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[GUIDE]Beast Siren, Tortoise, and Friends by Mightyxin

Aug 15,2014

I. Introduction

Should be the Beast function is unlocked at level 12. There are types of beast, each having one of 4 preset qualities: Superior quality (Green), Rare quality (Blue), Flawless quality (Purple) and Legendary quality beasts (Orange).

Legendary beasts are the most recommended type of beasts to be used in your party. This because Legendary beasts have better growth and stats, there skills are a lot stronger and they have higher initial BR. There are only a few ways of getting beasts (3).

1. Exchange Beast in Beast - Feature:

2.Exchange in the event:

You need 7 days to have enough 7 shards :

3. To unlock siren, which can only be bought in the cross server arena glory shop ( unlocked at level 30 ) . You will need to pay a large amount of glory, 150.000!.

II. Legendary Beast

1.SIREN " The Most Beautiful Creature in the Seas "

Only a few people know of this beast, so I will tell you what I know about her.
Siren is the strongest beast that you can get in the game for now, she is classified as a legendary quality beast.

You can get Siren from the cross server arena glory shop with buy her for a whopping 150.000 glory.

Siren is most recommended to be used on characters that have AoE skill setups.

With other words, Siren will fit a Knight, Magi and a Spiritus. For now, a Fighter should stay away from her.

Endow Char Effect = Increases Max HP .

Skill : Polar Ice = Deals Damages to All Enemies . Ignores Defense and Increases Damage Taken By 20% for 2 turn .

Aura Bonus :

1st Spot = Increases Max HP

2nd Spot = Increases P. ATK and M. ATK

Siren Aura's Bonus :

Suitable for Tanker Hero ( Divine and Iron hero ) in 1st Spot and Damage-type Heroes  ( Blood and Spirit Hero ) in 2nd Spot.

*Weakness : Siren Skill Doesn't Have Pure Damage to Single target. 1 months or more to Get it from CSA Shop. 

As said earlier, Siren's skill effect increases all damage taken by the enemies by 20%. This is why Area of Effect skill setups will work great with her.

Polar Ice

 Difference in Battle Rating between Siren and other Legendary beasts.

As said earlier in the guide: She is the strongest beast that you can get now. She has 200 initial battle rating more then the other legendary beast's. Because of this she grows better each level, and will give a higher amount of battle rating then same leveled beast's.

So For you ( Knight , Magi and Spiritus ) . Are you Interested ? You can get this beast in 1 way .The way is trading a large amount of glory, 150.000, in the cross server arena glory shop.

2. Nether Tortoise  'Most common Legendary beast'

Many players love turtles, not because the turtle is cute, BUT because he very strong. This is why everyone loves the tortoise.

You can get Tortoise from Beast Exchange in Dragon Den ( Beast Explore):

or You can get it from Exchange Event ( You Need 7 Shards Beast for Exchange ):

Nether tortoise is a great beast, and can be used by all character classes, actually it is recommended to get it! it is it's best for the Fighters, since it increases the stats that you will want to get to increase your damage.

Endow Char Effect = Increases AGI and Crit

Skill : Eternal Abyss = Deals Damages to a single target ( Ignores Defense ), Increases Your AGI for 2 turn.

Aura Bonus:

1st Spot = Increases Max HP

2nd Spot = Increases AGI and Dodge

Tortoise Aura bonus :

Suitable for Tanker Hero ( Divine or Iron ) in 1st Spot and

Damage-type Hero ( Spirit or Blood ) in 2nd Spot.

Sometime Many People take Tanker hero ( Iron or Divine ) in 2nd Spot if Formation like behind :

Note: Try to get Tortoise at Level 30 and You have Much Silver ( min 2M silver ). Because to get Tortoise have Low Chance.

As said earlier, Tortoise skill Effect Increases AGI in 2 turn . This Why Fighter more suitable because has Sword Play Skill ( Deals Bonus damage based Caster's AGI ). So this skill more powerful.

Eternal Abyss

Favorite Beast

Take a look at the image above. You can see that turtle is commonly picked because it doesn't deal *tickle* damage to your enemies if they have some defensive values. But since its powerful skill ignores the defense values COMPLETELY!

III. Other Legendary Beast ( Not Recommended )

1. Firefury Dragonlord

2.Corpse Commander

3. Gilded Griffin

Why are they not recommended? Well, as said earlier, both Siren AND Tortoise ignore the defense values completely! Why would you burn a slot on a supportive beast if you can get a supportive beast that still does great damage?!? AND, they aren't ponies.. so this is why we won't recommend them to be picked.

I would really like to thanks Chronocommander from server 2  to help me edit this Guide.

And my mate Feila from server12. His Siren make me inspired .

Created by : MightyXin

Server : s12 Pandora