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[GUIDE] Spiritus in Battle Shrine by Yoshikou

Sep 23,2014

 Hey everyone, I've been wanting to write a Spiritus guide for a while, but it seems like the forums do not like some of our skill names and blocked me from posting my guide. However, with the recent event, I think I'll give it another go. Without further ado, welcome to my Spiritus guide on how to climb to the top!

Table of Contents:

I. The Spiritus (Builds and Stats)

II. Spiritus in Battle Shrine

III. Class Skills

IV. Beasts and Heroes

V. Positioning


I. The Spiritus

 The Spiritus class was my first character I've picked when I entered this game. If you're a fan of healing yourself and being extremely hard to kill, then this class is for you. 

 Let me just explain some pros and cons that the Spiritus class has, and no, having a great body is not part of the "pros".


 -Great Heals. This class is only class that has double heal spells. The only other class that has a heal skill is Knight,

and even that heal cannot be compared to ours.

 -Ignore defense skills. One of the two classes that has an AoE ignore defense skill, so it doesn't matter where your opponents place their characters, they'll get hit by a devastating attack.

 -HP based skills. This means you can build extremely tanky and still deal lots of damage.

 -EXTREMELY hard to kill. With the sheer amount of HP and heals, you'll be glad you had that instant finish button.


 -Our AoE skills are very limited. One ignores DEF while the other doesn't do that much damage, but provides a buff.

 -If you get outbursted, you're probably not going to be able to sustain the damage you've incurred.

 -World Boss isn't that fun. We don't have fancy skills that deal bonus damage depending on an enemy's HP or anything like that.

 -Make-up is expensive. You have to look good while killing people you know?

Let's talk about certain builds and stats that one should focus on as a Spiritus. Depending on your build, you should be focusing on different stats.

A.) Glass Cannon, I'm going to kill you now okay?

 - This build emphasizes on CRIT,MATK,HIT,AGI and HP as a secondary stat. Your goal is to kill the enemy before they kill you, which is extremely risky against AoE characters like Knights and Magis.

B.) Absolute Defense

 -This build emphasizes on HP,DEF,END,DODGE. With HP, you can still deal a moderate amount of damage with your skills, while using your healing skills to recover HP. Dodge will require your enemy to have hit to land core skills on you, while END will reduce the chances of them critting you. This build is great against all types of characters as you will be able to outsustain them.

C.) Hybrid Build

 -This build is an all rounder. You'll be sacrificing some stats in order to achieve this, but a Hybrid build has HP/DEF/DODGE with a moderate amount of MATK,CRIT and HIT. This build works well against all classes, as you'll not only be able to out sustain them, you'll also be able to damage them as well. This is the most preferred build as you'll be facing a variety of enemies in Battle Shrine.

Here is an example of my character. I lack a bit of HIT but unless the enemy has twice my dodge,

I'm still able to hit them just now. Also, I am using a HP title here but I'll explain that later in the strategy.

II. Spiritus in Battle Shrine

 First, let's get over this stereotype that Fighters are the best in Battle Shrine. Anyone who has a good team comp is able to take down players who have over 60k BR than them. Spiritus ARE in fact, extremely scary in Battle Shrine. We don't have skills that can one hit kill, or aoe skills that deal insane damage to a team, but we DO have heals.  Spiritus is also the only class that has an IGNORE single target skill which deals additional damage based on your MAX hp. Essentially, we can build extremely tanky and be annoying to kill as well as having kill potential. Think of a Knight marrying a Magi, then a Fighter stealing the Magi's heart and having a Daughter. That's how Spiritus' were born.

 Like I said, a Spiritus built right CAN take on players and reach rank 1

 As I said before, it all depends on if you build your team correctly. Further in this guide, I'll be talking about exactly what you need to make your Spiritus reach the top.

III. Class Skills.


 Okay, let's go over the basics for Spiritus. Unlike other classes, Spiritus has the most freedom in terms of skills. You can choose whether to build single target, or to deal AoE, OR to build defensive and heal yourself. In this section, I'll be talking about several different skill builds you can use against different classes. Before I begin, let me just go over the basic skills we have. I'll rate each skill out of 10

This is our first and strongest in terms of MATK single target spell. However, I wouldn't recommend using it for Battle Shrine. 7/10

Our second skill, I really don't think this skill is worth using. The damage debuff is barely noticeable and although the skill does moderate damage, it's not worth grabbing and placing into your skill setup. 5/10

 Our third skill. This skill is GREAT. It gives us energy back AND adds AGI, this is the skill that allows us to cast in loops. 10/10

