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[GUIDE]The fighter, master of the blade by Chronocommander

Aug 15,2014


Greeting youngling!

I see that you are willing to learn a little bit about fighters! Fighters are 'strong hitting- good looking- always attacking first- critting all the time- dodging everything men'. With other words, we will be focussing on certain stats that are VERY important for fighters, what heroes you can recruit, which beast you will want to get, where to place your heroes, Skill order, details about skills, ...

I have played Knight's Fable for 2 months now, and will tell you everything I know about this class. Perhaps, one day you will become rank 1 aswell!


As said before, we will be talking about a lot of things, feel free to check the table of content below!










This guide shouldn't be too long, so I would really recommend reading it all.


Let's first take a look at my stats shall we?

As you can see I focussed on a few stats.

- Health: You are always going to be attacked. Either by area of effect skills, or reflect. Because of this you will need some health.

- Physical Attack: The more Physical attack you have, the more damage you can do each turn, this is probally THE most important stat for a fighter!

- Magical Defense: Since all of your attacks are Physical attack, you will die easily against Magi's later in the game. This because they will hit everyone in your party at the same time.

- CRIT: You have a LOT of physical attack, let's try to buff it a bit further with critical hits?

- AGILITY: Who doesn't enjoys attacking first?

- DODGE: We are fighters for a reason, we don't need to take damage if we can dodge it, right!?

Note. It isn't because those are the more important stats for me, that you can ignore the other ones, YOU WILL NEED TO GET THE OTHER STATS ASWELL!


As said earlier, fighters are mainly focussed on single target burst damage. The skills you have give you a wide variety of ways to burst your target down.

We will start with giving all the skill information about availible skills!


Fissure Slam:

Required star level: 1 (Acamar)

This skill is VERY strong in base values, but also VERY expensive

It is a skill that you will be running untill you get to star level 10, after this you will exchange it for blood burst once you have it at a decent level!

You will mainly run this skill on either the 3rd or 4th skill slot! 

Sly Slash:

Required star level: 2 (Mala)

Sly slash is a great skill for fighters! It increases your agility by a decent amount. Remember how important agility was? It was one of the recommended stats to have a successfull fighter!

Put sly slash in the 4th slot in your rotation.

Beast cut:

Required star level: 3 (Cursa)

Probally THE best energy returning skill in the game for ALL classes! Why you ask me? Because it 

- Increases Physical Attack

- It does an attack (!)

- It restores decent energy

However, because of those epic effects, it will cost you some life force, which is the only bad thing about this skill.


Required Star level: 4 (Polaris)

We said we are single target burst, right? This is the skill that will burst everything in a single hit!

It deals MASSIVE damage with additional damage based on the difference in AGILITY!

Either run it on the first slot OR on the 3rd slot in the skill lineup!

Wild Break:

Required star level: 6 (Gatria)

It's a decent skill I guess? However, I would NEVER use it. you are supposed to kill your enemies in a single turn, no need to reduce their agility, since you will kill them in 1 turn anyway.

Never use this skill, it's TERRIBLE!


Required star level: 7 (Heka)

This skill Verdict is not availible yet, BUT since a fighter will ALWAYS have the highest physical Attack, I would really recommend taking this skill!

Pain Seal:

Required star level: 8 (Jabbah)

Another Meh-ish skill. I would not recommend taking this skill, because it wastes a full turn without dealing damage!

Red Feast:

Required star level: 9 (Kajam)

Another skill that is not yet implemented, BUT, it is the only area of effect skill that fighters have, I will need to think a little bit on using this tho.


Required star level: 10 (Navi)

A great skill! It has great basic damage, and gets additional damage based on lower health targets! This is one of the skills that you will be using after a weaker skill to make sure that the enemy dies!

Divine Wyrm:

Required star level: 11 (Vega)

Divine Wyrm is another unreleased skill. I do not think this skill will be used by alot of fighters once it would be released. Simply because it's too expensive and there are alot better skills.

Perfects Edge:

Required star level: 12 (Pollux)

Perfects Edge is another skill that we will be using in our skill line. It deals rather low base damage, BUT it will increase our CRIT values!


