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[GUIDE]Beast Guide (All in one) by Yoshikou

Aug 15,2014

Hey everyone, my name is Yoshikou and I'll be talking about upgrading your beast today. I'll be talking about everything ranging how to get a beast, to which beast is preferred by your class. So, let's get going shall we?

 Table of Contents

I. How to get a beast?

II. Legendary beasts.

III. Beast Stats and Skills (How to Upgrade)

IV. Which beast is the best for me?

V. Beast formation.

I. How do I get a beast?

To get your first beast, you'll have to hit around Level 12 on your character. When you hit level 12, this icon will pop up in your icon list.

Clicking on this icon will bring you to this screen.

Don't see a beast here? No worries! Hit "Explore" and it'll take you to this screen.

Now wait a second. At level 12 you can ONLY explore the top 3 icons. 

 Let me explain this thoroughly so there's no confusion. When you get 1 fragment, that will let you unlock an "uncommon" beast. Four fragments(which you'll need to be lvl 18) will get you a rare beast. 9 fragments will get you an epic, while getting ALL the fragments will unlock a legendary beast.

Now let me tell you that some fragments are A LOT harder to get than others. Fragment rarity ranges from low to high, with the fragments XVI being the hardest to get.

Hint: Be prepared to spend heaps of gold trying to get one fragment, because it's going to happen.

II. Legendary Beasts

Currently, there are six legendary beasts that are attainable in the game.

Corpse Commander (Increases PATK for the CHAR, while increasing ALL stats for the entire party)

Gilded Griffin (Increases MATK for CHAR, Stats for PARTY)

Firefury Dragonlord (Increases CRIT for CHAR, STATS for PARTY)

Nether Tortoise (Increases AGI AND Crit for CHAR, Stats for entire PARTY)

Siren (This is from CSA glory shop, or you can get her via explore which is a VERY LOW CHANCE) ;(Increases HP for CHAR, stats for PARTY)

Mammoth(You can only get this beast from donating and becoming a VIP 9 or from special events) Not sure what stats this guy adds, but i'm pretty sure it's AGI and CRIT.) Not going to include him in my guide since I lack information on him. Just putting him here as a heads-up for people who plan to become VIP 9s.

III. Beast Stats and Skills (How to Upgrade as well)

 Okay let me put this in a simple format

Gilded Griffin- Adds MATK

Unique Skill - Imperial Culling (Deals damage to ALL enemies, and decreases their dodge)

Nether Tortoise- Adds AGI/CRIT

Unique Skill- Eternal Abyss (Deals a damage to a single target, ignoring defenses)

Corpse Commander - Adds PATK

Unique Skill - Bone Blade (Deals damage to ALL enemies, decreases enemy's CRIT)

Firefury Dragonlord- Adds CRIT

Unique Skill - Eternal Flame (Deals damage to ALL enemies)

Siren - Adds HP

 Unique Skill - Polar Ice (Deals damage to all enemies as well as ignoring their DEF), increases damage taken by enemies by 20%

What's the difference between Tortoise and Dragonlord?

Simple, people use Dragonlord because it adds a lot more crit than Nether Tortoise.

Now let's talk about how to upgrade

Spirit Stones are easy to get

Energy stones are moderate to get

Aura stones are hard to get.

Pretty self explanatory isn't it? Great, now you know the basics of obtaining and upgrading a beast. (Note: I didn't talk about Mammoth because I'm not sure if anyone is a VIP 9 who can provide the information for me. I'm fairly certain that Mammoth gives AGI and Crit and has an AoE ignore defense skill)

IV. Which beast is the best for me?

Honestly this is pretty preferential. But since you asked so nicely, I'll make a list for you. I'll even put pictures in.

If you're one of these bad boys, I would HIGHLY recommend grabbing a Nether Tortoise. This is because Fighters are single target damage dealers, and the AGI and CRIT will allow you to cast first, as well as land crits now and then. Also, Nether Tortoise's unique skill will help you when you're dealing with tanky classes such as Knights and Spiritus.

-You can also get a Siren, but I don't think that's going to help that much since you'll be wanting Tortoise's crit. That 20% damage increase is great, however for when you get your "Red Feast" skill.

If you're one of these angelic beings, then you're in luck since you have four different beasts that you can get.

-If you have high MATK and you're confident in your spells(your AoEs mainly), then I highly recommend grabbing Firefury Dragonlord. This would allow you to basically kill the back row of any team with your AoEs. Only use this if you're sure you don't need a Nether Tortoise, or deal enough damage to burst through an enemy's front line.