 This is by far one of the hardest hitting spells in the game. Although it's a single target skill, this spell can hit over 100k crit on players who have 10-12k MDEF. In Battle Shrine, if you're ever in a 1v1 situation, this skill is your bread and butter. 10/10

 Currently the strongest healing spell in the game. At level 71 and around 160k hp, this skill heals a whooping 30k HP and provides rage. Also, it takes only 20 energy to cast. 10/10

 Our second healing spell that heals based off of our MATK. However, this skill heals less than Cure, but heals everyone in your party and grants a maximum of 3 rage. The damage reflect isn't really that great on this skill, but it's still useful. 8/10

Our second AoE skill that not only does damage, but grants us a 35% damage reflect. However, I don't really enjoy using this skill since it grants only 1 rage and consumes 30 energy, but against classes like Fighters, it has its utilities. 8/10

This is our AoE ignore defense skill. Although it takes 8% of our max hp, it more than makes it up in terms of damage. As one of our two ignore damage skills, it's essential to have this in our skill setup against players who hide in the back. 10/10

Last but not least, let's look at our Star 14 skill.

 This is our strongest hitting single target skill by far. Although not maxed yet, this skill can hit almost 80k on anyone despite their defenses. This skill excels at killing players who place their characters in the front row. 10/10


First, let's go over what to do against those pesky fighters. For Fighters who hide in the back row, you're going to want to use a setup similar to this.

Sacrifice to hit them and their heroes, lowering them a bit. Thorn Mount to deal some more AoE damage while using Cure to heal yourself in case they attack. Penance to repeat the chain. In this setup, you're trying to weaken your opponent and then use your END skill "Hymn" to finish them off.

For Fighters who place their characters in the front row.

Essentially in this setup, you're trying to kill the enemy's Fighter as soon as possible to negate their damage. Spirit Bound to deal damage (always start with Spirit Bound as it is based off of your current HP) followed by Light Shock to deal an even greater amount of damage. For those who don't have Light Shock, consider swapping it out with Sacrifice or Star Curse.

Now let's talk about going against Knights, which is a similar setup. 

 You can use this build since most Knights will be placed in the front row. If they're not, use the AoE build.

 There's also the sustain build, where you do this.

Using this build, you WILL out-sustain your enemy if you have the appropriate amount of defenses. You'll be relying on Sacrifice and your END skill to kill them.

For Magis, you're going to want to focus on AoE and heals similar to the above build.

You can always choose to swap out Shining Wall with Thorn Mount for the extra damage. I've rarely encountered a Magi who places her character in the front, so this would be the most appropriate build.

Against other Spiritus

It's all about out-sustaining if you're against another Spiritus. If they place their character in the front row, and you're confident you can outburst her, use single target skills such as 

If they place their character in the back, pray that you'll be able to take out her heroes fast, since she's just going to keep healing back her HP.

IV. Beasts and Heroes

 Okay, with the recent updates and releases, there are FOUR types of beasts I would suggest for Spiritus. 

First is the Nether Tortoise, which gives CRIT and AGI allowing you to cast first and do double damage if you do crit.

Second is the Jester Cat which is only obtained from events. 

This cat gives your char DODGE and AGI, and not only that, if you're lucky enough, you can make your opponent "miss" his end skill by stunning him before he uses his 4th skill. Extremely useful against Magis and Fighters as END skills has a huge killing potential. This beast can turn the tides on your enemy.

Third is the Siren, which has an amazing stat benefit for Spiritus.

 Gives about 10k HP at lvl 65, and has an AMAZING skill that's similar to our Sacrificial Curse. It also increases damage taken by 20%. More information about this beast can be found at http://community.gtarcade.com/post/index/id/20178 by Icecue(1).

Fourth is the Astral Tiger, which is basically a game changing beast.

 Since the beast gives back 40 energy, this means you DO NOT need to have Penance in your skill setup. In fact, you can take out Penance and replace it with another skill (ex. Shining Wall, Thorn Mount) for extra benefits. This beast also increases your CRIT by a HUGE amount, if you can get this beast, GET IT!

Now let's talk about heroes. A Spiritus can have two different types of builds that are centered around Heroes. 

First is the double divine, hide in the back build.

You'll be basically putting yourself in the back and dishing out damage. Having double divine heroes means that they can die TWICE! (yay!) or if you're really looking for a tank, get an Iron hero then demonize it with Arcane Spore. This build works well against all classes.

Heroes that I recommend are Tarki/Good Templar(divine) and Sigurd(iron). Tarki has a great AoE debuff which increases damage taken, and Templar has an AoE nuke that is centered around his Max HP. 

 Another setup that I personally use focuses on damage.

