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The FAQ will be frequently updated. We advise players to use the Find function (Ctrl + F) to find the subject they are looking for.


Game Issue


Q:How to Boost BR?
A:You'd better enhance equipments,skills,beasts and so on.You can see the relevant Guide in Strategy.

Q:How to level up fast?
A:You'd better do loop quest , Hell and jobs.

Q:How can i block someone?
A:You'd better click on this player and click on "shield".

Q:what's the max level?
A:The max level in the game now is 100.

Q:When hero INT unlocks?
A:At level 33.

Q:What are the best heroes for me ?
A:It depends on what you want to go for, iron/divine for support defence, Blood/spirit for pure raw damage but lack defence.

Q:What level can we put the equips on heroes?
A:This feature is not yet released,but it will be activated in future.

Q:How i can get new hero?
A:You'd better spend silver or gold on Bar Recruit to earn the rep, then recruit the hero that you want.

Q:how can i get silver quickly?
A:Fairy blessing and Fishing in the Fishing Pool is the main way.

Q:Is there any way to earn free gold in this game?
A:You'd better earn Gold through flip card from Hell, check in and doing Facebook and forum events.

Q:How can I get gold?
A:You'd better get Gold through recharging your account,flip card from Hell, check in and doing Facebook and forum events.

Q:Are spiritus a good class?
A:Yes, and how strong the class is depend on how you build it.

Q:where to see how much wisdom I own?
A:You'd better find it at the bottom of your screen( below the Skills and Alliance menu)

Q:where can I get hero's skill?
A:From Hell Dungeon, Cash Shop and CSA shop.

Q:How to use skills in battle?
A:It's Auto Battle and you can adjust your skill order in the Skill interface.

Q:Why are my skills on CD ?
A:When upgrading skills, you will get a CD timer..Please just wait for it or use feathers to remove it.

Q:When does soul unlocks?
A:At level 19.

Q:How can I increase my soul level further?For example,I have maxed all my souls to 20. is there a way to lvl past that?
A:You can increase your soul level further by increasing your star level.

Q:what should I upgrade in soul?
A:You'd better upgrade all kinds of Soul because they all give bonuses.

8)Star Atlas
Q:what lvl is star Atlas opens?
A:At level 35.

Q:What is a soothing star?
A:You'd better use Soothing star to upgrade the Feet in Star Atlas.

Q:Where to get vestments?
A:Vestments can be gotten either through events or be bought in the shop.

Q:what is the use of the color of equipments?
A:It is used to identify the quality of the equipments.

Q:How can I upgrade my equipment?
A:You'd better learn how to upgrade your equipment from this link: http://community.gtarcade.com/post/16719/

Q:What are energy crystals used for?
A:They can be used to complete certain jobs.

Q:where can I get skill book for my character?
A:You'd better get this item from Hell and Alliance library.

Q:Where to get special item sundries?
A:They can be found in Hell.

Q:What is Dragon Blood?
A:Dragon blood is an item that helps a character to upgrade one level.

Q:Any other way to get drills besides using gold?
A:You'd better get drills in battle shrine.

Q:what are Sundries items for?
A:Sundries items are used for completion of jobs.

Q:What can I do with glory from CSA?
A:You'd better use them to get skill tomes for your heroes or get a rare beast/hero.

Q:How to get variation dust?
A:you'd better get it either from dice multiplier or exchanging your legendary reputation

Q:Is there a market where you can sell/buy items?
A:No,there isn't.

Q:when bag is full what happens to the extra items?
A:The Items will be lost.So please always make sure to make some space.

Q:how do I get a title?
A:Either from the gold shop, hell portal synthing or a chest/pack.

Q:What is Stardust sheild?
A:It's a glory Title which you can acquire through achievments,and you can locate it in your character tab.

Q:What are glyph cards for?
A:They can be used to reset the cool down timer from glyphs.

Q:what's the luck value on the hero totem for?
A:It is random.

Q:what's the purpose for hero totem?
A:To increase your heroes' stats, like HP, DEF and ATK.

Q:What is prestige and How can I get Prestige?
A:You need to get enough Prestige to activate the relevant Title.You'd better get Prestige mainly from participating in the battle shrine , cargo event and world boss.

Q:How do i spend my stamina ?
A:You will spend Stamina once you have ran out of free tasks.

Q:where do i get free beast?
A:You'd better get it from 7-days reward.

Q:how to get a rare beast?
A:You need to collect the Fragments as more as you can in Explore interface from Beasts system because if the picture is fully completed,you can recruit a Legendary Beast.

Q:what will happen if I transform my beast?
A:Your Beast will return to level 1 and you will get stones.

