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[GUIDE] How to Spend Gold Wisely by Yoshikou

Sep 25,2014

Hey everyone and welcome to my comprehensive gold to Gold. I'll be talking about everything ranging from obtaining gold, to getting the most out of your gold if you do choose to spend it. Without further delay, let's talk about Gold!

Table of Contents

I. Obtaining Gold

II. Buying Shop Items

III. Using Gold For Specific Features

    (a) Hell Portal

    (b) Escort

    (c) Holy Throne

    (d) City Functions

    (e) City Defense

    (f) Alliance

    (g) Super Dices

    (h) Glyphs

    (i) Stash expansions and inventory expansions

IV. Cooldowns

V. VIP Features (Using gold for VIP specific features)

VI. Events

Conclusion - Using Gold wisely and efficiently

I. Obtaining Gold

There are several ways one can obtain gold in Knight's Fable. Unlike other MMOs where you can only get Gold from recharging, Knight's Fable offers several ways to obtain gold. I'll be talking about the five primary ways to get gold.

1) The 7 day login reward.

If you're new to a server, then you have access to the 7 day login reward system. This reward gives you basically free gold and a bunch of other useful items JUST by logging in.

Each day provides a different set of rewards ranging from gold to useful items such as gem bags and int potions.

 Due to the new update, you DO NOT get gold past the 2nd day. This is to combat people who make alts in order to do legendary refresh on their alts to become #1 on the Hell Portal rankings, and to get the 1000 point reward for ice crystals.

 First day- 30 gold

 Second day- 50 gold.

 You get 80 gold for logging in for two days, and bunch of other useful items if you log in for 7 days.


2.) Monthly Login Rewards

Another way to get Gold is by the monthly login rewards. By logging in for 2,5,10,17 and 25 days each month, you can get Gold as well as items such as nostrum boxes,gem bags and int potions.

Five day login reward.

Ten day login reward

Seventeen day login reward

Twenty Five day login reward.

I'll make a table to show you guys the total amount of gold you can get by logging in 25 days per month.

Five Days 20 Gold
Ten Days 40 Gold
Seventeen Days 70 Gold
Twenty Five Days 120 Gold
Total Gold: 250 Gold

So you're able to get 250 gold (Approximately 10 dollars worth of recharge) just by playing the game monthly!

3.) Tree of Wisdom

One of the easiest ways to get gold is by picking Gold Fruits in the Tree of Wisdom.

Gold fruits can yield different amounts of Gold depending on their level. Also, depending on which Goddess you have, you can easily get about 100 or more Gold per day if the ONLY thing you pick are Gold Fruits.

Level 1 Gold Fruit 2 Gold
Level 2 Gold Fruit 5 Gold
Level 3 Gold Fruit 10 Gold
Level 4 Gold Fruit 15 Gold
Level 5 Gold Fruit. 25 Gold.

A piece of advice from me, I would always claim Level 3-4 Gold Fruits as soon as possible since the chances of them mutating or de-leveling is high. I have only really gotten about three Level 5 Gold Fruits so far in my time of playing here, and that was when I went to sleep and left my fruits to mature.

What I like to call the "Dump" method allows you to maximize the chances of Gold Fruits maturing. Basically, you dump all fruits at level 1 that are not Gold Fruits so the chances of the Gold Fruits you have now maturing is a lot higher.

4.) Hell Dungeons

Hell dungeons give Gold bags as a result of clearing the dungeon. Note that the bag's drop rate is EXTREMELY low, and could vary in the amount of gold given. For example, you could get a bag containing 10 gold, or a bag containing 30 gold.

5.) Knight's Fable events.

One of the EASIEST ways to get gold is by participating in events on the game's Facebook page, or on forums. These events are usually easy to participate in, and could range from giving feedback/suggestions to posting a screenshot of you doing something in game. Depending on the type of event, you could earn 50 gold, to thousands of gold.

This was an event a few weeks ago(1), where every participant got 50 gold for posting screenshots of their lucky break in the game.

