: do you think you spend your gold correctly? Perhaps you do, perhaps you don't. To find out, you will have to read this guide.

II. Table of content

Since we are covering gold here we will make it a pretty long guide. This because currency is a really important topic!

I.    Introduction

II.   Table of content

III.  How can I get gold?

IV.  What can you spend gold on?

V.   Ending

III. How can I get gold?

If you are writing a guide about the usage of gold, you have to talk about how you can get gold. There are multiple ways of getting gold! you will most likely get your gold from: the daily sign-in's, tree of wisdom and a possible drop from hell dungeons. Also, recharging money for gold is possible, this will give you VIP EXP by the way. Which will let you increase in VIP level, thus giving you even more benefits!

A. Daily Sign-ins:

With signing in 25 times each month you can give yourself a free 250 gold! So be sure to check in daily.

Note. You don't get 250 gold at the 25th day of signing in, but you get it on certain signup's.

5 days of signing in will give you 20 gold.

10 days of signing in will grant you 40 gold.

17 days of signing in will grant you 70 gold.

25 days of signing in will grant you 120 gold.

B. Hell dungeon clear reward

An other way to get gold for free is by getting bag of golds in hell dungeon. This is a clear reward, the reward given to you at the end of the dungeon. So you can't get it by just killing the enemies. This is completely random tho. You might get extremely lucky and get 3 of those bags in a single day, or you can get unlucky and not find any gold bags for 3 weeks straight.

C. Tree of wisdom

The tree of wisdom will get unlocked in your city once you reach level 31, and this is the latter way to get free gold. There are 10 types of fruit. Gold fruit is the one you will want to keep an eye out for.

Each fruit has it's level. This can be increased through waiting a season (30 minutes for each season). But, fruit can also transmutate at the end of a season. And it can become rotten, which decreases it's level. This is completely random!

Anyway, there are 5 levels for each fruit. Gold fruit also has 5 levels, and each level has a different amount of gold gain:

Gold fruit level 1 will grant you 2 gold.

Gold fruit level 2 will grant you 5 gold.

Gold fruit level 3 will grant you 10 gold.

Gold fruit level 4 will give you 15 gold.

Gold fruit level 5 will give you 25 gold.

Always claim gold fruit that is above level;


IV. What can you spend gold on?

In almost each feature you can spend gold, I will only cover the things that are decent to spend gold on.

A. Servants

There are 2 options for servants, either you buy temporary slots (One for each day) or you buy an permanent servant slot. The latter will cost you a lot more, but you will save a lot of gold over time!

I would highly recommend buying atleast 1 additional servants slot (Requires VIP3 and 200 gold) if you have the requirements. You make the gold back after 20 days

Other then that we have buying a temporary slot.

Buying your first servant of the day will cost you 10 gold, buying an additional will cost you 20, ... Each servant you buy will cost you an additional 10 gold.

B. Holy Throne

You can buy an additional holy throne attempt for 50 gold. For each more attempt you will have to spend an additional 50 gold other then the next one..

C. Hell portal

There are 2 refreshes in hell portal.

Refresh All will refresh all monsters for 5 gold (Low chance to get a legendary monster, gold doesn't adds up)

Legendary refresh will refresh only 1 monster but this refresh is guaranteed to give you a legendary monster. The price to do this is 10 gold, but will increase by 5 for each refresh you do.

D. Escorts

If you ever feel like you have to get a better escort for what ever reason, feel free to hit the 'refresh' button to give it a shot.

E. City Defense

As always you have 2 options: 

Hell summon: 400 gold cost, gives a lot of rewards. 

Dark summon: 70 gold cost, decent rewards.

F. Black market

Stardust is THE thing that you HAVE to BUY DAILY. You can unlock more daily purcharges by increasing your VIP level.

I will recommend you to NOT buy wisdom.

G. Fishing

You can fish 5 times a day for a really cheap gold price (2 gold for each attempt).This will let you exchange gold for silver for a decent ratio.

H. Revives

As in most games you can revive for the VIP currency (Gold in this case).

This option is availible in, currently, 3 features:

- World boss: Your first 3 respawns will cost you 2 gold, the 3 after the initial 3 will cost you 4 gold each, ....

- Alliance war: Each respawn will cost you 5 gold

- Cross server arena: Each respawn will cost you 5 gold.

Never respawn unless you have enough gold and want to spend some!

I. Gear

For gear there are 2 options to spend gold


To glyph just open the glyph window and click refresh. Each refresh will cost you 10 gold, but it is definitially worth it.

Transforms: Ice crystals.

Ice crystals are EXTREMELY expensive (80 gold each, if you have the gold, feel free to get it)

If you use a ice crystal, make sure to ATLEAST lock the decent stats already, or prepare for a lot of gold burning because you get the wrong stats.

J. Others

Ofcourse there are other options you can spend gold on, but you probally will not be using those as often as the other ones! That is why I will not implement them in my guide.

V. Ending

That will mark the end of this guide on how to spend gold. I hope you enjoyed it, if you did let me know in the reply section below. If you didn't enjoy it, still feel free to post a reply in the comment section below, just no raging please :P.

Thanks for reading,


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