As said earlier, there are multiple skill setups that can work. We will take a look at some recommended ones!

Star level 1-10

Why this setup? Well, it's simply because at lower levels, swordplay will almost never instantly mark a character to death. For this we will need to increase it's damage a little bit before it becomes a massacre spell!

1st skill slot: Sly Slash. Why sly slash you ask me? Well, as said earlier, swordplay is a strong skill, but not strong enough to kill a tanky hero yet. For this we will need to increase it's damage first! how does this skill increase it's damage? It increases your agility, that's how.

2nd skill slot: Beast Cut: Beast cut is ALWAYS going to be on the 2nd spot in the skill rotation! Because you WILL need an skill that returns energy. And as said earlier, this is the best one over all classes, since you do not lose any turns with meditating or praying for an energy 

3rd skill slot: Swordplay: Probally will do about the same damage as fissure slam at earlier levels with the AGILITY buff from sly slash. After this skill, YOU HAVE TO BE ATTACKING THE 2ND HERO already, otherwise you are guaranteed to lose.

4th skill slot: Fissure Slam: Fissure slam has the most raw base damage, since we are aiming to kill a hero at the 3rd turn at last we will need to deal the maximum amount of damage to the new hero/character that you are fighting now. since that one will most likely have full health, or still a lot of health left.

Star level 10-11

The only change in skills we have done here is change fissure slam with blood burst. Why you ask me? Because as already said, blood burst is alot stronger than fissure.

1st skill slot: Swordplay: Yes, this is a change. You now should have both enough agility AND physical attack to be able to kill a single hero with this spell. Incase your enemy will have his main character in the bottom row it will take massive damage!

2nd skill slot: Beast Cut: Still the same reason as before: It's an energy returni ng skill, we need one, this is the onlyone we get... Also, it increases attack, so it's great to use before blood burst to give it that additional damage!

3rd skill slot: Blood Burst: we take blood burst for a certain reason, most newer players will run either their spirit hero in the bottom row OR place their hero in the bottom row. Those will have rather low defense values, so we will still do a lot of damage to those heroes. BUT, the reason why we take it on the 3rd slot is because we will be placing our main character in the bottom row, and if the enemy has it's hero there aswell, this one will be the finisher!

4th skill slot: Sly Slash: We will use this skill to boost our 2nd swordplay rotation's damage. To make sure the enemies WILL die at the second blood burst. You are a fighter, but you don't want to be relying on auto attacks to much.

Star level 12-? (? Because I have no idea what the level 13-14-... skills do)

So, this is a change right?

1st skill slot: Perfects Edge: This skill will give you a massive critical boost for 2 turns. Or with other words, untill you use swordplay! Swordplay has the ability to do up to 140.000 damage against heroes on a crit. So, let's make sure we always will get crits right?

2nd skill slot: Beast Cut: I repeat, your energy returning skill, it's required in EACH SKILL LINEUP.

3rd skill slot: Swordplay: Same reason as before, but you should have the nether tortoise by now, and he attacks on the end of the 2nd turn. His attack will give you a agility boost, so we can trade sly slash for perfects edge with no worries.

4th skill slot: Blood Burst: By the time you get star level 12, Knight's became to tanky. You will need atleast 4 turns to kill one. Because of this, we will put alot of hurt onto them already, so we will finish it with blood burst!


For beast we will be looking at only one beast, This being the nether tortoise, why him? Because the nether tortoise is the best beast that a fighter can get now!

Why you ask me? Let's take a look at the stats that it gives?

So, do you see why this beast is THE best beast for fighters?

The turtle increases: your main characters AGILITY and CRIT by a LARGE amount. Party get's ALL secundary stats increased by a large amount! 

The beast skill: Deals single target damage which ignores defense AND increases your party's agility.

The nether tortoises aura will: Grant 1 hero HP and 1 hero AGI and Dodge!


The most recommended hero types for a fighter will be: Divine and Iron heroes.

Remember how I said you will be a force to be reconned with once you get the hang of the class? With this I ment that you will be able to burst everything down in 1 turn, or 2 at maximum. Since we already have alot of damage, it might be better to focus a little bit on heroes that can take a punch for you, so that you can kill them yourself.

