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Attack World Boss For Double Bonus!

Jun 20,2014

We at GTArcade will hold another hot event in Knight's Fable World Boss during June 22 to June 25! During this period, players can earn double amounts of Wisdom and Silver by defeating the World Boss!

Server: all servers


(1)The World Boss can be slain between 9 PM and 10 PM each day.

(2)During this time players may click on the World Boss button in the Events menu to enter the World Boss fight.

(3)After entering the fight, the great red dragon “Iron Wing” will appear. Iron Wing’s health will decrease each time a player deals damage to him. Players will receive rewards of Wisdom and Silver in proportion to the amount of damage they dealt.

(4)The World Boss also has a Damage Rankings board. This ranking board displays the amount of damage different players have dealt to Iron Wing. Only the Top 10 players who have dealt the most damage will be shown. After the battle with Iron Wing is over, the ranked players will receive bonus rewards of Prestige, Silver, and other resources.