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Notice regarding illegal play in Knight’s Fable

Jul 30,2014

In-game balance and fairness are aspects our team is always working on. We strive towards making Knight’s Fable a place where all players can enjoy themselves. However, there are some players who won't follow the rules of the game and resort to cheating using illegal programs and in-game bugs, thus jeopardizing the fairness of the Knight’s Fable world. Our supervision system has already discovered several instances of such behavior. In response to this we will suspend characters who are caught breaking rules for a period of one week, as well as delete all saved items gained through illegal methods. We hope perpetrators will immediately stop all sorts of devious behavior and enjoy the game like regular players do. If they continue to disregard other players’ feelings and keep violating in-game rules, we will be forced to suspend their characters for a month or even permanent time. We hope that all players can help us build a fair in-game world for everyone. If you notice any suspicious behavior, please let us know. We will reward helpful tips with Gold bonuses!