II. Using Gold to buy Shop Items

 It's obvious that in every MMO there is a shop of which you can purchase items with currency you've paid for. In Knight's Fable, we have the sparkly Shop which sells numerous items ranging from equipment to nostrums.

You can buy Vestments

As well as Equipments (Level 20 Apoc gears, I recommend that you buy this with your 7 day login gold if you're new to the server, it can last you until about level 50)


General items such as Drills, Ice Crystals, and training dummies.

Tomes for your heroes

And gems (Gems in the shop only go up to level 3)

Let me first state that as a smart gold user, you should priorize using gold for things that you cannot obtain without it. For example, unless there is an event that gives vestments as rewards, then you cannot obtain them ANY other way. That's why if you're planning on getting a vestment (whether it be weapon or chest) make SURE that there is no other way to obtain them. For example, the only weapon vestment you can obtain in the game without spending gold on would be the weapon in the shop. You should also be looking at what provides the BIGGEST boost with the LEAST amount of gold spent when looking to buy things in the shop. An example would be buying Nostrums. You can easily get Nostrums from the Battle Shrine (especially if you're in the top 9 in your server) so buying nostrums from the gold shop wouldn't really be beneficial to you. Same with Skill Tomes, you can obtain them from the D-Crystal shop, CSA and hell dungeons so it's not a smart choice to buy them with gold.

When you buy shop items, you should be looking at...

How much does the item I'm buying cost?

Is it worth buying?

Does it provide a boost for a suitable price?

Can I get this item any other way?

III. Using Gold for Specific Features

Okay, now let's move on to the good stuff. Let's talk about things that Gold can be used for. In Knight's Fable, Gold is used as a common currency to finish specific functions. I'm going to highlight some of the main ones for now.

a) Hell Portal

Thanks to the recent update, obtaining Legendary gears, gem bags AND ice crystals are a lot easier due to the Legendary Refresh.

By using Gold, you can get an orange monster at a 100% success rate. Also, once you've hit certain milestones in the point system, you can get free gem bags and ice crystals. Note that EVERY TIME you use the Legendary Refresh, the cost increases by 5 gold each time. For example, 10 ->15 ->20 -> 25 -> 30.

Also, by getting points in the Hell Portal, you will be eligible to be entered into the ranking system. The Ranking system gives you gem bags based on your rank in your server.

Using Gold for Hell Portal is one of the smarter choices. This is because you basically get Legendary Essences to make Legendary gear, AND you get gem bags and Ice Crystals. That's a win-win situation. Did I also mention that you'll become a famous idol in your server since everyone will love you for sharing your oranges?

b.) Escort

Another function that you can use gold for is the Escort system. Basically you can use gold to either REFRESH your cargo, with a chance that it'll become a higher quality cargo which yields better rewards upon arrival. Or you can use gold to strengthen your cargo in case people attack you.

When you refresh a cargo, it takes 5 gold for the FIRST try. Then goes up by two every time you refresh your cargo. For example, it'll take 5->7->9->11 gold to refresh. Note that IT IS NOT 100% THAT YOUR CARGO"S QUALITY WILL INCREASE! It's very risky to refresh the quality of your cargo unless you have tons of gold, and I would NOT recommend refreshing cargo unless it is for an event.

c.) Holy Throne

With the recent release of Holy Thrones, players are able to buy more attempts with the use of gold. You get 3 "battles" per day for free, and you can purchase 3 additional battles with gold. The first additional battle costs 50 gold, the second costs 100 gold and the third costs 150 gold. So if you use 300 gold per day, you get 6 battles.

Also note that you can use gold to discard certain cards in Holy Throne. By using 10 gold, you can basically eliminate the chances of you getting a card that you don't want.

Although this doesn't seem like a big deal which card you choose at first, at later stages it can determine whether you win a battle or lose it. At some pillars, you HAVE to pick the right card in order to pass it, otherwise you would lose. However, as of now it's not a big deal until you near the end of Chapter 3. By using 40 gold, you can eliminate all the cards that you don't want, which is a huge boost in stats (or if you're aiming for Evade, a heal to your party's HP) .

d) City Functions

Okay, let's talk about City functions now. There are literally tons of things you can do in your city with Gold. First, let's talk about Upgrading your goddess.

