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[GUIDE] Upgrade and Demonization Strategy by Yoshikou

Aug 27,2014

Hello everyone and welcome to my guide to Demonization. I'll be talking about the main points about Demonization, from how to access it to different builds that can be used to benefit you in battle. ;Let's take a look at the table of contents!

 I. What is Demonization?

 II. Demonization requirements.

 III. Demonization titles

 IV. Demonization skills

 V. The best build for you...?

I. What is Demonization?

 To put it in plain words, Demonization is basically giving your heroes "titles" which provide stat bonuses. Demonization is also CHANGING one of your hero's skills to any of the other active skills that are usually not available for your hero's class.

Demonization opens up after you get your first hero (Angel). Once you press the Demonization tab, this interface will pop up

This may seem confusing to you at first, but I will explain exactly what everything does later in the guide.

II. Demonization Requirements

In order for you to "Demonize" a hero, you MUST have wisdom AND variation dust. You will need 10 variation dust to "refresh" your hero's title. After which you can choose whether to use INT potions or variation dusts to level that title up. You get Variation dust from exchanging legendary reputation points in the tavern OR hitting triples 6s (The unlucky number). If you hit triple 6s, you get about 2 variation dust and a lot of reputation.

Also, note that when your hero's title reaches a certain level, it costs more to level that title up.

Notice how it only takes 1 variation dust or 2 int potions along with 5000 wisdom to level up a title here. When your title reaches level 7, you will need double the amount of materials in order to upgrade your title. Also, the amount of EXP needed to level the title will gradually increase as well.

This goes up to a maximum of 20 int potions or 10 variation dust. The maximum amount of levels you can invest in a title is 80. I believe the maximum is 20 int potions/10 variation dusts needed to level up a title later on. Exp is increased by 1000 every 10 levels, so it's around 7k exp to level a title from 79 to 80.

III. Demonization Titles

Okay, now let's talk about the different types of demonization titles. There are A LOT of different titles that you can acquire (90 titles, I did the math) with each title giving different stats. Depending on your hero's stars, you can obtain different titles

Let's look at white titles (or common titles) right now.

 Valkyrie is currently bugged, she is a 5 star hero but only has 3 stars in Demonization. The titles she can acquire are only set to 3 stars as of now.

Heroes that have two stars are only able to get white titles. Note that when you refresh a title, the quality of the title is completely random. You could have a green title revert back to a white title. White titles are the most common titles and add the least amount of stats.

Now let's look at green titles, or "Senior" titles.

Green titles add more stats than white titles, and are only obtainable from heroes in the Rare and Epic taverns. These titles are pretty easy to get, and I would suggest getting a green title until you have enough dusts to get a better title.

Now let's move onto blue titles.

There are 20 blue titles as of now, I'll be talking about the first ten first.

Blue titles are obtainable if you've recruited your hero from any taverns (ex. Epic,Rare, Legendary taverns). These ten blue titles add more stats than white and green titles. Then there are the other ten blue titles... Your hero must be 2 stars, which isn't really a problem

These blue titles are dual-stats, meaning that they give two bonus stats. These titles are great assets, and I mean they provide a HUGE boost of stats for your hero's BR. For example, a Spirit type hero would definitely want Magic Tutor I since it gives matk and crit which are two important aspects of Spirit type heroes.

Now let's move onto Purple or "Epic" titles.

Same with blue titles, there are ten purple titles which give a huge stat boost to one stat, and there are ten other purple titles which give dual stats. Your hero has to be from an Epic or Legendary tavern to get these titles. Your hero also must be 4 stars.

If you thought blue titles were hard to get, then you're in for a rude awakening because purple titles are even HARDER to get. If you can get your hands on a good purple title, I suggest keeping it. Seriously, don't be greedy and aim for orange. These next set of 10 purple titles add dual stat bonuses at the cost of a decrease in stats with regards to the first ten purple titles.

Let's talk about orange or "Legendary" titles now.

These are the big guns. The bad boys. IF you can get your hands on an orange title that matches your hero, DEFINITELY KEEP IT! There are 30 orange titles, the first set of 10 gives bonuses to one stat. These bonuses are HUGE after you level them up. You must have a hero with 6 stars (Legendary taverns only) to get an orange title

These second set of titles are based on defense as you can see above. These stats focus on survival and I would highly recommend aiming for these if you have divine/iron type heroes.

Remember how I said orange titles were the big guns? These next set of titles are not to be taken lightly. Although they add less stats to a specific stat than the first set of titles, they have triple stat bonuses. Take a look at the last orange title in this tile, would you rather have that title, or a title that only gives 320 pdef or 320 mdef? Pretty sure you'd like to have one of everything

You can now choose whether to keep or change the title with the recent updates.

IV. Demonization skills

 Let's talk about Demonization skills now. One of the most fundamental aspects of this feature is the fact that it allows your hero to get ANY active skills (as long as they're not unique hero skills) from ANY hero-type class. This means that a Divine hero could learn Blood hero skills.

My Ragged Stormer was lucky enough to get Soul Fire, a blood hero skill.

In order for you to "Demonize" your skills you MUST have 10 variation dust. Every time you attempt to switch skills, you'll need an additional 10 variation dust.

Also note that it's a RANDOM chance, and that it's a gamble. I highly recommend you stocking up on a lot of variation dust if you're planning on gambling like this. The cool thing about this is that your skill levels will be saved when you demonize. If I wanted to swap Soul Fire for a skill like Arcane Spore, my Arcane Spore would still be at lvl 9 and you won't have to waste wisdom/skill books to level it up!