Q:Can i get my Angel back?
A:Yes.You need to put this problem to Support Center and we will help you to get your Angel back manually.

Q:how can I add heroes to my party?
A:You'd better drag them into the blank slot in Party interface.

Q:when and where can I get drills to open sockets?
A:you need to be at least lvl31 to access the gem master at City of Spirits.

Q:Where to exchange Hell Gem?
A:In Hell>Right side select Exchange,and you can exchange what you want by costing Hell Gems there.

Q:What level is necessary to join an alliance?
A:At Level 20.

Q:Can i have an alliance invitation?
A:Yes,you can.

Q:Can we make an alliance?
A:You can create an Alliance if you reach level 29 or if you're level 20 and VIP1+.

Q:When does Alliance War activates?
A:Alliance War activates at 20:00 to 20:45(Server time) on every Saturday.

Q:How to gain alliance contribution with gold and silver?
A:In alliance>Buildings>Enter Meditation.

Q:what good is alliance in this game?
A:You can get exp and useful items after doing Alliance jobs.

Q:what's secret arena?
A:Secret arena is for alliance boss and you'd better buy items from secret shop.

Q:how can I level up my city?
A:You'd better go to your City and check on Achievement>virtuous glories.You need to complete those tasks to level up your City.

Q:how do i get to the city of spirits?
A:you need to be at least lvl31 and then click the map on the top right corner of the game,and just click City of Spirits from that interface.

Q:How many servants can we get?
A:You can get 3 free attempts to capturing servants per day .

Q:How far does the storyline go?
A:To level 70.

Q:when does loop quest reset?
A:Loop quest resets every week and you can only do 50 per day.

Q:How do you ignore a player so you can't see him typing on Chat? A:You'd better click on the name of the player you want to ignore and then click "Shield".

Q:what does it mean to insta-finish our match?
A:After you click Insta-finish,you will get the battle result immediately.

Q:Does insta-finish consume anything?
A:It cost nothing.

Q:How can I let people see my Battle?
A:You'd better select Share from the interface of the battle result.

27)World Boss
Q:What time is World Boss?
A:At 21:00 to 22:00(Server time) each day.

Q:what level does world boss unlocks?
A:At level 29.

Q:What will happen if we cant beat the WB?
A:You just can't get last kill prize.

Q:What does the world boss give me?
A:The world boss gives exp and silver everytime you fight it. You can also get wisdom, exp and prestige based on rank after he dies.

Q:is there an auto attack for Hell?
A:You'd better select "AutoFight" there.

Q:Is there any level requirement for Hell?
A:You need to arrive level 18 to activate Hell

29)Hell Portal
Q:what's the difference between fighting alone and making a team in hell portal? A:Fighting it alone means killing it by yourself and not asking for help;Making a team means killing it by teamwork.

30)Training Room
Q:what level does training room unlocks?
A:At level 25.

Q:what are training rooms for ?
A:For gaining exp while you are afk or offline.

31)Tree of Wisdom
Q:what lvl does the tree of wisdom activate?
A:At level 31.

Q:what is the highest combination on dice?
A:It's "six" on each dice(three dice altogether)

Q:Is there auto attack in CSA ?
A:No, you have to click in there and also take action.

Q:where do i get my code for "New player pack"?
A:This link will help you find it:http://knight.gtarcade.com/card

Q:how to use the code?
A:Enter Events,select Gift Exchange and input your code.

Account Issue

Q:how to be VIP?
A:Recharge the required amount of Gold to arrive the relevant VIP level and you can read the relevant info from Glory VIP interface.

Q:How long does VIP last?
A:It is permanent.

Q:Is it possible to increase VIP level without recharging?
A:No,it isn't.

Q:How to hide VIP?
A:Click VIP Gift>>Hide Identity.

Q:Is there a way to bring my old character to a new server ?
A:No,there isn't.

Q:Can i delete my account?
A:No,you can't.

Q:how can I find my server number?
A:Just click the Arrow in the left side of the screen when you play the game,and you will find your server number then.

Q:will there be a server merge?
A:The Dev Team will estimate whether to merge server or not,but welcome players to send the server current situation to Support Center.

Q:When will the next server open?
A:One server per day.

Q:When does server reset?
A:At Server time 00:00.

Q:Where can I see server time?
A:You'd better point your mouse to the small clock in the top right corner of the game interface(above the Full Screen button).

3)Payment Issue
Q:how to recharge with paypal?
A:You'd better go to Recharge Center,select UltimatePay>>4 more choices,and you will find PayPal then.

Q:is there a way to recharge by MOL?
A:No,there isn't.