You can upgrade your goddess with Gold as well as silver. Note that you must have unlocked the required title in order to upgrade your goddess. I HIGHLY don't recommend doing this because it takes an absurd amount of gold while you can just earn Silver by completing daily tasks. But it's entirely up to you. If you want to use Gold to upgrade your Goddess then by all means do it. A word of advice, you can probably get that amount of silver for less if you just spam fishing with gold.

Speaking of Fishing, another function in the city that you can do with Gold is (drum rolls) Fishing!

VIP 0s get ONE free fishing attempt per day, while other VIPs get more depending on their respective VIP levels. Note that after your first fishing attempts (depending on your VIP level) you will have to start paying gold to continue fishing.

Every 5 fishing attempts (INCLUDING the free attempts) will increase the gold cost. I'll show you a table as an example.

First Five Fishing Attempts 2 Gold Each
Ten Fishing Attempts 5 Gold each
Fifteen Fishing Attempts 10 Gold each
Twenty Fishing Attempts 15 Gold Each
Twenty-Five Fishing Attempts 20 Gold Each

Every five fishing attempts that you do will increase the gold cost, but it will ALSO increase the amount of silver you get for fishing by a small amount every time.

Now let's move on to Servants.

There are several things you can do with gold here.

You can increase the amount of servants captured today by using gold.

It costs 10 gold to increase the amount of servants you can capture to FOUR. It then costs an additional 10 gold to increase it to FIVE and so forth. For example, 10 -> 20 -> 30. Note that this is a ONE TIME THING AND IT IS ONLY FOR ONE DAY!

You can also use gold to change your current targets.

You can also unlock an additional slot so you can target more players. This is a PERMANENT addition.

Last but not least, you can increase how many servants you capture per day PERMANENTLY. However, you must be a VIP 4 to do this so I'll be talking about this in the VIP section of the guide.


 You can spend gold in order to give roses to other players (or your own) goddess. Giving roses gives you large amounts of wisdom depending on which goddess you have.

e.) City Defense

City Defense was implemented a few weeks ago. As of now, you can ONLY reach 800 points if you don't use gold. In City Defense, there are two "summons" that you can use with gold.

The first one is the Dark summon, which summons another set of mobs and rewards you with 600 additional Points. These "Dark" mobs have better drops than the regular mobs you encounter.

It's completely based on luck though, I've gotten 50 int potions by using a dark summon before, and other times I've gotten none. People primarily use Dark Summons to get #1 in the rankings so they can get the int potions and stardust prize for being #1. Note that a Dark summon does not summon ALL dark monsters, just a few.

Next is the hell summon, which gives the possibility of dropping huge amounts of INT potions and Stardust pills.

Again, you don't summon ALL hell monsters when you do a hell summon, but a mix of everything.

Note that by using gold to summon monsters, you're able to get higher points in the point system and obtain better daily rewards.

f.) Alliance

Okay, now let's talk about using Gold to benefit you AND your alliance. Gold can be used in different ways in the alliance base such as donating gold to gain alliance contribution and funds, or performing meditation as well as worship.

Let's talk about Alliance Funds for now.

By donating Gold to the Alliance, you will increase your alliance's funds as well as obtaining contribution points. A piece of advice from me, I wouldn't donate gold to the alliance unless I'm wealthy and rolling in Gold. You can easily get Contribution and Alliance funds from doing alliance jobs.

Another way of using gold for the alliance is by doing a Super Meditation.

Depending on your Meditation building level, you can earn more by meditating.

This gives your alliance Funds while giving you a lot of Prestige AND contribution points. You also get a neat chat shout saying that "... has completed a Super Meditation"

You can also Worship, but since it is a VIP feature, I'll include it in the VIP section.

 Alliance Boss

 This is one thing you definitely want to save your gold for if you're in need of wisdom. Every time you clear the CD for alliance boss, it'll only take TWO gold, and it'll give you over 50k wisdom if you can hit high enough.


 I hit about 7mil damage, and I got about 2.5mil wisdom. I only spent about 16 gold as well, so it's DEFINITELY worth doing.

g.) Super Dices

Super Dices give large amounts of reputation AND variation dust when they are thrown.

