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[GUIDE] Upgrading Strategy by Galatea

Aug 15,2014

No time to devote to the game but you love so much you do not want to quit, easy ... Here I present the things you have to do to invest just under 4 hours a day in order to become stronger, maybe being on top and continue your adventure in knight's Fable.

Firts hour.

1.- City Defense - Part 1;

Time 3 minutes

Because this event has a cooldown of several hours, the first thing you have to do to connect to the game, less than 3 minutes to complete it and depending on your marksmanship will get some interesting prizes and quantity.

After this, linked to keep you in the rankings.

2.- Questmaster - Mary - Loops

Time 30 minutes

The missions are easy to make and fast, that's why you have to be aware of not exceeding the timeout of each of the activities in the game such as pray, recover stamina, among others.

The important thing is the great amount of experience you gain, prestige and daily bounty (50 missions) as is the bag lvl gem 3 and of course the last of level 4, getting gems is not easy without paying for are important to them and improve your endurance in both pvp and pve.

2.1.- Star Mech, Hell Portal, Pray, Glyph, City And Alliance. - Part 1

Time Check while you are connected (1 hour) - 30 Minutes


the important thing is not to exceed the time limit and the cooldown turns red.;

Send roses to all your friends - 2 mins;

Fishing and fish feed from your friends - 5 mins;

Feeding your fish - 10 minute intervals (30 minutes) - less than 5 seconds per attempt.;

Recover stamina - depends on your goddess every 5 minutes cooldown orange.;

City Thieves - less than 5 minutes.;

Call Fairy - 2 tries every 10 minutes (50 minutes), Part 25 minutes.;

Servant - 3 every 10 minutes about 4 attempts to get prizes from them (40 minutes) Part 1 to 30 Minutes.;

Star Mech, Hell Portal and Glyph;do with Loops;missions.

and more complicated the tree, 5 seasons, various fruits, so I recommend you take what you preferably have the gold and silver

3.- Plunder;

Time, After you finish everything you do, Seconds;

It is most important to do and spend the day punders trials before sending the daily escorts, as the reward of the weekly ranking is very good and is a fast way to get lots of stones to train your stars atlas.

Second hour.

4.- Hell;

Time 30 minutes

This is something quick to make.


15 tries to 2 minutes each;

the important thing is to do it by hand, no blitz;

the other thing is that here you will get all your equipment, I recommend not buying the orange equipme apocallipsis set is better to spend the gold you get to the top in nostrums of experience.

5.- Cargo Escorts, Battle Shrine and Cross Server Arena;

Time 1 hour;

1 cargo every 20 minutes;

3 trials;

60 minutes in total

Battle Shrine will attack whenever you can, CSA;3 trials per day, less than 10 minutes per CSA, adding to it the cooldown to enter denuevo, about 1 hour per day. That is while passing the cooldown of CSA do the shrine battles and cargos.;

You can go and come back in a few hours, before they remember to upload your skill cooldown by calculating the time until you connect again to finish off your day, 2 hours remaining.


6.- Hell Portal, Pray, Glyph, City And Alliance. - Part 2 -;Cargo Escorts, Battle Shrine and Cross Server Arena.

Time 1 hour,;After you finish everything you do, Seconds

Complete missing the things you done in the city, activities, events and tasks in the alliance.

Approximately you should be few attempts or less than half of things who could not be done in the first hour or so we left to go.

7.- World Boss

Time 30 minutes;

The automatic attack does not have to be watching the game until the end of the event which allows you to do other things while it finishes, the event lasts between 10 to 30 minutes maximum.

8.- City Defense - Part 2;

Time 3 minutes;Make your second attempt

9.- Upgrade yours heroes and your self.;

Time 27 minutes

Enchant your equipment, raise the skills of your heroes and aptitudes, burn the remaining stamina with some hells, upload your beast and watching the battle shrine ranking.

Last time, The fourth.

This last time just to complete things , if there's anything left to be done.;

If not, I recommend this time to check the forum, fraternizing in the chat, and continue to improve your team and equipament.;

All the times you leave the game, remember to enter the training room, stamina and wisdom free.