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Jun 23,2016

Carnival will start on June 23rd. Obtain cards in the Carnival to exchange for large amounts of awesome rewards.

Duration: June.23rd to June.29th 

From June.23rd to June.27th, play carnival to gain points;

On June.28th to June.29th, collect total rank rewards!

Description: Obtain cards in the Carnival to collect cards to exchange the awesome rewards,such as new heroes.
Condition: Get certain numbers of required cards to exchange it.

1.Players can obtain cards in the Carnival by selecting the Hat tab in the interface of game. 
2.There are four types of magic hats: the Silver Hat, the Ordinary Hat, Deluxe Hat and the Mystery Hat. 
3.One Silver Hat costs 10000 silver, one Ordinary Hat costs 10 Gold, one Deluxe Hat costs 30 Gold, and one Mystery Hat costs 100 Gold. 
4.You can get 3 free chances in Ordinary Hat each day. 

5.Once you drew a set of cards from a hat, you can exchange it for other awesome rewards! Your remaining cards can be exchanged for points. Points can be traded for specific Cards. This will allow you to finish your card sets more efficient.




Type: Iron

Skill: Special Hero Skill,Skill Effect: 45% chance to activate each turn, deals damage to all enemies(ignoring defense ,damage based on ATK);Heals all party members Hp(Based on Katrina Hp);Taunt all enemies & negate all party members 50% damage taken for 2 turns;negate her 50% taken damage for 1 turn,clear party members debuff & decrease 20 energy of enemy.


You can exchange the awesome rewards from Carnival Events!

Supreme Hero Card-  Queen Lotus
Supreme Hero Card-  Moirai
Supreme Hero Card-  Uriel
Supreme Hero Card-  Gabriel
Legendary Hero Card-  Michael
Legendary Hero Card - Raphael
Legendary Hero Card - Apollo
Legendary Hero Card - Ares
Legendary Hero Card - Paris
Legendary Hero Card - Loki
Legendary Hero Card - Don
Legendary Hero Card-Zophiel
Legendary Hero Card-Auriel
Legendary Hero Card - Abdiel
Legendary Hero Card - Prometheus
Legendary Hero Card - Hermes
Special Card - Zeus Shard Pack
Viper Lord
Unholy Blood Wolf
Astral Tiger Summon Card
Special Card - Michael
Summon Scroll - Jester Cat
Top Mount EXP  Pot
Yeti Shard
Arctic Wolf Shard
Starlight Crystal
Volcano Crystal
Ocean Crystal
Lvl.1 Orange Star Stone Bag
Seal Crystal(20)
Seal Stone(20)
500,000 Wisdom card
Skill Tomes
2,000,000 Bag of Silver
1000 x stardust 
1000 x prestige 
Mount Orb x 10
Lucky Orb x 10
Legendary Reputation Pack x 50
Ents shard
Taboo Pill
All Element Pack
inheritance orb 
Re-roll Token
Lvl.1 INT Potion Box
Beast Melee Badge x 10
Mount Cultivation Pack

Daily Top 20 players who have got 500 points at least will get super rewards. 

Daily Ranking At least 500 points daily At least 1000 points daily
1st Magic Rune  x 15 Magic Rune  x 35
2nd Magic Rune  x 10 Magic Rune  x 30
3rd~5th card points x 100 Magic Rune  x 25
6th~10th card points x 70 Magic Rune  x 20
11th~20th card points x 50 card points x 200

At the end of the event, the Top 20 players who have got at least 10000 points will get super rewards!  And the TOP 20 who have got 5000 points are bound to get a Moirai Card. The TOP 3 who have got at least 10000 points are bound to get a Michael Card.

Ranking Accumulatively at least 5000 points Accumulatively at least 10000 points
1st Special Card Moirai, Seal Crystralx 300 Special Card Michael, Awakening Stone× 1
2nd Special Card Moirai, Seal Crystralx 270 Special Card Michael, Awakening Stone× 1
3rd Special Card Moirai, Seal Crystralx 230 Special Card Michael,Awakening Stone× 1
4th~5th Special Card Moirai, Seal Crystralx 180 Inheritance Orb×25 ,Top Mount EXP Potion× 20
6th~10th Special Card Moirai, Seal Crystralx 150 Inheritance Orb×20,Top Mount EXP Potion× 15
11th~20th Special Card Moirai, Seal Crystralx 100 Inheritance Orb×15,Top Mount EXP Potion× 10

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