Although I don't recommend throwing them since they are pretty costly, but if you're desperate to get the hero you want then I'm not stopping you from doing so.

h.) Glyphs

By spending 10 gold, you are able to refresh or activate a prefix on an equipment.

I highly recommend that you save some gold in case that you get a new item. Glyphs may not seem to provide a huge boost in stats, but they do stack up. 160 Strength doesn't really look like a lot, but it actually does add about 2-4k HP. Note that glyphing doesn't always give you the stat that you want, so you might want to save a lot of silver (I'm guessing about 50 gold) for each item. You can also use gold instead of silver to upgrade the prefix, but I REALLY don't recommend you do that.

i.) Stash and Inventory expansions

 By using gold, you're able to open up another tile of space in your stash or inventory(2). 

The first page costs 50 gold.

And the second one costs 100 gold.

The goes up by 50 gold each time you open a slot. So if you open a 3rd slot it would take 150 gold. I would recommend doing the expansions later on in the game when you have a lot of items, but limited space. Also do it if you have a lot of spare gold, the extra space really does come in handy!

III. Cooldowns

Now I usually don't recommend doing this but if you're lazy (and I'm sure a lot of people are) then using Gold to reset cooldowns is the fastest way to get dailies done.

Cooldowns (and revivals) such as Prayer/Fruits/Stamina Recovery/ World Boss/Cross Server Arena/Battle Shrine/ Escort can be taken off with the use of gold. Although it's pretty self explanatory, I'll tell you the exact cost of each.

For Prayer, CD cost starts at 3 gold and increases by 3 gold for each subsequent use.

    I don't recommend that you use your gold to clear CD. You can easily get 5/5 on every prayer if you wait patiently

For Fruits, CD cost starts at 7gold and stays at 7gold for each use.

    Unless you're pressed for time, I don't recommend you spend gold to speed up fruits. Unless you don't want to waste 30 minutes waiting

For Stamina Recovery, CD starts at 5 gold and stays at 5 gold for each use.

    Don't waste your gold on Stamina, you can easily get all the stamina attempts by waiting patiently.

For World Boss, CD starts at 2 gold and will increase to 4, then 6 and etc etc. Gold cost is increased by 2 after every 3 refreshes.

    Only, ONLY use gold to get into the top 10 or to overthrow someone in the top 3s. It's not worth spamming gold for something you know that you won't get. Wait until the last 10 hits, then determine whether you need to use gold to increase your rankings.

For CSA, Revivals start at 5 gold and stay at 5 gold for each use.

    I would only use gold to win the CSA if the points are close. There's no point in spamming gold (unless you're really that desperate for glory) when you know your team is going to win. An example of this would be if your team has 100 points and their team has 800 points. The chances of you winning is low, so spamming gold wouldn't really do anything for you except get you a few extra glory.

For Battle Shrine, CD starts at 3 gold and stay at 3 gold for each use.

    Don't use gold on Battle Shrine. You can easily do over 20 Battle Shrine fights a day without the need of clearing the CD. Save your gold for other things.

For Escort, you can spend 7 gold to clear 1/5 of the journey, or 30 gold to complete the journey.

    Okay this is really controversial. If you have an orange escort, and your BR is not on par with other people I would say just spend the extra gold to clear the journey and save yourself from plunder.

For Skills, it depends on how long the cooldown is, it can cost over 20 gold to get rid of CD.

    With the daily plume of time given, I wouldn't waste gold to upgrade skills. Unless you're desperate, then of sure, use gold to clear the CD for a small boost.

For Glyphs, it takes 10 gold to refresh 30 minutes, and decreases depending on how much time is left.

    If you're desperate to glyph and can't wait for the cooldown, then go right ahead and clear the cooldown. It really depends on how much gold you have in your pockets since glyph prefixes have a chance to increase stats or decrease.

 For Alliance Boss, it takes 2 gold and stays at 2 gold.

