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[GUIDE] Fighter Strategy in Battle Shrine by FighterChik

Sep 23,2014

Strategy for Fighters in Battle Shrine

Table of Content:

I. Introduction

II. Beast

III. Fighter vs Fighter, Magi, Spiritus

IV. Fighter vs Knight


I. Introduction

Battle Shrine (BS) is a place where you can battle with other players to test your power.  You will learn a lot from higher rank players about heroes, skills, beast, party set up, etc. Most alliance leaders focus in BS rank to recruit members and give high rank in alliance.  Therefore, high rank in BS give you benefit in alliance and also get more reward from BS daily.

This is reward list based on rank.  The more players play in your server, the more rewards you get from BS.

II. Beast

Siren (AOE damage ignore defense) and Jester Cat (strike the back row and put target into "sleep" state) are 2 best beasts for all classes including Fighter.  However, I will not mention them in this guide because there are not many players who can get these 2 beasts.

1) Nether Tortoise: is used for low Dodge opponents

You can easily obtain this beast in Explore or exchange beast in 7-days event.  Its skill (ignore defense on single target) is a great killer skill to take down 1 target quickly. AGI - CRIT Bonus is definitely important for Fighter (especially SwordPlay skill with bonus damage based on the AGI difference between target and caster). 

2) Gilded Griffin: is used for high Dodge opponents

Since Demonization is released, most players use title with Dodge for their heroes, and it gives most Fighters hard time to hit the target successfully (most Fighters focus on ATK, CRIT, AGI).  AOE skill of Griffin is not strong, but it decreases enemy's party Dodge.  Decreasing Dodge gives you more chance to take down the target (Fighter can kill a target 2/3 HP with Blood Burst).

III. Fighter vs Fighter, Magi, Spiritus

1) Party Set up

Avoid to put your main character in front row because opponent may kill your character quickly with Crit.

Tarki is in 1st Position, Templar is in 2nd Position, and Char is in 3rd Position.

2) Skill set up

This is the common skill set up for Fighters.  It helps you kill the target with the least number of turn.  As a Fighter, our skills are strong against a target. Killing target within 1-2 turns give you higher chance to win the battle. 

1st turn: SwordPlay can kill a low HP hero in one attack.

2st turn: Almost all players use hero with Resurrect skill in 1st position.  Perfect Edge can finish a target;after resurrect.  However, with high HP hero (HP 100k+), Perfect Edge can still finish the target with remaining HP after 1st turn.

3rd turn: After 2 turns, your hero may do some damage to enemy hero.  Now Blood Burst can finish a target with 2/3 HP or kill the 1st hero completely after he resurrect.  However, u may encounter enemy char at 2nd position which gives u advantage to win faster if you have same set up as mine (2 Divine heroes in front row)

4th turn: Now u run out Energy and need to refill it with Beast Cut.  You probably win after 1st round.

This is a bad skill set up because you need to spend 3-4 turns to finish a target (all the power put into SwordPlay).  However, it can be good skill set up against Knight which I will explain in next section.

IV. Fighter vs Knight

1) Party set up

Most Knights put char in front (1st or 2nd position), so you need to put your char face to face enemy char.  You may wonder why don't I hide my char behind? It's not necessary because Knights are usually not strong in 1 vs 1.  In fact, the faster you kill Knight char, the better chance you win the battle. 

2) Skill set up

These are 2 possible Skill set up for Fighter against Knight.  You can create your own skill set with the rule: 3rd and/or 4th skills must be SwordPlay and/or Blood Burst.  You wonder why don't I use fast - killing set like section III?  All Knight use Dodge - DEF buff in first 2 turns, so attacking Knight with strong skill is a waste (u may miss also).  So, the strategy for Fighter against Knight is to stack buffs (ATK, CRIT, AGI) for 3rd and/or 4th skills to do most damage onto Knight because they don't have Dodge and/or DEF buff at later turns.  

However, if opponent hides his char in the back row, use the party and skill set up in section III to kill heroes quickly.

IGN: FighterChik

Server: S19