V. Demonization builds. The best build for you...?

Okay guys, you have to remember this one thing about Demonization. The possibilities are ENDLESS. Heroes can basically be built to break the standard "Iron/Divine in the front...Spirit/Blood in the back..." stereotype. If you want a Blood hero in the front, all you have to do is get specific skills and titles for your hero in order to do so.

First, let's talk about Divine heroes since everyone loves them the most.


All of these heroes I've listed you should be aiming to get or have already obtained. Now let's talk about builds that you can use with them. Note that everything I'm about to say is PURE PREFERENCE!

I highly recommend that you build on a hero's strengths. That being said, if you have a divine hero I would suggest getting a HP title and leveling it up.

My Valkyrie isn't that good as I did not invest as many int potions into her yet. However, with a Level 14 Senior Guard title, my Valkyrie has almost 80k HP. I recommend investing HP into a Divine hero because you'd maximize skills such as Arcane Spore and Blood Pact. Also, those pesky fighters will have a hard time killing something with so much hp.

Now let's talk about skills. You can follow the standard "Arcane Spore and Blood Pact" build, OR you can make your own build. Since Divine heroes have a LOT of hp already, I recommend getting skills that are based on HP such as Ice God's Wraith (deals A LOT of damage since your HP is high), Blood Lash (if your divine hero is tanking, might as well give them a skill that deals damage based on how low they are).

Now for heroes with debuffs such as Tarki, I would highly recommend going the debuff route and getting Deadly Curse as one of the skills. This will lead to a 40% increase damage if both debuffs land. Again, this is totally up to you. You can make your hero any way that you want.

You can also stack PDEF on a Divine hero, then grab Magic Break for it to deal loads of damage while maintaining a tanky status. However, you'll be vulnerable to magic attacks.

Now Let's talk about Iron heroes.

 If you're looking for a good iron hero, I recommend Sigurd or Eternal Scythe. They are end game heroes and are the tankiest in terms of raw defense. As I've stated above, it is entirely up to you on how to build your hero, but I will just give you a few pointers.

I HIGHLY recommend stacking PDEF on iron heroes. This is because Iron heroes can get Magic break, which IGNORES def and deals more damage depending on the CASTER"S PDEF. The more PDEF you have, the tankier your hero will be against MELEE attacks. You really have to watch out for magic based classes. A Level 80 "Shield" title can get your hero's PDEF to over 40k with nostrums, meaning your Magic Break can 1 hit a hero if it crits.

The second skill I recommend getting for Iron heroes is Arcane Spore. If you have Eternal Scythe with Arcane Spore, think of her as a mini Sigurd. I'm not sure if Arcane Spore on Sigurd would allow him to resurrect twice (That would be so broken) but Arcane Spore is always a good skill to have as a tanker.

Let's move on to Spirit heroes.

These spirit heroes I recommend getting. They are end game heroes that can greatly turn the tide of a battle. Since I have Ragged Stormer, let me give you a brief overview of what I've done with him.

For heroes such as Stormer and Lilith who have ignore def skills, I definitely recommend getting a skill like Soul Fire (which acts as another ignore def skill) in order to maximize damage. If you can get Arcane Spore, I'd recommend getting it since spirit heroes are extremely squishy.;

For heroes like Wise Duelist, try and stack HP or DEF. You're going to be using her for her debuffs mainly and that's it so you're going to want to keep her alive.

For Spirit-type heroes, there are several ways you can build them.

Get a title like Magic Tutor which adds Crit and MATK in order to absolutely blast your enemy into oblivion. Your hero would be extremely squishy. I would definitely recommend getting Arcane Spore if you're planning on going this route. You're going to be depending on luck for your hero's skills to activate first.

Get a title which adds HP and grab Ice God's Wraith and Soul Fire/Arcane Spore. Let me tell you a little secret here. If you get a maxed MATK totem and put your remaining stars into the HP totem, along with a maxed out HP title, you can absolutely destroy an enemy's team. Right now, my Stormer has 50k HP and around 9k MATK. He can crit an entire enemy's party for 30k (He hit a fighter for 30k damage in the top 10s for my server's battle shrine). Think of the damage he can do with twice that HP and twice that MATK. My Stormer's totems aren't even near maxed yet.

Get a title which adds dodge and stack dodge while focusing on offensive skills. Get skills that ignore DEF such as Soul Fire.

Moving onto Blood-type heroes.


I honestly have never used blood heroes before so I don't know much about their skills. However, I do know about some builds and titles that one should get for blood type heroes.

For titles, if you want to put your blood type hero in the front to tank, I would recommend grabbing HP or DEF titles (or both if you're lucky). Dual defense titles if you want to balanced for magic and melee attacks. If you want your blood hero to tank for you, get Arcane Spore and Soul Fire (OR Blood Lash). Blood lash will deal more damage depending on how low your hero's HP is. You can also try getting Blood Pact on your blood hero (oh the irony) so he not only deals damage to the enemy, but will heal your team. You can also get DEF titles and use Magic Break along with Soul Fire to ignore an enemy's defenses.

If you're planning on putting your blood hero in the back, just stack PATK but watch out for AoE spells. Get Soul Fire and if you're a melee attacker, get Judgement. Judgement would lower an enemy's pdef for your character to shred through them. You can also replace judgement with Deadly Curse for the addition 20% damage increase.

If you just want your blood hero to survive and dish out damage in the back line while not having to worry about AoEs, just stack HP or DEF. You can try using Ice God's Wraith (Hey, why not?) if you're stacking HP for the extra damage. I don't usually use blood heroes since I feel that they're underpowered and everyone stacks PDEF anyways, so I'm sorry for the lack of information =p

And that's it! I hope you guys learned something from reading my guide, and I welcome any opinions and critiques. Just leave any questions or concerns here and I'll try to answer them to the best of my abilities