You'll have your character in the second row, and a damage dealer (I personally prefer Spirit types) dishing out damage from the back. This setup works great against Fighters/Spiritus but not against Knights/Magis since their AoE can kill your damage dealer.

(note: Fighters Star 14 skill can 1 hit your spirit hero if used correctly).

Heroes that I recommend for this setup is Tarki/Templar/Sigurd and Ragged Stormer/Hades. Spirit heroes can maximize Ice Wrath and can potentially one hit all enemies if they have a high enough MATK and crits. 

(My Stormer can hit up to 120k on Fighters with around 10k MDEF with crits)

For tank heroes, try getting a title like Celebration of HP , or titles which give HP/Dodge/END/PDEF/MDEF.

For Damage-type heroes, aim for MATK as a primary stat, with CRIT+HIT as a secondary stat. You'll be wanting to get Source of Arcane or Magic Master

V. Positioning

 This is a really important factor in attacking another player. Depending on your position, you'll be attacking different enemies. Make sure you know what position your enemy places his character as moving your character could win you the fight.

 Back row will ALWAYS attack the first row of an enemy's setup. First front row will attack the first front row of an enemy and the second row will attack the second row of an enemy. Using this setup, you can plan strategically how you want to attack your opponent.

In a fight similar to above, I would obviously use single target spells  like

To WIPE out the enemy's character first before he kills you. Once you wipe out the enemy's character, the chances of you winning increases drastically. Note that if you CANNOT out damage your enemy, move your character to either the front row or the back row. Sure you'll get hit by the enemy beast's skill, but it won't hurt as much as being attacked in the face by a Fighter.

For players who place their character in the back row, it's a challenge.

 Since you only have two AoEs skills, and the other one isn't really that great at attacking, you have to out-sustain players who place their characters in the back row (such as Fighters and Magis)

 Against these types of setups, I recommend you use

Sacrifice to slowly poke the enemy's back row down, while using heals to make sure your party and yourself stays alive. These types of setups really depend on luck, as a CRIT by the other party can turn the odds in their favor. You're going to be praying that you weaken your enemy with Sacrifice, enough so that your END skill can finish them off. Having a Spirit type in the back is risky, as a Magi can potentially kill that hero in two turns. When dealing in characters who have AoEs, it doesn't matter where you place your heroes and characters as they can still be hit from anywhere.


 I am just going to summarize how Spiritus fare against other classes, and some last bit of advice before you head off into the Battle Shrine.

  Spiritus vs Fighter

 -Completely depends on where the Fighter places his character. If you have two divines in the front tanking for you, the chances of you winning the fight if your stats are on par with the fighter is high. This is because Fighters lack AoE damage, which Spiritus has. You'll have to watch out for their Star 14 skill though, which can potentially kill you once they are low enough. If a Fighter places his character in the front, facing your character, MOVE your character unless you can out damage him. Once your character dies, the chances of you winning the battle is low.

 Difficulty: 9/10

 Spiritus vs Knights

 -Honestly, I feel that Knights are harder to kill than Fighters if they are on par with you. Since Knights have a mixture between AoE ignore defense, AoEs and single target ignore defenses, they make a formidable opponent. I highly recommend that you kill the Knight first, as you have better single target spells than him. This requires you to put your character in row that faces the Knight. Once you kill the Knight, the match should shift into your favor.

 Difficulty: 10/10

 Spiritus vs Magis

 -If you have double divine heroes, then this matchup should be pretty easy for you. You can out-sustain a Magi that's on par with you most of the time, unless they get a lucky crit in. Even so, your Sacrifice skill will deal sufficient damage to them. The tricky part is that Magis like to hide in the back a lot, and you only have one good AoE that damages them. If you have a damage dealer hero in the back, PRAY TO THE GOD OF RNG that your hero will cast a spell (Like Ice Gods Wrath) before dying. This will shift the battle GREATLY in your favor.

Difficulty: 8/10

 Spiritus vs Spiritus

 -This matchup is determined by whoever can out-sustain the other. A tanky Spiritus who focuses on Defense should have an easy time with a glass cannon Spiritus, especially if the tanky Spiritus places her char in the back.  Not much I can say about this, except that if you have a Spirit type hero, then the match will shift in your favor unless the other Spiritus stacks AoEs. If you're confident that you can out damage the enemy Spiritus, place your Spiritus to face their Spiritus if you can (some Spiritus put their char in the second row) and use Single Target spells to take her down first.

Difficulty: 10/10 + extremely boring to watch.

Thank you all for reading my guide, and I hope to see more Spiritus making it to the top of their server's Battle Shrine.


 (1) from Icecue, link of reference: http://community.gtarcade.com/post/22546/