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[GUIDE] Upgrade and Demonization Strategy by Secretrogue

Aug 27,2014

Greetings again from S1 fellow Knight Fabelers (not a real word)! Today we will be going over The Newest updates about Hero Demonization and Character Upgrade!

This update has been a bit confusing to most so far, including my self at the start. It took a lot of trial and error to figure out how most of it works, do know ahead of time, there are still some things i do not know fully yet because i am unsure if they are bugs or we just lack the information on how some of these things work. How ever i will try to guide you best i can through the proper way to go about it all to better enhance your character and your heroes. So let us begin!

First we will begin with Character Upgrade, Character upgrade brings the game to a new level with a few new skills, more passives and self buffs. For this guide you will see Fighter skills as i am a fighter, how ever this skills will help any class on how everything works.

First begin by opening your Char tab on the bottom left which will bring up your character menu like so.

You will see that I've highlighted the Upgrade tab in Red. Click the tab which will bring you up to the next menu which will look like this.

Here you can see what you will need for you next rank upgrade
Shown in Red is how many stars you will need for your next rank up along with Purple with how many Saint Souls you will need (180 for rank 3), and 90 stars (51/90 at the moment) you will need both of these requirements for your next upgrade, i cannot remember how many are needed to go from rank 1 to rank 2 as i did not take screen shots, how ever you can check your self when;opening;up the upgrade tab, it will tell you how many stars out of how many you need and how many Souls of which Quality are needed ( green, blue, purple )

In blue and green are the Two skills i have unlocked from talent tree which i will get to in a second. One is a beginning skill and one is an ending skill, meaning before you attack your beginning skill will trigger giving you a buff, then you will use your attacks that are in order as usual, and after your final attack your Ended Skill will activate. 

For fighters the buff will look like this, and every class has their beginning buff. For more detail hover over your Skill icon of the Beginning Skill to find out exactly what it does!

And the finisher will go off after the 4th attack is done which will look like this (hard to capture a screen shot of it lol) it's and area damage attack for fighters, for more details on your own classes hover your mouse over the Ending skill icon.

Now on how to get more stars? well simple, just do Holy Throne. It's pretty self explanatory on what to do, you just march right up in there, kill the first monster you can click on, after it dies you get the chance to roll for a buff which can be beneficial in helping you kill the next monster as they get harder and harder as you progress in the pillars. This screen shot will show the rewards for completing the pillar, you also have a chance to get silver, stardust, or more skill books which i will go over shortly. once you have completed and killed the 5th and last monster you will receive all the spoils from Dropped Items and Exp and Silver.

Now here are how many stars you can be rewarded with

Easy will reward you with 1 Star
Hard will reward you with 2 stars
Hell will reward you with 3 stars

Adding up to a total of 6 stars per pillar you complete.

To check you stars just head into Holy Throne

There is also the Upgrade button here but i personally prefer Char icon.

once you have cleared all 3 levels your throne should start to look a bit like this

Now that we have covered a bit how Throne works and the rewards lets go back to Upgrading,

you should have some Holy Tomes, and Souls which you will need for the passive upgrades.

Click on Talent to open up your screen which will look like this.

In yellow are the skills you will have unlocked on the left , just drag them to Begin and Ended Skill to have them become active, they will activate automatically in every fight now. On the right are all your special(yellow ones) and passive skills, Hover over them to see what they offer for more info. The red and blue are the ones i have unlocked, Red for rank 1, blue Rank 2 they all require Holy Tomes and Wisdom to upgrade.


This pic goes into more detail as to the rank needed to unlock the skills. as you can see at rank 1 it's 5 skills total (Red), Rank 2 it's 5 Skills also (Green), Rank 3 it's 7 skills (Purple) and finally Rank 4 it's 7 skills also (Orange

Talent score is how many points you have available to you, this number will rise according to how many stars you get/have and then cost of Holy tomes goes up with each upgrade along with wisdom, you will be limited to how many passives skills you can have active at once, the more stars you have the more talent points you can use. Do try to plan ahead of time unless you wish to Reset which is a 200 gold. I would not recommend anyone resets right now as there is no information as to whether you get you Holy Tomes back or not. So again DO NOT RESET UNTIL DEVS GIVE MORE INFO ABOUT THIS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

After doing some testing and trying the reset to find out if it would give you all your tomes back, it did! so you can reset without worry of losing any of your tomes Here is the proof. still 200 Gold to reset though. 

Another thing to be aware of some of the passive skills are bugged and it has already been reported that some players cannot upgrade them, do not worry they are looking into it but as of now don't stress if you cant upgrade a certain passive, we are all having problems with one skill or another.

This does it for the Character Upgrade, i hope this has cleared up any confusion or questions any have had, but i will be happy to answer anything i may have missed here.

Now to move on to Hero Demonization!

Start off by opening your Heroes Icon and then hit Demonization like highlighted above on the hero you wish to work on.
Once you have clicked you will have a new screen come up like this.

In blue is the amount of stars your hero is worth, 6 Being the max.
In green is Your title you have (costs 10 variation dust to refresh for a new title) and the stats the title will give your hero.
In orange is the amount of Variation Dust and Wisdom you will need to upgrade to the next lvl, as you can see i need 2000 exp, each [Promote] gives 500 exp, so it will take me a total of 12 Variation dust and 60,000 Wisdom for the next rank. This will keep going up as you lvl it higher.
In purple is the more complicated one, any type of hero can now have any type of skill, of course granted it will require luck. Every time you hit refresh the lil curved arrow on the bottom right of the Grimm reaper looking skill, it will refresh into any random skill in the game (not counting passive skills) To replace one of your 2 existing skills simply click the down arrow on one of the skills on the right. The skills will be replaced with the new one and it will keep the same level, so no need to replace a skill and level it from scratch like we did before! once again though, the skill you get is completely random.
the ? is how to look at all the possible Titles available to you (90 in total)

In red is the amount Variation dust you have and will need to refresh. you can get this from barmaid exchange which is at a fairly good cost 5:1

More on refreshing: This will give you a random title ranging from white to orange as of right now on S1 seems to have a new feature for refreshing titles that works much like Aptitude which allows you to confirm or cancel a new title. below is a picture showing this, this will be implemented to all the other servers soon so don't rush to try and go refresh just yet or you will just end up with a random forced title. (Sorry Chrono) It works just like aptitude,it will still take 10 dust to refresh but now you have the confirm and deny option (when you refresh you will not lose the lvl of your titles by the way, the lvl will always stay the same no matter what title you get so you wont lose progress.). Once again do wait until it's all servers! be patient!!

Now to further explain titles, There is 90 titles total ranging from white quality to orange quality. Refreshing is a huge gamble right now and you have a chance to get any one of the 90 titles, so unless you have a ton of Variation dust i recommend settling for a white , green or decent blue title and upgrading it as much as you can with the Variation Dust and wisdom;;as the rank of your title can go from from any quality to a Lower Quality/Higher Quality then what you previously had.

Shown in red, you can see how many stars you hero will require in order to qualify to even get that title.

White Titles = 2 stars and only 1 stat
Green Titles = 2 stars and only 1 stat
Blue Titles = 2 stars and 1 - 2 Stats
Purple Titles = 4 stars and 1 - 2 stats
Orange Titles = 6 stars and 1, 3, 4 or 5 stats.

I hope this has helped anyone who was once confused with how the new systems work. If you have any questions or i missed anything please feel free to ask/give feedback here :D

Good luck to you all and i hope you are all enjoying the new system as much as i am!