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[GUIDE] Strategy : GOLD by HeadlessHors

Sep 25,2014

Strategy: GOLD by HeadlessHors - S6 Eastcrest                




A.What is GOLD:

B.How to get GOLD:

C.Where do you can use GOLD and How to use your GOLD for saving and perfect efficiency ;< Strategy >;:



A.What is GOLD: it is is a special type of currency in the game. Use to buy Stamine, Shop items and other things.


B.How to get GOLD: There are many ways to earn gold:

1.VIP - Recharge: If you have real money and you want to get GOLD in game quickly, you can recharge to get it.


2.Non VIP: If you haven't real money or very little and you dont want to get GOLD in game quickly, you can also get GOLD by the following:

a.Check-in everyday:

Check-ins everyday will bring to you very much GOLD. That is simple, only click on "Login Gift" icon and then click on Check-in:

-You will earn GOLD when you check-ins enough days as follows:

+ 5 days of check-ins : you receive 20 GOLD

+ 10 days of check-ins : you receive 40 GOLD

+ 17 days of check-ins : you receive 70 GOLD

+ 25 days of check-ins : you receive 120 GOLD

b.Tree of Wisdom: You can earn very much GOLD in Tree of Wisdom feature:

+Lvl.1 Gold Fruit : You will receive 2 GOLD

+Lvl.2 Gold Fruit : You will receive 5 GOLD

+Lvl.3 Gold Fruit : You will receive 10 GOLD

+Lvl.4 Gold Fruit : You will receive 15 GOLD

+Lvl.5 Gold Fruit : You will receive 25 GOLD

My strategy: Only pick lvl.3 Gold Fruit or above to get more GOLD and no waste your attempt.

c.Hell Dungeon: You clear Hell Dungeon, you can receive 10 or 30 GOLD randomly. ( if you are lucky..)

d.Event on Forum and Facebook:


    Link: http://community.gtarcade.com/forum/2049/

Finish event on forum to get rewards with very much GOLD.


    Link: https://www.facebook.com/KnightsFable

Simply only hit Like and Share, if you are lucky, you can receive very much GOLD.


C.Where do you can use GOLD and How to use your GOLD for saving and perfect efficiency < Strategy >:

1.Fish: You can use GOLD to buy Silver which you need to upgrade your Gear, Heroes and Beast, etc... Silver is really very important in game.

My strategy: Only fish 5 times everyday, one times for free and cost total 8 GOLD for 4 next times. It is effective for you in a long time.


a.Alliance Jobs: You can use GOLD to refresh Alliance Jobs. You will get more rewards when you finish Purple, Orange or Today's Theme Job.

My strategy: You should refresh to get top 10 in Point rankings. You will receive Bonus Rewards everyday. It is very much Contribution which you need to buy Skill Tome,etc.. or exchange title in Hall of Heroes.

b.Meditation: Using GOLD in Meditation will bring to you very much Contribution, Prestige for new titles and Alliance Funds forUpgrading in your Alliance.

My strategy: Sometime, i Meditate with cost 30 GOLD, but i think we should save GOLD for other things coz it is really unnecessary!

3.Servants: If you reached VIP 3 or above and have 200 GOLD, you should buy 1 slot Capture Attempt. It is effective in a long time! Everyday you will have 4 Capture Attempt for free. That is good!

- You should buy more Captue attemps, only one times with cost 10 GOLD.

4.City Defense: Killing monster in City Defense will bring to you very much INT Potion, Silver and Stardust. You can use GOLD to summon stronger monster with more rewards:

Cost 400 GOLD to summon Hell Monster.

Cost 70 GOLD to summon Dark Monster.

My strategy:

-Only summon Dark Monster one times everyday for saving and perfect efficiency and only summon when you know you will get rank. 1, 2 or 3. You will receive 20 to 30 INT and 200 to 300 Stardust from Rankings Rewards, also very much rewards from killing Dark Monster with only 70 GOLD. It is really cheap and effective.

5.Rewards in Devotion Points:

You can see that rewards from Orange chest, which you receive when you reach to 400 Devotion Points, are good! It consists of 200,000 silver, 50,000 Wisdom, 100 Prestige and Pandora's Legendary Box.So, try to get 400 Devotion Points everyday.

My Strategy:

- Have only 3 quest need GOLD to finish, such as: Buy Stardust twice, Buy Wisdom twice and Buy Stamine once. If you finish all Free quests ( don't need GOLD ), you will have 390 Devotion Points. So, you need 10 Points to receive Orange Chest. You should buy Stardust or Wisdom twice to finish it. But, i think you should Buy stamine once coz you will have 50 stamine. It is effective!

6.Hell Portal:

- You can use GOLD to refresh monster in Hell Portal. Cost 10 GOLD for first times and increases 5 GOLD every next times.

- Only refresh one times everyday or not. It is really unnecessary and waste.

-Should create party when you kill monster in Hell Portal coz you will be received bonus rewards.( Increases rewards from 30 to 50% ). Try to get more Points in Hell Portal. You will receive very much Lvl.1, 2 Gem Bag and Ice Crystal.

7.Holy Trone:

-Should buy more one attempt everyday with cost 50 GOLD. It is effective for you! However, if you haven't more GOLD, you should save it!

8.Training Rooms: If you reached VIP 2 or 3, you should use GOLD to create Beg. or Int. Traning Room to gain more EXP and Wisdom. It is really cheap and effective. I think Imprerial and Adv. Training Room are expensive for you, but, if you need reach to next lvl quickly, don't miss it!

9.Remove Cooldown: You can use GOLD to remove cooldown in:; Upgrading Skill, Glyph, World Boss, Alliance Boss, etc. But, should remember, only use when you really need . Save your GOLD for other things.

+Instant Revive in CSA is very necessary when your team need you to get Victory, however, its prices isn't cheap! Cost 5 GOLD once!

10.Super Dice in Tarven:

Super Dice in Tavern will bring to you very much Epic Rep. , Legendary Rep. and Variation Dust. But, it is very expensive and ineffective. Cost 40 GOLD once!

11.Instant loops Quest: You can also use GOLD to finish a loop quest instantly. It is very useful when you can't finish a loop quest or a loop quest is a bug!

Cost 5 GOLD once.

12.Black Market:You can use GOLD to buy stardust and Wisdom in Black Market with cheap cost everyday. Don't bypass it!

13.Escort:You can use GOLD to refresh quality of Cargo. Cost 5 GOLD for first time and will increases 2 GOLD for each next times.

My strategy: It isn't really effective. Save you GOLD for other things!


a.Glyph: Very hard to get a good Gear, therefore, when you get one, you should upgrade it to have a best Gear. And Glyph is necessary for you!

You must refresh Stats of your Gear before you want to Glyph it.Cost 10 GOLD for each time you refresh Stats.

My strategy: Stats : Power + Strength is best for Knight and Fighter. Stats: Magic + Strength is best for Magi and Spiritus.


Transform your Gear is also important when you get a good Gear. And you need to have Ice Crystal to begin Transform!

Can buy it with cost 80 GOLD / 1 piece.

My strategy: With new version ( 2.2 or above ), you can get Ice Crystal for free in Hell Portal everyday. Simply only reach to 500 or 1000 Points:

15.Shop:if you can not find what you need in the categories mentioned above, you can look at SHOP, find and buy it by GOLD . Of course, its price is very expensive.