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Hero Inheritance Released, Inheritance Orb Giveaway!

Jun 20,2014

We at GTArcade are grateful to all of you for your suggestions and bug reports. As in our plan, many of your suggestions will be implemented to the game gradually. Today we have launched a new system Hero Inheritance.


Hero Inheritance

Players can use Hero Inheritance to transfer the INT and Aptitude of unwanted heroes to newly recruited Heroes. With this feature released, it would save players a great deal of time and energy in hero training.

- Hero Inheritance unlocks at Level 26 with Hero Recruitment.
- Source Hero’s INT and Aptitude must be higher than target Hero’s.
- 75% of source Hero’s INT and Aptitude will be transferred to the target Hero. The target Hero’s original stats will be replaced.
- After inheriting, the source Hero’s INT and Aptitude will be reset. 
Knight's Fable Hero Inheritance


Inheritance Orb Giveaway

To celebrate the release of the new feature, from now to June 20, each player can collect Inheritance Orb x15 from the in-game Events menu. Inheritance Orb can raise the hero inheritance effect from 75% to 100%!

Knight's Fable Inheritance Orb Giveaway