- If you want a balanced build, with moderate MATK and Crit as well as AGI, go for the Nether Tortoise. The single target defense ignore skill will definitely help you shred through tanks.

- IF you have high CRIT and you just want to obliterate people at the start, go for Gilded Griffin for the increase in MATK.

-If you can get your hands on Siren, then do it. Honestly, one of the best beasts in the game since she has an AOE ignore defense skill which debuffs. Add that in with the HP bonus and you're set for life.

 If you're a fan of muscular men in shining armor, then a Knight's the class for you. Same as above, a Knight can use four different beasts

-Corpse Commander to increase your PATK if you're confident in your AoEs and have high crit.

-Nether Tortoise if you want to burst through tanks using it's single target skill as well as having AGI and CRIT.

-Firefury Dragonlord - If you have high PATK, and low CRIT and you just want to shred through an enemy's back lines before going in for the kill.

- Siren (duh) for the ignore defense AoE skill. Siren also buffs your party with MATK/PATK AND gives your character more HP to be tanky.

Oh boy, I hope you're not planning on casting any voodoo magic on me anytime soon... As a Magi, I would highly recommend three beasts to go along with your party.

-Nether Tortoise if you're planning on being a balanced magic user. The CRITS will surely come in handy as well as the bonus in AGI to cast first.

- Firefury Dragonlord since you're be spending most of your time casting AoEs anyways. Add in the bonus crit and the occasional AoE skill and you have a party that can wipe out heroes in a blink of an eye.

- Siren for the AoE ignore defense skill. Think of it as another AoE skill that you can use.

Why not Gilded Griffin?

I feel that a Magi is dependent on crits, not really MATK since they already have high MATK. Also, would you rather have let's say, 2k more MATK or 4k Crit? I would rather take crit.

V. Beast Formation

Okay, let's take about formation now. Every beast comes with its own different benefits if you put characters in the right place. Take Nether Tortoise for example.

If you put your character where it says "Char" and the heroes on the other spots, you'll activate the aura's bonus effects. Let me just summarize all of the bonuses on the different types of beasts. Note that your CHARACTER does not get any benefits, but your HEROES will.

Gilded Griffin has an aura which gives Dodge,End and HP.

Corpse Commander has an aura which gives HP,AGI and Crit

Nether Tortoise gives AGI,DODGE and HP.

Firefury Dragonlord gives HP,MDEF/PDEF.

Now let's talk about setups for different classes.

As a fighter, you'll DEFINITELY want to put your character in the front, and then have two tanks in the front to take the damage for you. This ensures that you'll do the maximum amount of damage before being targeted.

Your setup should look something like

As one of these angelic beauties, there are several formations you can setup with her.

This is the setup I use.

I have a damage dealer in the back, while my Valkyrie takes most of the damage. This is a very risky build that I don't recommend using unless your character is geared properly. I'm talking about A LOT of harden, hp and defense.

There's also this other formation which is similar to the Fighter's.

Grab two divine heroes (Yes, two DIVINE heroes) and place them in front. These two divine heroes will tank wonderfully for you, enough for you to dish out tons of damage before they even touch you. A god-like formation for god-sent beauty such as yourself. (I recommend this formation)

As a Knight, you're naturally tanky. However, that shouldn't stop you from placing yourself in the back line from time to time.

There are several formations a Knight can use.

I call this method the "Sharing is Caring" method where you share the damage. In order to do this, you need to have a strong iron hero with taunt and another hero (I recommend a divine) in front

Place your Iron hero in the back, and your Char in the CHAR spot. This formation basically shares the damage between your Iron hero and your Knight because you can just taunt, and focus the damage elsewhere. While your Iron hero taunts them, you're free to deal damage to them. When you taunt them, you'll give your Iron hero a break.

There's also this formation where you place two divine heroes in the front line (Sounds familiar doesn't it?) to take all the damage for you while you sit in the back, drink a cup of a tea and deal as much damage as possible. (This isn't very Knight-like but whatever.)

Now let's talk about the Magi class, which is a REALLY SQUISHY CLASS. They have the potential to deal a lot of damage if they're not focused.

There's only one formation I suggest for Magis.

Two divine heroes in the front (I suggest Good Templar and Tarki, Tarki because he increases all damage taken by enemies by 20% which helps with your AoEs) while you sit in the back, laugh maniacally while throwing out AoE spells at your enemies.

And that's it for the guide! Thanks for reading and please note that I write these guides with the mindset of improving gameplay for people who read it. If you could be so kind as to provide criticism ( what I have to fix ) and opinions (what I did right) in order to perfect this guide, I'd appreciate it