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[GUIDE]Totem Strategy by Yoshikou

Aug 27,2014

Hey everyone, since the re-release of the totem system, many new players are confused as to what benefits Totems actually bring them. In this guide, I'll be talking about Totems (everything associated with it) and types of builds one can use with them.

Table of Contents

I. What are Totems?

II. Different types of Totems

III. Totem Stars

IV. Refining Totems

V. Transferring/Resetting Totems

VI. Totem Builds for specific types of heroes.

I. What are Totems?

 Totems are essentially pillars of a hero's stats that can be upgraded.

Totems opens up once your character is in the high 30s (in terms of levels).

Basically, totems consist of three different core stats that can be upgraded. These stats include ATK/DEF and HP.

The stat bonuses may not seem like a big deal at first,

but they can eventually add up to over 100% of a hero's current stats.

II. Different types of Totems

As of now, there are three different types of totems that can be upgraded

There are Ancestral totems, which focuses on PDEF/MDEF bonuses.;

Then there are War totems which focuses on offensive stats such ATK/MATK.

Then there are Nature totems which focuses on HP.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only have a max of 18 stars (or 18 circles filled) in TOTAL.

This means you can have 9 in Nature and 9 in War, but nothing else. Once all 18 stars (or circles) are filled,

you unlock the Spirit totem.

The Spirit Totem essentially gives a random stat bonus (according to Chronocommander Happy,

the maximum bonus you can get from the Spirit Totem is 18% You can also refresh the Spirit Totem

in order to get the stats that you want.

III. Totem Stars

As I've mentioned above, the maximum stars that you can have in one totem is 9. In order to activate a totem,

you need to give a fixed amount of wisdom per star.

If you look here, I currently have 8/9 stars in my War totem. Please note that each STAR in the totem

adds a different % of stats.

The first star will add 1%(unrefined) when you unlock the totem

The last star will add the most, which is a 5% bonus to the specific stat.

Let's make a table which lists the stars with their stat bonuses.

First Star 1%
Second Star 1%
Third Star 2%
Fourth Star 2%
Fifth Star 3%
Sixth Star 3%
Seventh Star 4%
Eight Star 4%
Ninth Star 5%

So when you unlock a totem, you'll get a total of a 25% stat bonus!

Also, each "Star" will require more wisdom to activate.

First Star 20,000 Wisdom
Second Star 30,000 Wisdom
Third Star;;;; 56,000 Wisdom
Fourth Star 100,000 Wisdom
Fifth Star 180,000 Wisdom
Sixth Star 330,000 Wisdom
Seventh Star 600,000 Wisdom
Eighth Star 1,200,000 Wisdom
Ninth Star 2,500,000 Wisdom

As you can see, you need a LOT of wisdom in order to max out a totem.

You better stock up on millions of Wisdom if you're planning on unlocking a totem in one go.

IV. Refining Totems

Okay, so if you thought that getting 9/9 on a totem needed a lot of wisdom, wait till you get to refining them!

"Refining" a totem basically means upgrading a "Star" in a totem.

If you look here, the First star adds 1%. If you refine the star, it becomes 2%.

So each refinements starts off at 30,000 wisdom. You have a "chance" to upgrade to the next refinement

whenever you press the "upgrade" button.

If an upgrade does not succeed, you get "luck points" which will increase the chances of your next upgrade.

Note that these upgrades are completely dependent on luck, it could upgrade at 6 luck points or 18 luck points.

Each star holds a different number of refinements. Let's look at the first star again.

The max refinement is 3% for the first star.

The max refinement is 4% for the second star.

As you unlock more stars, the max refinements will also increase (Ex. The last star has a max refinement of 24%).

The amount of wisdom needed ;is also increased when refining stars.

Here is a list of the wisdom needed to refine 9 times (note: some stars can be refined more than 9 times,

I'm just giving a general overview)

First Refinement 30,000
Second Refinement 45,000
Third Refinement 60,000
Fourth Refinement 75,000
Fifth Refinement 90,000
Sixth Refinement 105,000
Seventh Refinement 120,000
Eighth Refinement 135,000
Ninth Refinement 150,000

Notice how everytime you've refined a star, the next refinement needs 15,000 more wisdom?

