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[GUIDE]Spiritu - Beast Guide by Galatea

Aug 15,2014

The main character Spiritus, is characterized by abilities to heal, debuff and buff. His skill that increases energy turn increases agility in large quantity, which increases the chance of striking first in battle and the chance to hit two or more times in the fight.

1.- Character

2.- Heroes

3.- Skill

4.- Alliance

5.- Soul

6.- Beast

7.- Party

The spirit is characterized by performing magic damage and have higher physical defense than magical, life and moderate damage. That is why I raise the following recommendations:;

- The title that you should assign one of glory guardian granting physical and magical defense, so to survive enemy attacks.;

- The nostrun that should be used is to enhance both life and magic attack, so reducing the difference to other main characters.

The ideal spiritu company, is a divine hero type, another hero of spiritu type or blood.

Initially the heroes I recommend are agamenon (Divine) and Mora (Spiritus), if you can not get agamenon, stay with Angel (Divine) until you can change it.

If you keep to Angel, I recommend not spending much on it (Squid Intelligence and invest in their skills), that these heroes will be changed soon.

The divine hero have him recommend the skill of resurrection and the blood pact and a AOE skill of spiritus.

Advancing with your main character, to reach higher level it's time to get your two characters to stay a while, which will increase to their skill, intelligence and skills, Pandora (Divine) and Chet (Spiritus)

The skills for these heroes would be:;

Divine: Blood Pact (Absorb HP) Arcane Spore (Resurrection), Blood Essence (HP +), Brutal Shout (Def +) and Snake Enchance (Endurance +).

Spirit:Ice Warth (AOE), Deadly Curse (Reduces Energy), Blood Essence (HP +), Meditation (MATK +), Arcane Rage (Crit +).

And when you keep increasing level you will keep changing your heroes as you can get them

The main skill of the spiritus are individual character type that increase or reduce some status to enemies or herself.;

The first levels of stars up fast and are easy to obtain the skill, active skill list would be:

Lvl 6 Star Gatria

Star Curse: Great Damage one target.;

Bane Curse: Reduces ATK to a single target.;
Spirit Bound: Reduce Dodge to a single target.;
Penance: Increases energy and agility.

Combination of skill

The benefits granted by the alliance I recommend using titles primarily to increase the stas, if not so used to increase the attack.

The beast that goes better with spiritu class is the tortoise nether, first by the buff agility and skill that attacks a single target ignoring defense.

Comparing it with other beasts that do AOE damage when the fight is main vs main, damaging EXAMPLE

I hope enjoy the guide and is helpful for everyone.

by. Galatea