    Let me just start by saying that this is the BEST way to get wisdom. If you can hit high enough, then every attack on the alliance boss will give about 50k wisdom (I've tested it with a level 3 boss). Think about it, instead of sending 30 gold for 99 roses and like 30-50k wisdom, you can hit the boss 15 times, and get about 750k wisdom.

IV. VIP Features

Okay, now let me first explain that being at specific VIP levels will unlock more gold features for them. These benefits are NOT game-breaking benefits, so you guys shouldn't worry about VIPs destroying non-VIPs. Let's talk about some certain VIP features shall we?

1.) VIP 4s and above have a higher amount of Black Market purchases, and are able to get the last chest in the Devotion System for less than 8 gold.

VIP 4s get 3 free fishing attempts, and five Black Market purchases. They are essentially saving 10 gold from doing a legendary refresh due to the free Pandora Box they get from the devotion point system.

2.) VIP 2s and above have access to better aptitude training due to gold.

A VIP 2 and 3 have access to the Advanced Aptitude training, while VIP 4s have access to Epic. These aptitude training yield a higher amount of stats when they are used.

3.) VIP 1s and above can purchase more skill queues.

 By using 100 gold for the first skill queue, then 200 gold for the second, VIPs can purchase skill queues which would allow them to train their skills faster.

4.) VIP 4s can get another servant, making it four servants per day by using gold.

By using 200 gold, a VIP 4 can unlock another servant slot, making it four servants daily while VIP 6s can unlock the fifth slot, making it five servants daily

5.) VIP 2s and above have access to Worship if they are deacon officers.

In order to worship, you have to pay 80 gold AS WELL as being a deacon officer in the alliance.

Worship yields a large amount of wisdom.

6.) VIPs can create better training rooms with gold.

Depending on your VIP level, you can spend a certain amount of gold to open a training room which would result in more WISDOM and EXP. A training room can be passworded AND you can allow other people to join it.

7.) VIP 2s can use gold to lock Dragon Den directions.

This feature does not 100% guarantee that you lock the direction that you want to go in. It only increases the chance of you moving and getting that specific fragment in that direction.

8.) VIP 3s and above can increase soul upgrade rate by 5% by using gold.

By using about 3 gold each upgrade, a VIP 3 and above can increase their soul upgrade rate by 5%.

9.) VIP 7s and above can use 500 gold to summon the God of War

The God of War increases escort rewards by 10%, and it provides the summoner with funds while giving the Alliance exp.

Unless you're filthy rich with thousands of Gold in your pockets and you want to help your Alliance then I really don't recommend that you do this. 500 gold for a 10% bonus in escort is just not going to do much, unless you're escorting Orange cargos.

V. Events

Okay, now I'm going to talk about how you get the most of of your gold and that is doing Events. I highly recommend that you save up your gold, check the Facebook or Forums page for future updates so you can plan ahead. Save gold for events that have a requirement to "spend x amount of gold" since those events can provide great rewards. Events such as Lucky Strike, or Wings of Prayer are a few examples.

Here's an example of an event of which spending gold would benefit you.

If you were planning on buying vestments, and you saw this event you would probably hold off buying them right?

Another example would be the hell portal event right now.

If you were to spend gold refreshing hell portal minions when the event is up, you would be benefiting greatly because you would be able to receive more silver as well as ice crystals. Not only would you be able to hoard legendary essences, but also gain rewards that you would have to buy with gold. Always look for a way to kill two birds with one stone, ALWAYS LOOK FOR A WIN-WIN SITUATION!

Conclusion: When you have gold, you have to think rationally about how to spend it, especially if you're a player who has no other way to obtain gold. Think outside the box, don't think irrationally when making purchases. Take the steps that I've stated above in Part II when making purchases. Always prioritize what you NEED rather than what you WANT. You should always weigh in what gives the most benefits, with the least amount of money spent. Think of it like a business and that you're investing in something that could potentially benefit or hurt you. Make the wisest choice!

Thanks for reading my guide, I look forward to any criticism or opinions!


(1). from jellyxx, Link of Reference: http://community.gtarcade.com/post/22583/

(2). from Ajid, Link of Reference: http://community.gtarcade.com/post/25920/