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A Happy New Year!

Dec 31,2015

The year of 2015 has past, yet the year of 2016 just starts. Embrace this year with a better yourself. Knight's Fable presents with you a series of New Year events!



Event duration: Jan.1st to Jan.5th

1.All players begin the Masterstroke with 2 free attempts and 15 moves per attempt each day. Players can also buy more attempts and 1 extra move each round to get more points!
2.Click "Start" before drawing cards.
3.Achieve the required points each round to make it to the next round.
4.Crystals will be given after you pass each round. Crystals are used in Masterstroke Crystal Shop for Pomanders. Pomanders can be used to get higher points.
5.There are 5 qualities of cards. Different qualities give different points. White card gives 10 points; green card gives 15 points; blue 20; purple 30 and orange 60.
6.In each round, three cards of the same color can make combinations, which will add bonus points. White combination gives 20 bonus points; green combination gives 30; blue 40; purple 60 and orange 90.
7.The highest Round you can get is Round 10. After reaching required points in Round 10, click Finish button and you can gain Crystal Points for this round. The game will be reset the next day.
8.Note: when claiming rewards from the Daily Rank interface, you are claiming rewards from yesterday's rank.

Ranking Rewards:
Daily Ranking Rewards

Ranking Average Rewards Super Rewards

Strengthening Stone*100

Lucky Orb*100

Mount Orb*100

Contract Seal*50

Top Mount EXP Potion*5

All Element Pack*3


Strengthening Stone*80

Lucky Orb*80

Mount Orb*80

Contract Seal*40

Top Mount EXP Potion*4

All Element Pack*3

Overall Ranking Rewards

Ranking Average Rewards Super Rewards

Int Potion*500

Seal Crystal*300

Magic Crystal Pack*200

Blaze Lion*1

Mask Essence*300

Top Mount EXP Pot*10


Int Potion*400

Seal Crystal*250

Magic Crystal Pack*150

Blaze Lion Shard*80 

Mask Essence*250

Top Mount EXP Pot*8

Ranking Condition:
The condition for Daily normal rewards:3000 scores

The condition for Daily super rewards: 8000 scores

The condition for Overall normal rewards:15000 scores

The condition for Overall super rewards:35000 scores


Investment Plan:

Duration: Jan.1st to Jan.7th

From Jan.1st to Jan.2nd, time to invest

From Jan.3rd to Jan.7th, login 5 days consecutively to win benefits.

You can only choose 1 of the 3 investment plans. Each plan has its own rebate. Choose what suits you the most.


New Year Wish

Duration: Jan.1st to Jan.5th

During event time, everyone has a free chance to share with all KF players his/her New Year wish. Your wish will appear in the middle of the screen after you sent it.