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Candidate beast! Choice in your hands!

Jul 25,2014

In August, a new beast will be unleashed! But this time, we’d like to give all players the opportunity to choose the beast! The following available beasts all come from ancient times! Vote for your favorite one and wait; the beast with the most votes will turn up in the game!

Unholy Blood Wolf

Special Skill: Blood Boil

The Unholy Blood Wolf is the hound of hell, once set to guard to unholy crown of the devil himself! The wolf was cast out from hell after failing to protect the crown, and now swears to exact his revenge over the devil for his apparent lack of forgiveness. 

Knight's Fable


Special Skill: Meteor

The Dracomere is a mystical hybrid who was birthed from an ancient alliance between dragons and earthly creatures. This mystical beast can achieve speeds of no other dragon by first galloping before takeoff. Its super-sonic speed and razor sharp scales make it a truly deadly force!

Knight's Fable

Viper Lord 

The Viper Lord derives its name from its unique ability to tame and control venomous vipers. The vipers assume a home wrapped around the lords outer shell. These two live in a mutually beneficial relationship. Some Viper Lords have been successfully tamed by humans for use in battle.It gives main Character bonuses to agility and critical strike. Aura gives bonuses to HP and attack.

Knight's Fable

Astral Tiger

Special skill: Stellar Roar  Increases main Characters agility and critical strike rate, rage is added as bonus damage. Aura gives bonuses to HP and Attack.

It was said to have arrived from the stars as a gift from the gods! Rumored to have been caught roaming the astral jungles of the heavens, an unsuspecting God wrestled the beast into submission before claiming it as his prize pet. After expert training the Astral Tiger was down to earth to assist humans in their time of need. 

Knight's Fable