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[GUIDE] Battle Shrine - Fighters Fighting to the Top by Ajid

Sep 23,2014


Hello there, I'm Ajid from S14 Helen, and today we will look into a strategy for fighters in Battle Shrine. First and for most, I would like to say that this is based on my opinion, so it may contradict to some of other people's opinion. So if you interested on how I build my character and heroes, do please continue to read.


This is how my character and heroes looks like as of now.



1. Characters

a. Stats

Now firstly, we will look at stats. As you can see below, my character have high stats in terms of AGI and DODGE.

My PATK is not really high, though I am trying to transform my equipment to get more MAX PATK.

i) PATK: This is a VERY IMPORTANT stat for fighters. We need to kill our opponent as fast as we can. WHY? Because we have low HP pool. The longer the match, the higher the likeliness for us to lose.

ii) AGI: This is another important stats. Swordplay have been one of our main skill since lower level. Increasing your AGI will increase your Swordplay damage. Besides that, with introduction if End Skill, which is Verdict for fighters, the one who can cast End Skill first can decide the match. So, the higher your AGI is, the higher the chance to cast first.

iii) DODGE: Some may question, why does I build Dodge in my character. Dodge have been one of the key component for my fighter to survive in a battle. Now, with introduction of Demonization, players can have their heroes with high MATK and get AOE skills such as Ice God Wrath which potentially lethal to fighters. With high dodge, it increases chances of dodging these skills. It also helpful against End Skill where we can dodge it when we have high dodge.

Other stats which are good to be increased:

i) HIT: Right now my HIT is really low, thus lowering the chance for me to hit a hero or player. With Demonization, most players use title which increases Dodge, thus increase HIT will be helpful against players who uses high DODGE.

ii) CRIT: Getting high CRIT can help fighters kill opponent faster.

b. Nostrum

Since I am a VIP0 player, I can only use 2 nostrum. I suggest that you use HP and PATK nostrum. HP nostrum will help boost your HP alot, so you can take more damage if you were unable to dodge the attack. For VIP players, I suggest add AGI nostrum too. This will increase the damage deal by Swordplay and increase the chance to use End Skill first.

c. Glory Title

Try to get Thunderous as it will boost our ATK by 40%. Simply said, use glory title that increase our ATK.

d. Talent

I suggest upgrade Begin and End Skill to level 5 as fast as you can. For passives, I suggest upgrade PATK and AGI. Other passives is upgraded based on what you lack of. As for me, I upgraded HP passives.

2. Skills Line Up

This is the skill line up I;used for PVP:

Firstly, I advised that you should ALWAYS max your skill level. This will help you deal high damage to your opponent. So, why did I choose to use 2 of fighters high damage skills in the first 2 slots? I decided to do so that I can kill opponents as fast as I can. With high AGI and high PATK, Swordplay can 1 hit an opponent hero. Blood Burst will finish the skill if the hero still alive or revive again using Arcane Spore. Beast Cut is so important in the line up because it recovers 30 energy for us, especially after using high energy consumption skills like;Swordplay;and;Blood Burst. It will also increase the damage dealed for 2 turns. This will help increase Perfect Edge damage which is low and increase Swordplay damage even more. Remember, End Skill will cast after 4 skills activated, thus End Skill will be boosted with Beast Cut.;Lastly, Perfect Edge;will increase the chance of critical hit for next 3 turns, which will boost the chances of dealing high damage for Swordplay and Blood Burst. This also helps to get End Skill to hit critical damage.

Recently, I have received my level 14 Star skill, Decapitation. I have not use it yet, but this skill will replace Perfect Edge. This skill allows fighter to attack the back row Character/Hero. This skill is a high damage skill with bonus damage based on how low your HP is. Therefore, I suggest using this skill as the last skill.

3. Heroes

For fighters, it is highly recommended that you take 2 tankers for your heroes, especially Divine heroes or in special case Sigurd.

a. Totems

Use only 2 totems, HP and DEF. The priority among those 2 is the HP. So, when you complete 18 stars for totems, use HP for the special totem. For the upgrade of totem, focus solely on HP.

b. Demonization

Use titles which increases HP and Dodge. This is to allow heroes to survive longer. I suggest use among these 3 titles:

c. Skills

Use Redemption for both or 1 of your heroes. This is a good skill where you can reflect damage taken back to the opponent for 2 turns. This skill also recovers energy based on its level.

Another skill which I suggest is Arcane Spore. It allows the hero to revive.

For my Good Templar, I give him Magic Break and took advantage of his high PDEF. He doesn't just work as a tanker, he also supply damage for my team.

For passive skills make sure you have Blood Essence (HP) and Brutal Shout (DEF). The other passive you can either put Phantom Form (Dodge), Sky;Snake Enhancement;(END) or Thunder Flash Footwork (AGI).

4. Beast

The beast suitable for fighter is Nether Tortoise. It gives AGI and CRIT stats which will be very useful for increasing damage of our skills especially Swordplay. It also provide high damage to a single target which ignores defense. This is really good to kill a target as fast as we can.


5. Party Line Up

There are two types of party line up that I used. Each have their own advantage and disadvantage.


This is the current party line up that I used. This is not my preferable party line, though I use this to avoid Jester Cat's Doom. This line up is good when facing up with Knight or Spiritus. With Decapitation in your skills line up, while absorbing damage from your opponent, it will deal a;lot of damage the back row.


- Avoid back row attack such as Great Lancer's Puncture and Jester Cat's Doom

- Allow face to face battle with knight and spiritus which may be advantageous for fighters


- Facing direct damage from opponent


This party line up is common among fighters. This line up is good for facing fighter and magi.


- Heroes provide cover for fighters


- Still vulnerable to AOEs or back row attack


1. Experiment

Not every tactics is a success. My strategy here won't always be good. Every methods or tactics have their own weakness and counter. So, always try to experiment new methods. This method I used is based on what I have faced in my Battle Shrine in my server. Whether you develop a new method or adapting other player's method into your character, test it out on you opponent, and watch how is it works on you and on your opponent.

2. Learn from Matches

Never think that if you win a match,;you are good enough. Watch your match carefully. There always be flaws in your methods. Besides that, watching your losses can help you learn about your opponent. See what skill they used, how they line up their party;and experiment methods to counter it. From watching your matches, you learn what you character lacks of.;Going to the top of Battle Shrine;won't be an easy ride. You may tumble down. Though, never give up, learn from it.

3. Learn from Experienced Players

There's no such thing as 'I know everything'. There is always a room for more knowledge. Don't be shy and try to ask questions to experienced players. They will certainly help you (I think lol). I always learn new things everyday. I asked experienced players on how they build their characters, heroes and skills. There are a lot of helpful players that you can learn from. Either ask them in forum or go to their servers to message them. So here I like to thank a couple of players who have taken their time to answer my questions such as Chronocommander (S2), SecretRogue;(S1), oOYouKaiiOo (S2), Khai (S14) and Saga (S14). Though some of them have retired.

That's all for my strategy. All suggestions and comments are welcome. ALL THE BEST AND ENJOY THE GAME.

Just For Fun;

Yoshi so mean lol, just kidding.. Yoshi never been bad to anyone;