This can add up to a lot of wisdom needed to refine (ESPECIALLY at the last star!)

Once a totem is maxed out, along with its refinements, you can get a 100% boost in the stat

you've invested your totems stars into. That's a huge bonus for your heroes!

V. Transferring/Resetting totems

So you've accidentally invested wisdom into a totem that you did not need;

and you can't unlock the Spirit Totem because of it. Have no fear, the reset button is here!

If you click the "Reset" button, it will reset ALL your stars, and refund you with 80% of the wisdom used in total.

You can also choose to transfer your existing totems to another hero (note: THIS DOES NOT RESET A TOTEM,


This takes 500 gold to do, I strongly recommend you just reset your totems if you're planning on transferring.

VI. Totem Builds for Specific Hero types

We all know that with the release of Demonization, you can now customize your characters in different ways.

First let's talk about Divine heroes.

Divine heroes such as Tarki can be built different ways. For example, if you were looking to build the standard tank who would stand in front to soak up damage, then max out Ancestral and Nature totems. This would open up the Spirit Totem which you can use to add additional HP or DEF stats.

If you were looking to use the sheer amount of hp you get from totems as a boost in damage, then I recommend maxing out Nature and War totems. This would allow your hero to be tanky (slightly less so since you don't have DEF totems) and use the MATK bonus from the War totem to deal some additional damage. This build would require you to get the Ice God's Wraith skill from Demonizational. Your hero can hit HUGE amounts since Ice God's Wraith takes 8% of the caster's hp to deal additional damage.

Now let's talk about totems for Iron heroes.

Iron heroes such as Eternal Scythe and Per-seus should definitely stack HP and DEF. Max out both Ancestral and Nature totems, and focus some resources into refining the Ancestral totems. I wouldn't recommend anything else for Iron heroes since with Magic Break (which deals damage based on the caster's pdef, ignores def) an iron hero with maxed ancestral totems and a decent Demonization title can easily obtain over 20k PDEF.

That's a LOT of damage which can ignore defenses. The best part is, they can deal damage AND still tank!

Now let's discuss some possible builds for Spirit heroes.

(I like using Stormer cause he's my favourite Spirit. He's also a sparkly vampire :) )

Spirit heroes like Stormer can be built different ways depending on which Totem and Demonization skills/titles you get. Since Spirit heroes naturally have a high MATK, it's preferred to grab the War and Nature totems for them. Nature Totems will provide them with HP, and since they'll be in the back row, only AoEs will be able to hit them. HP will provide a higher survival rate for them, and will also lead to Ice God's Wraith dealing a larger amount of damage. War totem (duh) to increase their ATK.;

You can also stack DEF from getting the Ancestral Totem, but in doing so you lose the extra damage from Ice God's Wraith as a result of not having the Nature totem. It's totally up to you though, getting which skills is preferential since there's so many possibilities as a result of the new updates. Note that by getting the Ancestral totem, you'll risk opening yourself up to classes who have ignore defense skills.

Now let's move to Blood-type heroes and their totems.

First, let me start off by saying that depending on your hero's signature skill, you can build a blood hero in different ways. For example, if you get a hero like Graybeard, which has a skill that reduces 40% in coming damage, then you can build him slightly more tanky. While we're talking about Graybeard, let's talk about totems for him. You can get the Nature Totem and War Totem to maximize damage output while remaining slightly tank. Since his hero skill reduces 40% of the damage, you'll be depending on luck whether he activates it or not. In this case, I recommend getting Titan's Seal as well (from Demonization), since it's a skill that also reduces damage taken. Because of this build, you can place him in the front row to soak up damage, while grabbing a skill like Soul Fire to deal addition damage to their front row. You can also get a skill like Arcane Spore to make him survive even longer. Heck, since you're essentially building him like a tank if you're getting Arcane Spore, you might as well grab the Ancestral AND Nature totems!

For heroes who have a signature skill that deals damage like Werewolf. it's recommended to get the War and Nature totem. Werewolf skill basically saps the enemy's HP and energy (gives you back energy) AND deals bonus damage based on its current PATK. With the War totem, you'll be dealing a lot of ignore defense damage to the enemy.

Thanks for reading my guide, I'm open to any critiques or opinions :)