You have 2 choices when building your fighter with heroes:

- Divine Interference: Dual divine composition, with other words, two divine heroes. With this formation you will be running your main character in the back row.

- Blessing of the Divine Shield: Consist's of one iron hero and one divine hero. If you use 'The Blessing of the Divine Shield' you will place your main character in the bottom slot!

Each formation has it's own recommended heroes:


You will be looking for 2 Divine heroes here:

I will give you recommended heroes for low level and higher level:

Lower levels:


Agamomnon is REALLY cheap and comes with an Arcane Spore. With other words, you do not have to look for arcane spore and can be used instantly in the party. However, change him with Valkerie if you have the silver and reputation for her. You will need to learn him Blood Pact.


She's a great hero to have in your party untill higher levels (65+). You will need to learn her Blood Pact and Arcane Spore to unlock her maximum potential tho.

Higher Levels:

Good Templar:

I think he's better than Tarki, but it's a dual Divine composition and he requires prestige to be unlocked, so that is worse. If you have the prestige, make sure to get him! 


Highest BR of all heroes that you can recruit, but I think it's just a 'meh-ish' hero, still better than lancer though!


Since I never used this formation on lower levels I can't give heroes for lower levels, I will only give higher level ones!

For this you will have 4 possible heroes you can use:

Eternal Scythe

The strongest iron hero in the game. (Except sigurd of course, he's the final option). Note. ALWAYS learn iron heroes taunts, because of this they can be run in the backrow!


Highest BR of all heroes that you can recruit, but I think it's just a 'meh-ish' hero, still better than great lancer though!

Good templar:

I think he's better than Tarki, but it's a dual Divine composition and he requires prestige to be unlocked, so that is worse. If you have the prestige, make sure to get him! 


The strongest hero that is in the game now, if you can get him, GET HIM! (Note. Sigurd is an Iron hero, but can be classified as a divine hero aswell! All heroes with ressurects can be used in both the front row AND the backrow.


We are almost done now, the only thing that is left now is the formation and difficulity against other classes.

We already named the formations we are going to use, but we didn't fill them yet!


For this we will need 2 divine heroes, or 1 divine hero and sigurd (Sigurd has a resurrection, which is classified as a divine skill)

Your heroes will be your damage soakers, hiding behind your heroes are you. Not that it really matters, since you are a fighter. Fighters can fight dirty if they want to.

The only required skills for your heroes will be Arcane Spore (Or anything that resurrects your character after death)


This formation will require you to have 1 iron hero and 1 divine hero. The iron hero HAS TO HAVE LEARNT A TAUNT!

This formation will be focussed around your main character in the bottom spot of the formation. 

This formation will require your iron hero to have ATLEAST 1 taunt skill! Because of the taunts you can make him the focus first, whilst you kill his bottom character in the duration of the taunt!



For now, knight's ARE THE BEST COUNTER against a fighter. Because of this, a knight vs fighter fight will be rated a 10/10.

Knight's tend to have A LOT of END, DODGE and Physical Defense, and we, fighters, are mainly physical damage and CRIT focussed.

Favor goes to knights!


Magi's are the area of effect version of fighters with lower damage in general. They will often need atleast 3 skills to kill all heroes.

We do this in 2 turns, OR even 1 if it isn't an divine hero. Magi's are probally the easiest class for a fighter to beat!

Difficulity: 7/10. Favor goes to fighters!


This will be completely based on HOW the enemy spiritus builded. If the spiritus went a health build with a focus on dodge and defense stats than this might be another one of those hard fights for the fighter.

The problem is, they don't deal a lot of damage, but they reflect every bit of damage you do to them, which is worse actually >.>

Favor is even here. The fight will be rated a 9/10.


11/10 here. It's COMPLETELY based on who has the higher agility, higher physical attack and get's the critical hits. 

It's in favor of the fighter here!


I said I wouldn't make it to long, this isn't to long, I think it's a decent length for a guide, not to long, not to short. AND we covered everything! 

I hope you enjoyed the guide, if you did, feel free to post a reply below!

Also, I would really like to thanks Hotoko2 from server 2 and Secretrogue of server 1 to help me coming up with the names for the formation.